Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer Review

There is a wide variety of hair dryers manufactured globally. Hair dryer is a crucial tool for hair stylers.The Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer is a product of the Elchim manufacturers. A company which is based in Italy. It has been making handmade hair dryers for over 75 years.Elchim products is an award winning company for producing the best professional styling tools across Asia and Europe. It designs the highest quality hair care tools to ensure your hair is healthy, sleek and perfectly groomed. In addition the products are designed to last long and deliver professional results.

The healthy ionic hair dryer is perfectly designed for all hair types. It has the ionic ceramic system which is a genius combination of air and heat flow that seals the hair shaft without over drying the hair. It’s the best choice you make since you will do away with worries associated with hair damages such as too much heat which usually burns the hair scalp. This dryer is known to be powerful and compact. This is because of the powerful AC motor it has that makes the drying time to reduce drastically. In addition it light weighted. The hair dryer weighs a few grams making it very easy to handle.

The dryer is designed for salon professionals who want ensure their clients get smooth and sleek hair after styling it.This is because it is an anti-static hair dryer which is magically designed to achieve hydrating salon levels of shine. I forgot to mention that the hair dryer is quite affordable and in addition, It has a long life span .This hair dryer is available globally. You can also purchase it online at the various hair product stores. Make a date and grab yourself a healthy ionic hair dryer. Its features and design is just on another notch. Let’s have a look at how the healthy ionic hair dryer is designed.


  • Is rose gold in color which makes it very attractive and appealing.
  • It is very light in weight and this makes it very comfortable to hold and easiness its use.
  • It has the ceramic and ionic system that hydrates hair and enhances hair shininess. It also reduces electrostatic charges which increase heat and air flow of the hair dryer in addition protecting the hair scalp from heat damage.
  • Comes with several attachments such as two concentrators, one responsible for drying hair while the other is responsible for styling hair, 9ft cord, 2 air speed and 3 temperature controllers.
  • It has a comfortable lateral grip and an easy lock filter for fast filter cleaning.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Uses ac power only and therefore cannot be used in countries that use dc power.


Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

One striking feature is that the dryer has an advanced ionic ceramic system. The ceramic material is known to have low electromagnetic fields. This leads to a reduction in the electrostatic charges. Due to this there is more heat and airflow that seals the hair shaft without over drying the hair. I really like this hair dryer because of that amazing technology it adopted. I had tried many hair dryers that would really burn my hair roots but the moment I started using the 3900 Health Ionic hair dryer it has been heavenly. The manufacturer seems to care so much about the quality of product they produce.

The hair dryer is integrated with two concentrators with a quick lock system. They are specially designed to help one achieve a sleek look. One is the styling concentrator that works by styling one section at a time while the other is the drying concentrator that works by drying hair over a wide volume of air. Other than that the dryer comes along with a 9ft cord, 3 temperatures and 2 air speeds. This combination ensures your hair is luscious, perfectly groomed and healthy.

The dryer is light weight and ergonomic for a perfect styling that ensures the weight does not hurt while you styling your hair. It has a fast air flow which was formulated to enable the dryer expel a perfect level of airflow in order to reduce the drying time to 30%.The dryer is designed to eliminate static electricity by creating a smooth hair finish. In addition one achieves a hydrating salon level shine, gets a nourishing and glowing hair.

An AC motor is engineered at the dryer. It is a motor of premium quality that ensures that the dryer will last. The compactness makes the drying time to drastically reduce the drying time. This really saves on the styling time.


Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer

Our clients claim that this hair dryer has literally changed their hair styling routine. I was impressed by one who said that even with a natural conditioner prior the dryer still dried the hair so good that one didn’t need a straightener for curling and perfecting the ends. The heating process hinges on new natural volcanic materials used to make the dryer. It also has an infusion of the negative ion technology.

The ionic ceramic system is such a wonderful technology. The system reduces the antistatic effects which increases air and heat flow that is perfectly designed to protect the scalp from heat damage and in addition giving perfect sleek and smooth hair results.

The heating process takes an approximate of 10 minutes. The dryer consumes ac power. It is engineered by a powerful ac motor that speed up the eating process, this leads to a reduction in the drying time. Your hair gets perfectly dried without posing any hair damages.


The 3900 healthy dryer has won numerous professional awards across Europe and the US. This is because it is a handmade product which is made of the highest quality material designed to last long.

The special features incorporated makes it the best dryer. I will keep on insisting on the ceramic system which is infused at the dryer. The ceramic material possess low electromagnetic fields. This is vital in the reduction of static charges which are notorious for inhibiting air and heat flow leading to poor hair results. Nobody wants to use a product that will not satisfy their expectations.

The dryer has a powerful ac motor that is designed to ensure a long life span.This is a genius infusion. This is because once you buy the hair dryer it will really serve its purpose for such a long time. My Healthy Hair dryer is 5 years old and is as good as new despite the fact that I use it daily. The longevity gives you a value for your money. I mean you won’t spend any money buying extra attachments or having to keep repairing the hair dryer.


I have a very soft scalp. I used to buy different types of hair dryers in a bid to find one that would not burn my scalp and also perfectly achieve the results I wanted. From various research I opted to buy the 3900 Healthy Ionic hair dryer. The results were magical. My hair did not have any heat damages and in addition I was able to obtain a smooth and sleek finish.

The ionic ceramic system is such a wonderful technology. The system reduces the antistatic effects which increase air and heat flow that is perfectly designed to protect the scalp from heat damage and in addition giving perfect sleek and smooth hair results.


I highly recommend this product to professional hair stylist. This is because the hair dryer has a long life due to the ac motor engineered into it.In addition the hair dryer has the ionic ceramic technology, that reduces the static charges therefore increasing heat and airflow which leads to a smooth and sleek hair result after styling the hair. The dryer is quite fast thanks to the powerful ac motor which reduces the drying time by 30%.I personally use the hair dryer and I can attest that I usually take 10 or less minutes to get my hair styled. The hair dryer leaves hair deeply moisturized which means healthy results.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic Hair Dryer
Who should be recommended to use the 3900 healthy ionic hair dryer?

The hair dryer is highly recommended to salon professional stylist due its long life span.However the dryer can be used by all hair types this is because of the ionic infusion and ceramic technology that it has that protects hair from damage.

Does the dryer damage hair?

The dryer has the ionic ceramic technology that works by reducing electrostatic charges which in return allows more air and heat flow. The balanced air and heat produced by the dryer works well to protect the scalp from heat damage.

Does the hair dryer have any warranty?

The 3900 healthy ionic hairdryer is engineered with a very powerful handmade ac motor. The motor ensures a long life span.personally have been using the motor for the past 5 years and it is still in good condition. In addition it comes with several attachments such as 2 concentrators, nozzle.The make of this hair dryer assures you a long life. After all the manufacturer has a good reputation of producing tools of high quality and long lasting.

April 8, 2021