Dyson Corrale Straightener Complete Review

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

Our first encounter with the Dyson Corrale Straightener cordless magnificence was when it first made its debut last year. The beauty of this marvel is in the ingenious ergonomic design that has put the Dyson Team on the map as the most sophisticated Flat iron out there and the ultimate hair taming tool that just might bench our beloved GHDs. We naturally jumped at the opportunity to review this remarkable product and as your trusty authority on cool life gadgets we had our best reviewers with at least three hair types and varied preferences try out this pricey kit. Read this to understand just why it is that this little devil is making such a fuss on the net for being the coolest fresh new hair straightener.

Key Design Features of the Dyson Corrale Straightener

  • Super-fast Heat up times
  • Three heating levels
  • Ample temperature range 165ºC to 210ºC
  • Auto shut feature
  • Cordless operation
  • Flexing manganese copper alloy latest

Heating Process

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

The Dyson Corrale is one of a kind flat iron because of its super-fast heating times of about half a minute. This means that you are up and ready within a short time because you have not got all day to get ready for your appointment. Heating is achieved with high value and well-designed elements which Dyson also claims lasts for a small eternity. Their 25-35 seconds wait time is impressive as it is basically the time you take glancing at your hair in the mirror to discern the extent of the damage.

You will love the feature where you can tweak the temperature depending on your type of hair and the condition it is in. The machine allows you to preset three levels of temperature from 165ºC, 185ºC to 210ºC. This means you can get even the trickiest of hair situations well managed but ordinarily don’t have to harm your hair. We found it practical because there are times when you require more heat but most times you just way moderate heat not to damage your hair. In case you are wondering, it only takes about five seconds or less to bring it up from 185 to that blazing 210 degrees.


Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

Using the machine actually brings out the intricate ergonomic design that the Dyson design team threw behind this revolutionary new device. When they said flexing Manganese Copper Alloy plates they actually meant that literary. Flexing plates are possible thanks to today’s leaps in technology and work around your hair not to break it. The bending also allows for more hair to flow between the plates at a time. This feature also works well with the lower temperature setting to ensure less hair breakages. This latest invention beats the floating plate’s technology hands down.

Another priced feature of this hair machine is the ability to work with or without a cord. If you decide to hook it up then you enjoy the rope length of nearly five meters. The cord is swiveled and goes into the bottom of the handset so that it does hardly get in the way. The cordless operation can run well for just about thirty minutes which is pretty impressive. We did not notice any difference between corded and cordless operation. The auto-shut feature makes sure you never waste charge. It is not obvious but you can use the device while it is charging so there is that.

Our testers agreed that the device is probably the best pick for fly away hair and two of them also had extensions. All testers also agreed that even at the lowest setting of 165 it was able to effectively straighten hair with lasting result. This setting was also the most energy efficient which is two birds with one stone.

If you are looking to buy this item then it is most likely that you are looking for an easy carry on for your trips out of town. This device is perfect for that as it features a sleek and portable device that gives thought to every scenario. It can adapt to various power outlet levels and does not need recharging that often. It only takes a little over an hour for a full charge which ordinarily should not present a challenge for your travel schedule.

Battery Life

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

The Dysons decided to equip this latest toy with a powerful four-cell lithium-ion battery. This means you get your thirty minutes and two to three uses on a single charge. A small infinity if you ask anyone who has be so unlucky as to own some other brands we cannot mention. With normal operation, you only need to dock the iron on its stand and it will start charging while not in use.

The thirty minute rated for wireless operation of this device is a good value for the money. At the very least, it gets the work done and will not disappoint between charges. Obviously, you get more time with the lower temperature setting. More importantly, the battery operation is almost flawless for this device so that the battery life actually means a lot for you the final user.

The extra safety features enables you to lock the jaws shut after using the device so that your little ones are not in a position to burn themselves on it. It also means you can put it away nicely without worrying about a gaping hole in your bag.


Without fear or favor, we will recommend the Dyson Corrale Straightener to anyone who is overlooking cheap costs in favor of a lighter more functional design. We do have to factor in the higher price tag and the fact that ordinary GHDs even with their rigidity can achieve similar finishes on hair. Just the same, there exists a special group of people for whom money is no object where quality is concerned. If you are one of these people, you will enjoy your ownership of the new Dyson Corrale straightener.

Easy charging and long battery life.

Comes with a flight mode feature to disconnect the internal battery.

Dual voltage adapter.

Lock button for increased safety.

Good for fly away hair and extensions.

Works better compared to some corded straighteners.

A trusty two-year guarantee.
Free gifts in the box.
A bit heavier than corded straighteners.

Is pricey.

Does not catch short hair easily.

Sounds awful on split ends.

Cannot stand up on its side.
How does the Corrale brand do against the GHDs?

The device is proven to be more flexible than GHDs in several ways. It is cordless and can flex the plates. It can alter the heat and is still budget friendly given the premium features packed into the little thing. If convenience ranks higher than a cheap price for you then you should have no trouble ditching the GHDs for a more sophisticated and adjustable ultra-modern device.

What is included in this purchase price?

It is not much but you might want to know that the straightener also comes with an ergonomic pouch in addition to the stand and charging head. With the pouch, you can safely secure your device in your suitcase for your trips and always know where it is. It’s a simple association, the pouch reminds you of your iron so you don’t lose it.

Is my Dyson Corrale straightener under warranty?

Dyson covers for parts and repairs on the entire device should anything happen to it that is not you running it over with your car within the first 24 months of purchasing it. This warranty says all about the level of confidence this manufacturer has with their straightener. Two years is pretty good mileage for warranted use and this should hopefully give you peace of mind as you spend well over $400 on this accessory.

Why is this better than a cod only straightener?

This is a versatile machine you can use for several needs and uses such as curling and straightening. The flexible plates make the job that much easier. They do not actually bend in a way you can make out but they disallow that clamping effect that cause more hair to split and break.

What does the flight mode do?

They seem to have thought about every scenario the user may encounter with this model. Since you might find your new traveling companion in this model, they made so you can fly safely and compliant. It has this tab that you can use to disconnect the internal battery from the circuitry completely. This way, you are assured of the safety of the device even when you put it in your bag.

July 23, 2020