Everything you should know about Rothy’s footwear


Women like to wear stylish footwear, and with so many outlets out there, it is extremely important that you know which one is the best before you go out to purchase it. Among the various famous brands out there, one of the slowly garnering brands is Rothy’s footwear. Rothy’s is one of the uprising women’s footwear collections, which you can order both online or get from their store.

 So, in this post, we will discuss everything about Rothy’s footwear and whether it is worth a try! So, continue reading!

What is all the fuss about around Rothy’s?

I am sure that you guys must be wondering that what all the fuss around Rothy’s is. Well, worry not! We are here to discuss exactly that. Here are some of the basic facts about Rothy’s footwear that you should know:

⦁ Rothy’s footwear is stylish and comfortable.
⦁ They offer the best quality flats for girls and women.
⦁ Six top styles of Rothy’s footwear for women are available- flats, the point, loafer, sneaker, and Chelsea.
⦁ Rothy’s are washable in the washing machine and also consist of a removable insole.
⦁ The price of Rothy’s footwear ranges from $ 125- $165, depending on the style of shoe that you select.
⦁ You can also find loafers for your tiny princess at $65.

The best part is that these shoes leave absolutely no waste as they are handcrafted to create Rothy’s signature style and comfort. One of the major beliefs of the brand Rothy’s that makes it different from the others is that they believe that a beautiful and sustainable style is the future.

They also believe in building a strong relationship with their customers, which is why they amazing Rothy’s discount to their customers from time to time.

What is Rothy’s footwear made of?

You will be shocked to know that such amazing footwear is made out of waste plastic bottles. Yes, you heard that right! This amazing footwear brand has realized that every minute one million plastic bottles are sold all around the world, and 91% of them do not even get recycled.

Rothy’s prepares the upper portion of their shoes by recycling the plastic bottles, and thus, this footwear brand diverts the waste from the landfills every day and also, in the process, prepares stylish pair of shoes for their customers.

Rothy’s footwear

Why people like Rothy’s?

When it comes to Rothy’s, they have a large variety of colors and designs available for their customers. Their shoes are not just stylish but also extremely comfortable. It is not extremely common that people can find a shoe that embodies all fashion, style, and comfort all in one.

Rothy’s is versatile and convenient. They are comfortable and stylish at the same time, and thus you can wear them at parties and other fancy events. Rothy’s footwear can be dressed up and down depending on the outfit that you choose to wear.

You will be amazed to know that this upcoming brand is also a favorite of celebrities. Celebrities also love comfort and style, both at the same time, and Rothy’s does exactly that. Some celebrities like Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, Michelle Obama, Ivanka Trump, and Katie Holmes are spotted wearing this brand, and thus you can understand why people love it.

Rothy’s footwear


As you can see that there are no cons, but just a list of Pros as why you should try out Rothy’s. This brand is making you look stylish and making sure that the earth is cleaner and plastic bottles are recycled and used for something productive.

What are you waiting for? Buy your pair of stylish Rothy’s footwear today!

June 15, 2021