Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron Styler Review

The Elchim Nature’s Touch Straightener is the definition of perfection for healthy hair and styling thanks to exceptional engineering. It showcases their revolutionary HIT technology (High Instant Temperature) which gives a touch of class and style without harming hair.

It supposedly combines efficacy and speed of styling with healthy hair care with a natural and professional finish that gives your hair that lively look. Is this the magical iron that can preserve your natural hair color and glamour even with consistent heat treatment? Pay attention to our candid review of the features of the styler as presented by the manufacturer and as reviewed by hundreds of actual users.

Perhaps it is high time you put your money in a styler that also gives attention to your hair’s needs. The styler is supposed to leave your hair voluminous and with the non-artificial look unlike what you get with continued use of other types of stylers. This styler packs some internal magic that we are about to reveal which makes it possible to adjust heat settings ranging from 2030F to 4550F. It has a surprisingly many heat settings and way more capability to deal with tougher hair types. This puts it up against some serious names and brands in the market for the same price range including some of which are slightly more expensive and recognized brands.

Elchim promises to tame every hair type without damage and with the magical one pass only commitment. So did they really get it right or did the maker bite off more than they can chew? Once we take a peek under the hood then we can then discern if Nature’s Touch is indeed a HIT or a miss.

11 heat settings.

Engineered for frequent use.

Floating plates.

Heat protective cap.

Intense and rapid heat system.

Robust technology.

Too safe with automatic shut off.

Advanced heat settings for your hair type.

High-level performance.
Price point is a turn off for many.

It has been reported to forget to auto shut after 50 minutes of inactivity.

NO internal cell.

The one pass tech is more like one and half passes in practice.

Complete Review of Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron Styler


Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron Styler Review

This is an Italian technology styler that has been crafted with the aim to restore the natural beauty of hair and retain its luster. It is also made for people who prefer one pass styling resisting the urge to go over the same section several times. The design and specifications of Nature’s Touch Styler reveal a high end product that could potential change how you deal with your hair for good.

To begin with, the iron packs 11 different heating capacities ranging from 203-4550f which enables users to strike the sweet spot for their hair type and speed. The heat setting on this device are subtle in a way that allows for exceptional results even with frequent use.

The Iron features ceramic and titanium oxide infused plates which are some of the best heat conductors on the market. The means rapid heating and multi-use styling is possible. The plates are supposed to remain parallel forever even with the astronomical amount of heat they are designed to endure.

The maker also promises an anti-tangle design for fuss free styling in a shorter time and more convenience. This is boosted by the lightweight and ergonomic body which makes the styler feel perfectly suited for your hand.

The Heating Process

Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron Styler Review

Then there is the HIT phenomenon which simply refers to the High and Instant Temperature technology which means sufficient heat to your hair when you want it. It wakes up in 17 seconds which is a like very fast. It also implies that the device is able to supply the same amount of heat to the roots and tips of the hair strands are you glide along as it does not lose valuable heat.

This styler features ceramic and titanium oxide formulation for the plates which ensure optimal delivery of hear for moderate to tough hair types. It will go to sleep after 50 minutes of inactivity which is great as well. The floating plates allow some flexibility to maneuver waves and curls like a pro.


Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron Styler Review

A made in Italy, the Elchim Nature’s Touch Flat Iron has it all in the jurisdiction of flat irons. It is and incredibly effective heating tool with high shine and straight results. It is superbly lightweight and has a pleasantly surprising eleven different heat settings. This goes to show just how considerate the developers were to the different personalities in hair and the individual requirements of each client.

We loved that there is no borderline the Elchim can’t cross because its universal voltage ready. It has all these smart features like the automatic shut off feature that are not only convenient but also safety precautionary.

We had overwhelming response that the Elchim flat iron was a salon grade equipment with professional results thanks to the well-crafted titanium enriched plates. The ceramic and titanium oxide combination are mixed in a proprietary blend that makes the styler a high end device that is also affordable. We are yet to ascertain the claim that the plates can auto adjust or self-adapt toe always remain parallel because we haven’t had it under scrutiny for long enough.

Hair Damage

Elchim Natures Touch Flat Iron Styler Review

The Nature’s Touch Flat Iron gives salon like results thanks to the next level smart sensing technology and advanced heat settings. The full range of heating for this styler goes from about 203 to 4550F over a staggering eleven heat settings. This means you are less likely to burn your hair because it lies slightly above the marked temperature. This makes sense because there is perhaps a different temperature for hair styling for everyone alive.

Battery Life

There is not internal cell on this make but they make up for it with a swivel cord with an angled design that does not tangle and a universal voltage so you do not miss out on the perks of fuss free styling. It’s not quite the maximum freedom that comes with a cordless operation but its darn near close. Not that it makes much difference when you are styling someone else’s hair say in a salon.


This Flat Iron packs some good punch in smart features and advanced heat settings which gives it a premium user experience and durability. It will be up and running in no times and ceramic checks the titanium part so you will not be running dangerously hot by the twentieth minute if your even need that long. AS an impressive new innovation that allows you to achieve almost any design then this is a worthy buy.

What is the Elchim Nature’s touch good for?

This flat iron is for you when you are looking for a premium flat iron that can straighten and curl your hair wonderfully.

Are titanium oxide plates really better than ceramic?

The premium plates on this styler are titanium oxide and ceramic which means they will outperform any ceramic materials on any bad hair day. When beveled around the edges and cushioned properly, these plates offer way less resistance and thus less demarcation line and stress to the hair stands.

Is Nature’s Touch European made?

Yes, this tool is made in Italy unlike some other expensive and luxury brands that claim to be made in places like the USA but are instead cheaply made in China and possibly products of extortion and forced labor. This styler is Italian craftsmanship at its best and so you can rest easy knowing it’s built to last.

How does the Nature’s Touch feature work?

This hair heat tool combines a custom ceramic and titanium oxide plate technology with HIT heat control system to create an ergonomic and light weight styler that restores the hair’s natural quality. It is equipped with advanced heat protection features to safeguard both hair and the iron from damage.

Does the Nature’s Touch Plates self-adapt, what does this mean?

The styler features floating plates which self-adapt to each stand and always remain parallel. This ensures even heating and contact with the entire section of hair.

July 31, 2020