10 Charming Finger Tattoo Design Ideas

Finger Tattoos are some of the most irresistible designs to have for tiny tattoos that are subtle yet have a lot to tell about your personality. Even chronic inkers find these little devils very charming and just can’t get enough of them. It’s a good thing then that we put together a quick ten of the most charming finger tattoos on the web so that you can have a good place to start your hunt for the perfect. But first, let us explore some reasons why you might want a finger tattoo and get things straight to that end before you proceed.

Why Finger Tattoos?

People will get these tattoos for a variety of reasons like getting something in common with a partner or friend, to say something about themselves to the world, because they were inspired by a celebrity among other.

Other than the obvious, finger tattoos are very good for optics and will add to the beauty of your hand when selected carefully. But before you dive into the inking process, there are other consideration you should make first. These are the choice of tattoo parlor, artist ad ink. We also have some tips for how to care for your new finger tatoo so that you don’t ruin a perfect new piece.

Choosing a Tattoo Parlor

Regardless of the circumstances, you want to insist on getting your ink done in a clean and compliant place. There are serious health concerns surround the tattoo industry and you should not fall victim of malpractice which could injure your health. All good tattoo and piercings holdings are clean, certified and compliant with local and regional health and safety standards. You want dedicated and safe artists and proper medication for the pain. Anything less and you are out of there immediately.

How to Care for Your Finger Tattoo

Proper after care will determine the healing and longevity of the tattoo. Your tattooing artists will give you some instructions to follow which might include the following,

  • To keep your fresh tattoo covered for at least 8 hours
  • wash with warm soapy water
  • leave it alone for about 24hr
  • use fragrant free moisturizer to aid healing
  • Avoid wetting or exposure to the sun for at least two weeks
  • Maintain a good hygiene

Check out these finger tattoos with various legal drawings and dot work spread across the various fingers.

1. Hand Accessories

This first piece is number of hand accessories covering from the thumb to the little finger. The thumb has a little arrow pointing outwards the index finger as a little heart shape with an arrow inside on the upper end and a simple ring at the base. The middle finger features a little flower and some dots. The ring finger has a cross whereas the pinky finger is inked with the unsigned shift operator in Java or the Viking symbol in ancient semiotics. It depends on who you ask these symbols could have different meanings. The clear black line make this tattoo stunning feast for the eyes regardless.

Finger Tattoo Designs

2. Little Boat with Anchor Tattoo

A second piece is this little boat with a long anchor tracing down the middle finger of the left hand. The boat is a simple paper fold boat while the anchor forms a straight line with the anchor sign at the end. It looks a little disproportionate considering the size of the boat to that of the anchor. This is an extremely meaningful and gorgeous tattoo which needs no introduction. An anchor represents hope, composure, salvation or steadfastness.

Finger Tattoo Designs

3. Crown and Rings Finger Tattoo

Next up we have this beautiful and elegant finger tattoo set with rings and crowns and leafy drawings. The little finger while the ring finger and the thumb have a dotted line and the solid line. The middle and index finger have additional drawings of background and some leaf shapes with dots. The design is perfect drawing attention to the middle finger like that because it’s the tallest and the most noticeable in the hand.

Finger Tattoo Designs

4. Viking Symbol Tattoo

If you’re looking for a simple tattoo with meaning here’s one for you to consider, the Viking symbol tattoo. It is a simple use of three greater than signs on the thumb but could also look great on the back of the neck or some other placement. The beauty of this one is in the simplicity and meaning. It is one of the most popular simple finger tattoos for people seeking out a subtle tattoos sign. A Viking symbol means to control your own destiny and you create your own reality.

Finger Tattoo Designs

5. Henna-Like Ornamental Tattoo

Check out this gorgeous henna-like ornamental beautiful design on the middle finger and a simple strike on the index finger. It doesn’t look complete without a similar design in bolder color and the upper wrist. If you are considering inking your hand, this beautiful piece is one of the less radical designs that will make your desired impression.

Finger Tattoo Designs

6. Aztec Eagle and Arrow Tattoo

The next piece features and Aztec and arrow on different fingers. The arrow is on the side of the index finger well the Aztec is embedded to the corresponding side of the middle finger. As you probably guessed this little tattoo has a whole world of meaning to it. Aztec and arrow style means grounded, strength, power, travel and getting to the core.

Finger Tattoo Designs

7. Red Rose Tattoo

At number seven, we featured this beautiful black and red rose finger tattoo on the side of the middle finger. The roses to leaves and along them stem with fully bloomed red petals. Roses are deep in symbolism because they are complex flowers. The beauty of this rose expresses promise, hope and new beginnings.

Finger Tattoo Designs

8. Breathe Tattoo

This next tattoo will always remind you to do what you must to survive and what you weren’t taught by anyone, to simply breathe. And it’s written in fashionable font too so that it’s easily legible and making the good impression. While mental illness is a real issue in the world the breed that too is a reminder that we should just slow down whenever things are spinning out of control.

Finger Tattoo Designs

9. Geometric Tattoo Finger

This finger tattoo design made up of geometric shapes. Each finger has its variant of dots and lines. The pinky finger has only dots her the ring finger has a crescent moon and three dots. The middle finger is adorned with a bold line with a discontinuity and dots in between. The index finger has the most number of drawings and is the focal point for the piece with two rings and a triangular shape.

Finger Tattoo Designs

10. Small Sugar Skull and Tuxedo

Last but not least we have this kick ass skull tattoo for women. It features a small skull on the thumb with red eye cavities and a similar sized tuxedo for the other hand. This tiny skull tattoo can show the other side of you without being weird and disgusting some people.

Finger Tattoo Designs

Finger Tattoo Design Ideas

February 29, 2020