Dyson Corrale vs BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener: Go Cordless with Style!

Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

It is the turn of a new decade and people of the 21st century are becoming increasingly self-aware in every aspect of their lives. Beauty and health are some of these areas where new awareness is taking root and hair cannot be apart from beauty. Good looking hair is now a thing for everyone and not just holly heartthrobs.

The Price of Freedom with Cordless Hair Straighteners

We were the most skeptical about on the go heat tools because frankly it seems like a miracle they would even run that hot for five minutes without depleting the battery reserves. They are supposed to be heavy and need charging like every two seconds. If you are thinking, “oh yes! Someone finally gets me”, then you might reconsider after reading this review as we did upon uncovering the facts on the ground. This device is a reeducation program and not just a comparison of two amazing flat irons that go cordless. Hopefully this helps you change your mind and go cordless much to your delight.

Dyson and Babyliss Pro are Luxury Brands

While everyone is focused on looking good, there has been a massive trend in manufacturing to create ever more sophisticated hair tools. There is now a galaxy of them out there and for someone who knows best, you stick to the crème de la crème.

Speaking of the top tier hair tools there are no superior brands than our contenders here today, Dyson and BaBylissPRO. Well, at least for arguments sake all good things hairdo are represented in this combination review. Our post today will compare the BaByliss Pro 9000 in to the much hyped Dyson the Corrale model.

While you are in the business of looking good, you know that we are your best hub on the web for checking what’s new and what’s hot or who wears what hair. This post should help you choose between these two amazing flat irons according to your hair type, styling preferences or even your budget.

Dyson CorraleBaByliss Pro 9000
Dyson CorraleBaByliss Pro 9000
Cordless and gives 30 minutes run time on battery.

Three heat settings.

OLED screen.

Measures the temperature of the plates 100 times a second.

Shuts off after 10 minutes.

Simple break proof magnetically attached cord and docking station to display your straightener.
Superb quality.

Gorgeous styler to own and display.

Constant power throughout the runtime.

Gets smoother results than some corded tools.

Glides through hair with zero breakage.

Sleek and ergonomic design for easy travel.

You can move to the mirror and leave the socket outlet.

Ideal for quick touch ups on the go.

Delivers 30 minutes at full power.

Beautiful packaging.

Higher heat range can damage hair.
3 hr charging time not ideal.
High cost.

30 minutes may not be enough for those who are slow and have lots of hair.

Slightly heavier than a GHD.

Dyson Corrale

Dyson Corrale

Are you fearful of owning a hair straightener because they seem like a pair of scissors that also gets hot? While it is true people lose a lot of hair on cheap models you might have to reconsider the basis of your fear when it comes to these luxury brands. You get what you pay for applies here fair and square and the hefty $500 tag on the Dyson in some stores is fairly justified.  The following is hardly gibberish that sales people use because this UK manufacturer means business. Yeah, it’s made in the UK, you can expect it to be that much more costly because of it.

The first loved feature of the Dyson Corrale is the cordless operation. It runs in this mode for a good 30 minutes or more which is ample time to do your hair twice. We know that battery packs recover when stored in flight mode so it is likely you can squeeze in a few more passes to fix  your hair a third time after a full two styling sessions.

You will also love the magnetic charger which swivels 360 degrees at the attachment and easily disengages making the cable break proof. It also has an optional docking station that makes it a cool tool to display on your counter as it charges. The Dyson is a gorgeous piece to have and will be one of those that you will want to store visibly for much of its life which also seems infinite.

It will take you about half an hour to bring the straightener to half-full and about 40 minutes more to get if fully charged. With half of the battery power you can do a full head straightening and curling session on the fly.

The Dyson Corrale also has an auto-shut feature that puts it in sleep mode after 10 minutes of neglect. This not only good for safety of your home but also a strong pro for its longevity.

BaByliss Pro 9000

BaByliss Pro 9000

On first impression, we were pleasantly surprised to find the 9000 to be super sleek and lightweight. The lithium cells make you rethink the meaning of rechargeable electronics you can use on the go. Given that you probably have to carry around a lot of cables already, it is nice to have something you can walk around the house while still using to do your hair!

What’s more, this flat iron comes with a heat protective bag and cover and a safety lock feature so that you know it’s safe to carry around and won’t start a fire in your bag (It is entirely possible).

Going cordless with your styling is a blissful feeling that you didn’t know you were missing until you got it.

Now let’s quickly weigh up the pros and cons of owning the BaBylissPRO 9000 shaken with a few pinches of hype for good measure.

Depending on how you look at it, most of these cons are not deal breakers. There are way more benefits to owning this than the downside.


Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

Dyson Corrale are impressive with a natural luster and shine that cheap store bought stock flat irons cannot afford you. Interestingly, the Dyson flexes to allow hair to pass between the plates without tagging and snagging at it. There is no other straightener in the market that we know about that can do this. When you think about this feature, it is much better than the flexing of plates.

BaBylissPRO 9000 introduces the Lithium Ion battery, a marvel of engineering. It is has found its application in the latest portable hair tools after electric cars such as the world renowned Tesla. While the tech may be struggling with rechargeable cars, the power needed for efficient heaters inside the 9000 is much lower than you would require to move a car 70 miles!

Styling Features

Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

Both stylers will give you smooth a sleek hair and are extremely heat sensitive so as to give you nothing but protection and premium salon grade results.

BaBylissPRO 9000 features their groundbreaking Micro Heating Matrix technology which boost the performance and designed for cordless heating. It is powered by lithium ion battery and provides instant heat recovery which ensures smooth lasting results.

 Dyson Corrale welcomes you to flexing plates technology, one that accommodates the shape of your hair preventing snagging and yet providing enough pressure to style effectively with a single pass. It has special extra controls that also help to tame its power and style for your hair type with less damage.

Additional Features

Dyson Corrale VS BaByliss Pro 9000 Hair Straightener

Additional and functional features is the name of the game and Dyson are pretty good at it. You will notice that their styler has a secret (not so secret) off button you can use to push put your iron in flight mode. This saves the battery and also makes it safer for carry on.

The BaBylissPRO will not stay down its stunning packaging that you want to keep forever. It is also equipped with a free sleek casing to slip in your tote bag for travel.

Our Verdict

Dyson Corrale is an amazing product and there is no worthy rival more than the BaBylissPRO 9000. Both items feel precise and safe to use for your hair whether it’s thick and unruly or thin and sensitive or anything in between. As far as cordless operation is concerned, this review has been comparing apples for apples and we have provided you the most candid details.

The price tag on both flat irons is also hefty so it is perhaps best to base your choice on something else. The Dyson is definitely heavier and sturdier of the two but charges faster than the 9000. On the other hand, the 9000 promises easier handling, and sleek results for slightly less expenditure. What you end up buying should be based on what you can afford and which of these appeals to you the most.

At this juncture we have a tie, we cannot favor any, and there are points for Dyson and points for BaBylissPRO. Happy shopping!

January 24, 2021