Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum + Straightener – Which One is Better?

Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum + Straightener

In this present age, human hair has become a great deal in beauty and fashion, as a Lady you have to keep our hair more stylish and good looking. You can keep our hair good-looking using a variety of techniques which can include straightening. There are several hair straighteners in the market, in this article we are going to discuss and compare the features of the best two devices.

Dyson, a UK-based company, used to major in household equipment majorly drycleaners. In the year 2016, the company ventured into the beauty industry producing its first supersonic hairdryer which was super hyped in the market and captured the interest of many consumers because of its innovative technology.

GHD was founded by its pioneers in the year 2001 and it quickly took off organically. GHD Gold Hair Straightener took five years to develop by the producers because of its innovative technology which is quite impressive.

Dyson Corrale StraightenerGHD Platinum+ Straightener
Dyson CorraleGHD Platinum+
It has three heat range that can be changed depending on your preference.

Cordless; Allows 30 minutes of using it without any interventions.

Automatically shut offs after thirty minutes of inactivity as mentioned earlier.

Equipped with an OLED screen in which you can check the rate of temperature.

The heat of the plates is measured 100 times in a second.

Has a universal voltage.
GHD has a predictive technology that can predict your hair needs and adapts to it making hairstyling personalized.

Designed in many color ranges.

Has an automatic sleep mode that is it shuts off after thirty minutes of inactivity.

Gives a three year manufactures guarantee.

Heats up fast really fast at approximately 30 seconds.

Has a heat resistant protective plate to cover the device when not in use.
It is quite expensive compared to GHD.

It can waken your hair because it is designed with three heat changes.
It is expensive compared to other ordinary straighteners.

Has a learning curve that is you have to learn to use it first before you can get used to it.

Has one heating level of 185°c.

Dyson Corrale Straightener

Dyson Corrale Straightener

Corrale straightener is a 560g hair straightener which is produced by the Dyson Company. This device is cord-free, meaning that it is an electrical device that is powered by a battery and it can be used without a power cable connected to the power source making it mobile. It even allows you to style the air at the back of your head without any difficulty.

Dyson Corrale has flexing manganese copper alloy plates that gather a couple of hair with one pass thus making sure that your hair is done fast. It has an airplane mode that is, you can detach its internal battery from the straightener and still use it. Corrale has a universal voltage, so those that are worried that they cannot use it in another country should now be at ease.

Corrale straightener is available in two colors namely grey and purple and a cord length of 2.9 meters. It automatically shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity. Dyson is designed with a four-cell lithium-ion battery so that it can be used for thirty minutes continuously without intervention. It also has a 360 degrees magnetic charger that charges your straightener faster.

GHD Platinum+ Straightener

GHD Platinum+ Straightener

GHD Platinum+ is an award-wining device with advanced technology, so intelligent that is that it adjusts power depending on the strength of your hair. This means that if you are straightening your hair and the machine comes across part of the hair strand that is weaker than the previous part of your strand it changes the strength of power instantly thus protecting your hair by offering 70% less hair damage.

Platinum plus is ideal for all hair types, you can always achieve the best results. It has a unique wishbone hinge that keeps plates perfectly positioned to give more control while styling.

It has ceramic plates which use heat alone to break down the hair bonds to style it unlike the Corrale’s which combines heat and tension.  Which are rounded in barrels so that when you straightened your hair it graces your hair with a smooth just blow-dried look. Platinum+ lacks temperature setting flexibility. The heat of the plates is measured 250 times per second ensuring that temperature is kept perfect all the time without compromising hair quality. This machine has also universal voltage just like the Corrale straightener. Platinum+ has an internal battery but you cannot remove it.

 GHD Platinum+ has good pricing as the price includes a GHD styler, a heat resistant guard, and also free delivery upon making a purchase and it also has a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum + Straightener

Dyson and GHD Platinum+ both have designs that were well thought through by the producers to suit their consumer’s needs and preferences.

Dyson, as mentioned earlier, comes in two colors grey and purple while GHD comes with a variety of color ranges.

In contrast, Platinum+ has a better advantage in weight because it will be easy to handle without straining your wrist. Its longer plates will ensure that your hair is done faster since many hairs will be done at once as compared to Corrale.

Styling Features

Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum + Straightener

Corrale straightener has flexing manganese copper alloys plates that clamp hair together neatly while enhancing styling and 50% less hair damage. It also has three heat range of 330° F, 365°F and 410°F that can be changed depending on your hair type and an integrated sensor that ensures that the set heat range is not exceeded.

On the other hand, GHD Platinum+ has floating plates equipped with an ultra-gloss coating to ensure effortless styling and 20% more shine which may be of no match to flexing plates.

Additional Features

Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum + Straightener

Dyson Corrale comes with a fashionable heat resistant travel pouch which is wrapped with a golden ribbon and can also serve as a heat mat for counters. It also has a safety lock that secures the plates shut.

GHD Platinum+ is designed with a heat-resistant rubber plate that guard keep the straighteners closed for travelling or after use.

Both devices automatically shut off after a short time of its inactivity, you do not have to trouble yourself with disconnecting it.


Both devices have great features that make them very competitive. They were both researched for many years making their outcome great and it captured the interest of many consumers.

Corrale is the ideal choice when considering the ease of use because it is cord-free this makes styling significantly easier without navigating around with a wire and also if you are interested in a device that can straighten and curl hair.

On the other hand, GHD is 160g lighter than Corrale making it easy to do your hair without straining. The additional weight of Corrale is good for handling if you have no intention of using it for long.

Dyson is priced at 499.9 US dollars while GHD platinum+ is priced at 239 US dollars, Corrale price is slightly high and a price you will not want to buy on impulse but its price is well justified by its features. If you are short on cash GHD will be a smart choice.

Both Dyson and GHD promise protection of your hair from damage. Platinum+ promises 70% less hair damage while Corrale promises 50%less hair damage.

When you are planning to buy something you always have features you are looking for in that product. For instance, if you have a problem with hair damage then you will be looking for a device that promises less hair damage. Choose a product according to your preferences and one that will give your hair a good look and feel without compromising the health and quality of your hair.

January 18, 2021