10 Most Attractive Eye Tattoo Design Ideas

The eyes are truly the window to the soul. That’s how deep and expressive the eye has been as a physical part of the human body and in art. The eyes can have a lot to say about feelings and intentions. Eye designs vary greatly because we each have our unique perspective on life. Eye tattoos are a cool body art that can help you watch your back or simply let people know that you can see through their pretenses. In the not so distant past our ancestors would paint eyes on their foreheads and shoulder or even the back of their heads to let predators and prey know that they were being watched and didn’t stand a chance.

Why Eye Tattoos

The eyes are very expressive, if not the most expressive part of the body. This is why the Eye Tattoo Designs vary so much, transmitting sensations completely different. Eye tattoo are great for watching your back or letting others know that you’re watching them. The meaning behind an eye tattoos comes from ancient tribal cultures that would paint eyes on their foreheads or shoulders to let their pray know that they wouldn’t have a chance of escape.

Eye tattoos are popular today because eyes are a big lure for other eyes and any eye tattoo immediately becomes the focal point. You can have a simple standalone eye tattoo or an eye peering out from another image.

The Eye of God Tattoo

Some of the most famous and revered eye tattoos is the third eye and the all Seeing Eye which is the eye of God. These tattoos are regarded as an important part of spiritual assistance and guiding spirit.

Eyes are also generally perceived as the ability to see clearly through the fog of life and even to foretell the future. You are obviously allowed to have your own personal meaning attached to your favorite eyeball tattoo.

So without further ado, here is our list of top ten most attractive eye tattoo designs in the mainstream category. Let us know which tattoo you like best or have already and how that has worked out for you so far.

1. Black Work Tattoo Eye

Check out this first eye tattoo with amazing black work and bold illustration. The eye includes a cloud above the eye and a half moon piercing the upper eyelid. The lower end of the tattoo has three symmetrical tear droplets in bold black. In the overall, tattoo is simple and attractive and will last longer than other typical eye tattoos. The lure and attractive nature of the tattoo makes it a good candidate for permanent ink.

Eye Tattoo Designs

2. Small, Eye On Hand

When you need a third all Seeing Eye on your skin then consider the hand placement for maximal viewing. This simple tattoo will greet every eye on you path and the hand movements enhance its charm. If you are not particularly in favor of big arm tattoos that impact large chunks of skin then this small tattoo should appeal of your minimalist preference. It is simple, and crystal clear. Even for such a small skin area, this small tattoo is most impactful and enviable for an eye tattoo.

Eye Tattoo Designs

3. Eye of The Storm

Eyes can be very expressive and this eye tattoo with amazing details is proof of that. The artist’s uses intense black detail in lines and shading to create a dark feeling with the eye in the middle of the entire storm. The looming clouds seem to be threatening but the eye is calm and glossy. This eye represents intuition and spiritual awareness; the eye can also stand for prophetic ability and the gift of foretelling the future.

Eye Tattoo Designs

4. Eye of Providence Tattoo

The Eye of providence is a synonym for the all seeing eye of God which is a controversial symbol in Christian iconography. It features an eye with rays of the light and glory of God and is usually set in triangle. This tattoo stands for the eye of God which is the supreme celestial authority watching over humanity at every hour. If you want a cute and meaningful traditional tattoo with a touch of the divine and spiritual, then this should be just right for you.

Eye Tattoo Designs

5. All Seeing Eye Forearm

This piece combines the concept of the all Seeing Eye with the spic and span looks of geometric tattoos. The eye is surrounded by the radiant rays of light that represent divinity and holiness. All this is now enclosed in interesting constructions of circles, triangles and abstract shapes. A curious addition is the lone tear that is beneath the eye. The tattoo is symmetrical about the axis parallel to the length of the arm.

Eye Tattoo Designs

6. Eye with Tears Tattoo

The crying eye is a symbolic tattoo with a unique and attractive design. The secret lure of this eye tattoo is the simplicity of it at the very least. Unfortunately this tattoo has been associated with incarceration in some prisons in parts of the world. The tattoo has been used to mean a very long prison sentence or that the wearer has committed murder in order to deserve the tattoo. It can also mean that the wearer has lost an inmate and is seeking revenge.

Eye Tattoo Designs

7. The Crying Eye Tattoo

Again this is a variant of the crying eye tattoo design which can be used to mean the wearer has had a history of murder and spending time behind bars. The black work on this intricate detailed tattoo is amazing and the boldness is almost as touching as the meaning of tattoo itself. Even with the negative meaning of this now mainstream tattoo, it is surprisingly an amazing tattoo with great significance for beauty.

Eye Tattoo Designs

8. Geometric Eye Tattoo

Almost every tattoo design out there has the geometric equivalent that always makes great impressions for the same meaning. This geometric eye tattoo must be the parameterized divine all Seeing Eye tattoo with Its radiant beauty on the back. It is centered on the spine and also looks identical at the top and bottom. The crisp black lines outline the image in a simple and beautiful way contrasting with the Caucasian skin for an elegant appearance.

Eye Tattoo Designs

9. Watercolor Eye

Next we have this unusual eye tattoo in full water color design and cute black strokes. The black lines look like a signature the water color design always adds that fuzzy and dreamy feel to any tattoo transforming it into its own elegance and beauty. For a water color tattoo with evident “mistakes” then this is the most detailed it can get. People have issues with the durability of water colored designs but with quality ink and a couple of touch ups, this could last a lifetime.

Eye Tattoo Designs

10. Male All Seeing Eye

This second design for the all Seeing Eye is more masculine by design. We see more black work and intense shading and the word envy engraved in the design. The leaves and black pearls or fruit are also a constructive part of the providence theme captivated by this tattoo. This might as well be the most detailed and gorgeous tattoo we have highlighted in this list but again beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Eye Tattoo Designs

May 26, 2020