EVA NYC Spectrum vs CROC Crystalline Flat Iron

The Eva NYC brand recently launched a new collection of hair tools Called EVA NYC Spectrum with a dryer and styling iron included. We were keen to be the first to review this product and wanted to find a suitable match for comparison and that just happened to be what the CROC Crystalline Flat Iron was made for. Here is our review of the new Spectrum hair straightener versus the classic appearance and stellar handling and results of the CROC USS’s top shelf flat

When you want a suitable infrared flat iron in the mid-price range where you are making quite an investment but not obscenely high price tags for luxury end flat irons then this dual makes absolute sense. They can be both had for about $100 which is reasonable for their versatility and performance as we confirmed by trying them side by side.

It was pleasant to receive and open the new Eva NYC Spectrum styler because it does come with some stunning packaging and is an appealing masterpiece with an aesthetic finish for instant gratification of buyers. We as eager as you are to find out if it really works almost as good as it looks and so it was time to dust off the CROC which is one of those flat irons that you buy and for some reason never seem to use if you do a lot of reviews like we do.

The two stylers are priced competitively for their size and styling capability and that’s is just about as far as their similarities go. Here, read our detailed review of each product and comparison of the specifications of each flat iron to understand what you might be getting out of your next purchase.

1” plates for all types of styling.

Negative ion producing plates.

Efficient and durable MCH heater.

Temperature adjustment.

Floating plate construction for even grip on hair.

Far-infrared styling at lower temperatures.

Auto shut feature after 1 hour.
1.25” crystal ceramic plates.

Anti-stick Nano smooth plate finish for easier glide.

Comfortable one pass styling.

Ergonomic design for cooler hand grip.

Vents excess heat to keep iron cool and durable.

Double heating system application for instant heat.

Multiple temperature settings with Screen read out.

Safety cool tip heat change indicator.

30 minutes auto shut features.

Dual voltage flat iron.
1” plates may not be ideal for some users.

Not dramatically better than a CHI ceramic flat iron.
Not cheap.

Limited supply hair straightener.

Eva NYC Spectrum Hair Straightener

The Eva Spectrum is an infrared ceramic heated and plated technology based flat iron with a sleek and light weight design for keeping up with the latest most creative hair styles. Built in the US with far infrared capabilities, the Eva NYC Spectrum promises to be a total darling and must have for hair enthusiasts and professionals the world over with smooth silkier hair with inside out styling approach.

Eva NYC Spectrum Hair Straightener

We tried this flat iron for its performance and were pleased to report that it works even better than it looks. Even standing up against the somewhat pronounced ergonomic design of the CROC family, this straightener does prove to be a delight to handle and complete styling on the entire head without feeling like any time has lapsed. It is easy to learn and seems to be working with you to maintain healthy hair and not disappoint on results.

On this styler, there are not many moves you can do more effectively even compared to mainstream straighteners like GHD. You could not possibly tell apart the work done by this straightener from that of any other random straightener whose price might be probably twice the amount you had to part with for this one.

Eva does give good value for money, period. But there are some things we didn’t like about this straightener that you might also find irritating. Here is a summary of the selling points and potential deal breakers when you are looking to buy the Eva NYC Spectrum flat iron today.

Crystalline 1.25” Infrared Flat Iron

Time to cast doubts side and trust in the healing power of crystals to absorb all forms of negative vibes and illuminate our paths with positive energy to grow and be optimistic about the future. And what better way to that with the only straightener made from crushed crystal plates and an epitome of luxury and functional tech, the Crystalline 1.25” Flat Iron?

Crystalline 1.25'' Infrared Flat Iron

This CROC not only makes use of the latest trusted heating systems with infrared heat but also incorporates a luxurious and ergonomic exterior design that makes it comfy and fun to use for all users with different hair types. The unique shape is a whole other story and a reason you will make conversation with your friends about your fancy new purchase.

The unique shape and features of the CROC family have left a lasting impression for endless styling possibilities and working on a number of clients without getting the iron too hot to handle. It is always reasonably warm and produces beautiful styles without causing irritation to the working hand.

Here are some positives and negatives of the Crystalline 1.25” Infrared Flat Iron from Croc USA.


The spectrum is one of the best infrared technologies we have encountered in the flat iron niche. It does not seem very hot when you uses it but you soon realize that you can achieve even better results on a lower temperature setting. Ceramic heating is responsive and prompt for heat recovery in addition to being very gentle on hair. The straightener is clearly made with the end user’s hair health in mind with the capability to maintain healthy and frizz free hair with frequent use without sacrificing on hair and scalp to heat damage.

The CROC Crystalline is a gorgeous piece of engineering advancement which makes your hair routine that much easier and enjoyable by boosting comfort and performance. The user experience as far as handling the iron is concerned is responsible for a big chunk of the final results achieved and users are able to produce beautiful results without staking their hands and hair health.


You will also like that the Spectrum hair straightener uses infrared heat which means faster delivery and easier one pass styling saving on time and effort. The ceramic plate is also infused with tourmaline which is an excellent natural emitter of negative ions which reduce static and boost shine and volume. Other styling advantages of the Spectrum include the floating plates feature which allows you to apply even pressure on all hair strands in a section regardless of your attack angle.

The Croc will certainly change how you do your hair given its radical design and it is notably just as good for infrared heat as the EVA NYC Spectrum. We knew CROCs to be this way and we just wanted to check and see if the new tool was a match. The results we got with the CROC were able to last a full day thanks in part to the moisture balance created in the design which boosts the shine and longevity of healthier results.


We dare you to show us another flat iron with as many added benefits as the CROC Crystalline Flat Iron. This Iron even sanitizes and deodorizes hair with its pure heat. The Eva discussed above is cool and everything but it is no match for the raging additions of the CROC, no wonder the latter is a limited edition of some sort. It even comes with a free crystal bracelet in the box! Just insanely good a deal.


The EVA NYC Spectrum hair straightener has a premium design combined with the latest in infrared heat technology which is comparable to the trusted CROC USA in terms of results we obtained. It is the ideal hair solution for those looking to allow healthy heat to penetrate the cortex of hair and work from inside out.

On the other hand, you have a deal you cannot ignore with this ridiculously good offer of premium comfort and style in the form of the classic design and thousand features of the crystalline infrared iron. It blends luxury and functionality and weaves several threads of safety and quality to give you a cushion to fall back on as you elevate your inner beauty and embrace positive vibes.

We too believe beauty comes from within and that there is healing in crystals and their magic and since this limited edition is one rare find we would prefer this over the Spectrum. The spectrum is also a wonderful offer given its price and will get your hair shiny smooth and healthy as far as we know but the deal is just too good to refuse when it comes to CROC Crystalline.

April 2, 2021