FoxyBae Marble Mini Travel Tool Kit Review

FoxyBae Marble Mini Travel Tool Kit Review

When you are in the market for a mini curling wand and flat iron all in one then the Fox say by marble mini travel tool kit is rightfully on your under radar. It consists of a mini curling wand a flat iron and the travel size flat blow dryer. This is the ideal kit for your carry-on when you want to go on wild adventures all-time business trips and not miss out on the fun styles and professionally made hair on the go.

The flat iron in this kit is the miniature version of the famous fox eBay FoxyBae flat iron and it comes with free gifts such as the blow dryer and the curling wand. The miniature flat iron can do most of the work on itself but it’s always nice to have a touch of low drying or a curling iron in order to achieve that perfect blowout.

FoxyBae is dedicated to making sure that hair enthusiasts and everyday users are able to enjoy good hair days even when traveling a lot. The mini travel Carla is made of rose gold and tourmaline which is a great combination of materials for great hair shiny and healthy longer-lasting styles. We know these brands to produce well-crafted flat irons and were eagerly waiting to check out this cool new product.

This is like everything you need and it comes in this cute little rose gold marble bag. If this is what they’re selling it for then it is the perfect gifts to get yourself before the cruise. It is like everything you need and more when you need it and wherever you need it.

Before buying this kit you should understand that everything is the miniature version of the popular fox eBay items. It is the ideal travel size items they’re supposed to give you the same results on the go.

The entire bag is cute and everything but the cool thing is that you can fit it in your purse especially if you carry around the big kind that fits our whole life.

FoxyBae Marble Mini Travel Tool Kit


  • Cute tools with and expensive feel.
  • Miniatures for easy handling on the go.
  • Dual voltage devices for travel.
  • Good results with most hair types.
  • Affordable and value for money pricing.
  • Beautiful rose gold finish for locking in styles and maintaining healthier hair.
  • Cute bag with removable dividers.


  • Not as powerful as the Pro tools.
  • No swivel cord.


This kit contains the ceramic flat iron which is a little bit cheaper compared to their titanium plated flat irons. You will probably love this if your hair loves to hold curly styles and it’s been sensitive as well.

The key features of this kit is that you get free things beginning with the marble dryer. The minute drier looks pretty expensive and does not feel cheap at all. It is foldable and travel size and still manages to deliver some serious power for faster drying of hair. We tried these out and found that it does not burn your face but still get the drying and away faster than most cheap dryers.

This dryer has a high and low temperature setting but we found the low setting to be worthless.

You also get a cute little mini wand which has several advantages over the pro size titanium version. Firstly it’s easier to maneuver because of its tiny size and secondly it allows you to create loose beach waves or tight rings like curls as you please. The ones is 19 mil and is the ideal size 4 travel curling iron. Unfortunately it does not allow you to tweak the temperature settings but it is a ceramic tool so you don’t have to worry about baking your hair. The professional curling wand has a titanium borrow barrel with like a glossy finish while the mini version has a matte finish but both have the rose gold. You are definitely less likely to burn yourself on these tiny little ones compared to the profession of grade one. We like how fast the curling wand is heated up and the results are also impressive for a travel size heat tool.

When you want a cute little bundle of beautiful products to make your fab vacay possible without juggling too many heat tools wherever you have breakfast around the world then this is the ultimate kit to buy for FoxyBae finest.


The rose gold finish on the wand and flat iron are a premium feature which locks in styles and allows you to style healthily and give your hair an extra boost in shine and volume. This feature is ideal for people on the move because you need your styles to stay on for longer, usually a few days depending on your hair type.

Travelling a lot is not an excuse to carry bad hair and create bad impressions as the Marble Mini kit is here now to your rescue wherever. Take advantage of their ceramic tourmaline and healthy heating technology with responsive features to create really great designs and sleek looks without breaking a sweat.

Everything in the kit is dual voltage and great for touch ups on the go around the world. You may need a socket or outlet adapter to plug into the wall at your hotel but the little devils will do the rest. In most cities around the world, you will not need to overthink voltages and converters as the power supply there is within the range tolerated by the devices. Besides, there is no change in the quality of results or performance of any of the gadgets due to change in the supply voltage, they simply adapt and deliver.

Hair Damage

These tools come highly recommended even by hair stylists and still you save big on cash because they are equipped with the less expensive ceramic technology. If you are getting this for your daughter who is just getting started on self-hair care routine then it’s perfectly gentle and forgives otherwise harmful mistakes. This tiny little version of the all favorite FoxyBae world of amazement is all you need for taking your wild adventures anywhere the grid flows.

Battery Life

None of the items in this kit have a battery installed and you will need to hook them up to go. Also, they do not have the swivel cordage that comes with the pro version of the tools and do have the potential to get tangled up. On the upside though, they are smaller and more maneuverable making styling easier and fuss free.


The small dryer proves that cheap can also offer comfort and convenience with extra speeds and sass. The cool part is how you can blow it right at your face without wincing in pain and all this does not come at the expense of faster drying. At the very least this kit gives you peace of mind knowing that your hair will be living its best life as you move along and you don’t have to go crazy caring. You can also rest easy knowing that nothing in the kit will set your hair on fire.

What is the heating technology for the mini hair dryer?

The hair dryer has a ceramic tourmaline temperature control and Nano technology.

What are the dimensions of the miniature dryer?

The dryer in the kit is 13.3×4.4×2.3” and weighs approximately 1.8lb.

Why should I buy this product?

It is the perfect size for travel and pack more power than you would normally get with mini kit items. It is stylish and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Can I use this for my daily routine?

Yes you can use this kit for every day hair needs but the smaller tools take longer to finish the job.

July 11, 2021