Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

The Ionic hair dryer is a product of the Elchim products. The company is based in Italy. It is worldly known for using the best materials of the highest quality in all the products it manufactures. It ensures that its products are long-lasting and deliver professional results. I can say that this spirit allows them to offer functional, professional and safe tools, ensuring excellence for hairstylists and safety for all hair users .

The dryer is designed with a powerful Italian AC electric motors which gives it a long life span.It is very light in weight and this really makes it very comfortable while using it.It is 30% faster in drying time which really safes the users time. My friends call it a tool  of smooth salon quality due to the fact that it achieves great levels of shine hence a nourishing anti-static hairdryer. Moreover it usually designed in a way that the pressure it exacts has more strength and allows in more air due to this is very perfect for all hair types. Someone might wonder why I say it’s ideal for all hair types the reason is because it styles hair perfectly even at low speed. Kindly try this hair dryer if you haven’t  and you going to love the results. Ionic Ceramic hair dryer is  of top quality and has the best design for your hair styling innovation styles.

The dryer has a ceramic system which eliminates the electrostatic charges and therefore moisturizing the hair. It dries even the thickest hairs by closing the hair cuticles. Last but not the least is has the ceramic and ionic system that preserves your hair integrity. Let us now dive in deeper into the striking features of the ionic hair dryer.


  • Very light in weight. It weighs less than a kilogram and this makes it very comfortable to use while styling hair.
  • Reduced noise levels.
  • Made of a powerful AC motor and this makes it to speed up the drying process and this reduces the drying time by a significant amount of time.
  • It is made of ceramic which is known to have low electromagnetic propagation which reduces the electrostatic charges. This enables significant airflow which makes the hair to become smooth and sleek after styling.
  • It is has a powerful electric motor that gives it long durability, this makes it to be the most preferred tool in the market.
  • Has attractive colors that is black, silver which makes it to look appealing.


  • Only uses ac power and therefore cannot be used in countries that use DC current.
  • Lacks temperature and power control knobs.


Elchim 3900 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

One the most striking features of the ceramic hair dryer is the fact that it is made of ceramic material which usually eliminate electrostatic charges, this is due to the fact that it has low electromagnetic wave propagation. This enables perfect air flow and makes the hair to be glossy and sleek. Therefore making it ideal to style all hair types, even at low speed the hair will perfectly get styled according to your hairtype.This feature has made this product to win several awards of being the highest in quality.

The Ionic Ceramic hairdryer uses only ac current rating of 2200 to 2400watts.This makes it to reduce the drying time to 30% and close the hair cuticles due to the fact that there is more air and strength which makes it ideal for all hair types .It really saves ones time by roughly 8 minutes while using other types of hair dryers.

It is designed with a powerful AC electric motor which  reduces the drying time of hair by a significant amount of time. The motor is abit quiet compared to other dryers and this makes it very comfortable while using it.

Another feature is that it is usually comes in black or silver color. The black color is known to absorb heat while the silver color reflects away heat and light. This colors makes it very attractive and appealing to the customer’s .It is light weighted, weighs less than a kilogram and this makes it very comfortable to use. In addition it comes along with two concentrators one for styling and the other for drying. The drying concentrator works by drying the hair over a wide volume of air, while the styling concentrator works by styling one section at a time with a concentrated air flow.

The features above make the ionic ceramic hair dryer very powerful and durable. It is a preference to most professional hair stylists.


Many of our clients who have been using this hair dryer have been giving us some positive feedbacks. They highly regard our product. I was particularly impressed by one who told that he bought the ionic hair dryer five years and the dryer is still intact 5 years later.

The fact that the dryer is made of ceramic makes it such a precise tool. Ceramic possess low electromagnetic wave propagation which really reduces electrostatic charges. This enables the dryer to allow more air in and more pressure is exacted too.

The heating process takes roughly 8 minutes. The dryer consumes ac power of roughly 240v and 2200watts.The ac power really reduces its drying time by roughly30%.This leads to smooth, shining and sleek hair results after styling the air. The heating time is super-fast I mean if you compare to other hair dryers, it just magical. Everyone wants something that will really save on their time.3900 Ceramic hair dryer is the best and most ideal that should be used.


When it comes to performance the Ionic Ceramic hair dryer cannot be compared to other brands. I mean it has special features which make it an exceptional. It has a very powerful AC motor that gives it almost a life time durability. Once you buy it you won’t think about purchasing a substitute and the best thing about it is that is quite affordable.

The dryer is made of ceramic material which we all know is a material that pocesses low electromagnetic wave propagations. Consequently their is  little or no electrostatic charges. It’s worth noting that electrostatic charges are notorious for inhibiting air flow at the hair and this makes the hair to look disgusting.

The dryer is ionic and this makes it to regulate heat levels which gives the hair smooth and shiny results. Practically the dryer’s efficiency is about 95%.Anyone who really wants smooth and sleek hair results should buy this hair dryer.


Often hair stylist professionals will receive complaints from their customers ,claiming that the dryer is too hot .This is usually as a result of infusion of poor heating elements and basically poor features. This has made hair professionals and stylist to become very vigilant when purchasing this equipment’s.

The Elchim Company always makes sure that it produces a hair dryer that is not only long lasting but also one that doesn’t damage the hair. The Ceramic material which makes the hair dryer plays a very vital role in combatting hair damage. It reduces electrostatic charges allowing more  air flow and increase in pressure that protects the hair and scalp from damage.


The hair dryer discussed above is the best and the highest in quality globally. It has a lifetime warranty due to the fact that it has a powerful electric motor. The Elchim Company is known for manufacturing products of high quality. I highly recommend it salon professionals who want a tool that is durable. In addition several test are being carried out to improve its efficiency while reducing the hair damage effects. The ionic infusion makes it very vital in regulating heat which will protect your hair and scalp from damage.3900 Ionic Ceramic hair dryer is the best and is a world’s best hair dryer. Make a date at the store near you and purchase this amazing product.

Who should be recommended to use the Ionic Ceramic hair dryer?

The above hair dryer is recommended to hair salon professsionals.This is because of the durability of the tool and also the excellent features that the dryer has.

Does the hair dryer have a warranty?

The hair dryer has a powerful ac motor that gives it a long life span.This gives you a value for your money since you don’t have to keep on buying substitute products.

Does the 3900 Ionic Ceramic hair dryer come with attachments?

Yes, the hair dryer is infused with two concentrators ie; one for styling hair one section at a time with a concentrated airflow and the other for drying air uniformly over a wide volume of air.

Does the dryer damage hair?

A lot of innovations are being carried out to make sure that your hair dryer does not pose any threat to your hair and scalp. However the dryer has some negative ions which are known to regulate heat and this protects you from heat damage. In addition the reduction in static charges improves air flow and increases pressure of the dryer.

May 1, 2021