Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener: Which is better?

Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

Hair straightening is the new sense of fashion that every woman has to have at the comfort of her home. Gone are the days when we had to go to the salon just to look good. The modern woman is just too busy and needs to look gorgeous on the fly. Bad hair days are now increasingly a thing of the past with the new generation of heat tools that designed for use at home, on the go and in the work environment. There are several companies offering hair straighteners and Dyson and GHD seem to be some of the most prosperous ones in the online market arena. Today we take you for a personalized experience of the battle of two titans, the GHD Gold and Dyson Corrale.

In this post, we sought to compare the two famous straighteners and their unique extensions versus the price to help you choose the best one for your needs and budget. This review is candid and fair as we are not endorsed by any brand and claims we make hinge on our fair opinion of the two as experienced.

Dyson CorraleGHD Gold
Dyson CorraleGHD Gold
Cordless and gives 30 minutes run time on battery.

Three heat settings.

OLED screen.

Measures the temperature of the plates 100 times a second.

Shuts off after 10 minutes.

Simple break proof magnetically attached cord and docking station to display your straightener.
Shiny and smooth hair with just a couple of passes.

Shorter styling time typically under 20 minutes.

Luxurious look and feel.

Easy to handle design.

Curls very well.

Rapid heat up.

Durable straightener.

Smart controls and technology.

Higher heat range can damage hair.
Also expensive compare to regular hair straighteners.

Not similar to older GHD models, has a learning curve.

Provides a single heating level.

Iron plates are unevenly hot which can damage hair.

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

There is so much to love about the Dyson Corrale straightener, let’s see if it justifies the high price point.

The most notable feature of this straightener is portability with an internal battery and ease of attaching and detaching from the power outlet. You can have this with the docking station so that you can attach the magnetically coupled power cord to the docking station instead of directly to the Dyson on display. The charger is 360 degree rotating at the point of connection and so it does not fray the wires, detaching is also as easy as pulling it apart.

The battery on this straightener can last you a couple of styling sessions and it takes roughly an hour and ten minutes to charge it fully. With some residual power from your last charge however, it will need less than 40 minutes because in that time, it reaches 90% of full capacity.

The auto shut feature also makes this a good straightener to keep because you don’t have to worry about burning down the house because you were in a hurry to get to work. Additionally, it has a sectioned plate system which makes it flexible bending to accommodate the shape of hair applying enough pressure for even styling and reducing breakage.

GHD Gold Hair Straightener

GHD Gold Hair Straightener

If GHD is the “gold standard” of premium hair straighteners then o GHD Gold would be the standard for all GHDs. It is a comfortable product sitting in the middle of the GHD lineup between the Classic IV and the pricier Platinum+.

It prides itself in a rapid 25 second heat up and delivers sleek and smooth results with healthier hair than your regular store-bought flat-iron. This Iron is a straightforward and reliable tool with plenty of hype thrown in for a good measure.

The Dual zone feature that ensures that the plates are evenly heated for this iron with ideal temperature set at 185 degrees Celsius or 365 F being the only possible temperature. The temperature cannot be changed and so you can expect GHD to live up to its consistent and protective nature.

The GHD Gold Flat Iron features a rounded barrel which allows it to act as curling iron. Curls easily slide over the rounded barrel and styling experience is snug free thanks to the beveled plates. It is a super lightweight device compared to the Dyson Corrale and makes hair feel silky something every woman wants.

An overwhelming majority of our testers said that their hair looked healthier and they were getting complements when they started using this heat tool with styles reportedly lasting longer. About 90% said they were not looking forward to trading it in for something else.

Here are some of what it offers and what we didn’t like.


Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

Dyson being the heavier of the two devices also the shorter item with a precise feeling to its clear outlines. The cordless operation is a big win for this tool just as are the manganese plates which give it a considerably better look than GHD gold. The Dyson feels smaller and sturdier than the GHD with their wishbone jointing and this ought to give it the competitive edge for close-up styling.

On the other hand, the GHD Gold is a lighter option and therefore the easier to handle without straining the wrist. Salon professionals will prefer the GHD because cordless operation is not a priority compared to ease of use over long periods. The longer plates makes sure you can take leaps and get to the finish line before the Dyson for an easy win.

Styling Features

Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

We will give this race to the Dyson for two reasons. First, it can deliver new styles without causing damage to hair. The Dyson Corrale is a masterpiece of engineering without a bulk of instruments under the hood.

Second, the Dyson Corrale also has that unbeatable flexing manganese alloy plate that saves hair from traction and still exerts enough pressure for even styling. When you are doing larger sections for every pass, the Dyson will get you there faster and safer than its competitor.

GHD Gold does not go down without a fight as it also features unidirectional floating plates. Floating plates may be no match for flexing ones but at least you know that your hair is also well protected from tagging and snagging goes.

Additional Features

Dyson Corrale VS GHD Gold Hair Straightener

While the GHD comes with a protective heat guard for safe keeping and use on the go, the Dyson has a lock feature that allows you to secure the plates in a parallel place for storage and packing.

Both stylers have auto-shut feature so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to disconnect.

The Dyson also features their stylish heat-resistant pouch which you can also use as a heat mat to protect your counters.


Both of these Flat irons are phenomenal and in all truth, each one of them deserves the top spot for something. It is no wonder we pitched them against each other for this episode of a battle for heads by the titans. GHD being a powerhouse for hair tools and Dyson a worthy opponent, this feels like the hardest verdict to deliver but nonetheless we will try.

Without fear or favor, the Dyson Corrale features better innovation and will produce better styles on the go. It has pretty advanced features and looks futuristic and sophisticated. It is a styler you want to display on your desk at work and the docking station makes that a solid plan (at your own peril) so go for it. The additional weight is good for handling if you don’t plan on using this for too long at a time.

On the other side, GHD have fielded a really capable candidate and we will give it a A+ for good effort. It is excellent for salon use and looks ordinary but gives you extraordinarily good results. Basing our decision on price, the GHD would win because frankly there is no noticeable difference in the results between these two if you do it well. They are both well designed for protection and durability

Regardless of which of these two devices you end up buying, you will gladly learn of the massive support base available online for both brands and amazing customer service. Depending on your best store of choice, you can also get proper warranty coverage and free returns as a cushion to fall back on.

So if you are short on cash then the GHD is your smart choice. The Dyson looks and works well and is well justified for its high price. Both of these feature some incredible heaters and sensors and easy controls so there is almost no learning curve to getting amazing results.

January 24, 2021