Drybar Tress Press vs Paul Mitchell Neuro Flat Iron

Drybar Tress Press vs Paul Mitchell Neuro Flat Iron

Are you shopping for a flat iron with a touchscreen input and can do all sorts of tricks with your hair or are you down for a more basic design but with dual capabilities for voltage input and curling and straightening combo? Whichever you pick, we have got two of the most suitable flat irons up for grabs today and by the end of this post, you will be in a position to choose between the two.

On the one hand you have the Halo by Paul Mitchell which is by all standards a wonderful flat iron capable of incredible styling speed and creating that perfect blowout without having to burn your hair or fingers while you are at it. the stellar performance of previous models have culminated in a team up of Paul Mitchell’s finest group of engineers with the legendary designer Rashid Karim to create this wonderful new suite of products that include a sensational hair dryer. The Halo borrows from the basics of the Neuro set of tools which were also a crowd pleaser and we were eager to see just how much they remade them from the inside out before adding that futuristic theme to finish.

Then there is the Tress Press which is another sensation offer from DryBar with capability to multitask and adapt for consumer needs and convenience. The Tress Press is the ideal hair tool that can do more for your hair thanks to its simple yet efficient design. It curls, smooths, and shines hair all in one pass. It has been hailed for its versatility of use and working for people of nearly all hair types.

In short, we have two serious contenders today and all we have to do is delve into the details just so you can better understand what you are getting for your money.

DryBar Tress PressPaul Mitchell Neuro Halo
DryBar Tress PressPaul Mitchell Neuro Halo
Digital Flat Iron With Infrared Heat.

Super-Fast Heat Up.

Easy Glide Through Hair Without Snagging And Strays.

Customizable Heat Settings.

Curls At Just The Medium Setting.

Perfect Edges For Curling.

Reasonable Pricing.
Cool Elegant Design.

Titanium Plates For Effective Heat Distribution And Smooth Styling.

Not the most expensive Paul Mitchel heat tool.

Durable Product With Warranty.

Only High Grade Materials Used.

Healthy for regular use.
Not cheap.

Gets Really Hot And Could Damage Thin Fragile Hair.
Still Pricey.

Futuristic theme may not appeal to everyone.

DryBar Tress Press

DryBar Tress Press Flat Iron

This is a   digital flat iron with titanium plates and super-fast curling and straightening ability. For people who are skeptical about the true value of investing in an expensive flat iron then we recommend this model because it not too expensive but in no way cheap either. It is such an awesome styler that it will smooth out your hair and lock in a totally doable style in minutes.

This DryBar also has customizable heat settings and the ability to glide through hair thanks to a precision manufacture process and excellent choice of premium materials of good purity and composition. it has just the perfect amount of curvature on the edges to produce a curl or tight lock that bounces right without having to go over the section twice which usually ruins everything.

This flat iron is made for you if you have fine hair or you are worried that you might be treating your hair to too much heat. It is a gentle iron and switching to its awesome technology will definitely see your hair grow healthier and shinier with time.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo

Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo

Paul Mitchell is that trusted brand you can totally rely on for sleek and elegant technology that works to deliver solution and effect real permanent positive change in your hair routine and health. It is an all-rounder lifestyle booster and if you haven’t used their products then you should consider starting. The Neuro Halo flat iron is a game changer for the hair and beauty industry and because of it even some of the competition has gotten better. It is futuristic in design and gives the x factor for beauty and a product that you will love to leave on your counter.

The iron features gunmetal titanium plates and sports a classy backlit touch input backed by a powerful chip that controls the temperature. This styler like the rest of the Mitchell array of heaters will leave your hair looking great with perfect curl capabilities which justifies is sizeable price tag.

What we love about the Mitchel irons is not only the inner workings which seem to be perfect and with very few incidences of faulty products but also the stunning external outlook of their products. It’s cool to have something fashionable around in your makeup bag. It can always spark conversation with random strangers if need be plus you always enjoy owning and flaunting it whenever the opportunity arises.


The Paul Mitchell Neuro Halo is a wonder product made to impress fans of sci-fi but it is an effective heating tool that delivers perfect results for hair in a manner you can rely on for daily use and get salon grade locks without ever stepping foot there. It is built for resilience and it would appear that many hair stylists and other professionals were involved in the design of the internal and external components. The rest of it the X-factor and pure genius of the man the legend, Rashid Karim.

The flat iron seems to have been built for elegance and is a pleaser for looks and results. It comes with smaller smooth gliding plates and will back up the big name with quick and efficient styling with minimal static and traction damage. This is in part thanks to the ultra-sleek design and the other part is due to the choice of premium materials and precision machined finish.

The Tress Press is a multi-use tool for locks, straightening and curling for all purposes. If you are an ardent traveler, you are going to enjoy a flat iron you can bring with and get more utility out of. This translates for value for money and the weight of hauling it on your transits. They did not reveal if they teamed up with a world renowned industrial designer like Karim but the simple and straightforward design by DryBar is stylish and clean.

The LED temperature display is pretty impressive and makes the iron that much more fun and safe to use always conscious of the operating temperature. You get all these features when you buy online but only with authorized dealers do you also get a 2 year warranty on your new purchase.


Tress uses infrared heating which effects styling of each strand from the inside out and effectively reduces he temperature at which you need to work to get perfect results. You will find that you require less temperature on this iron than on a cheaper model you have been using.

Paul Mitchell also includes well rounded edges that are perfect to wrap your hair around and create some lovely waves or curls. The plates are floated in a way that ensures maximum contact with yourh hair sections and hence one pass styling.


If you decide to go with the Neuro Halo then you will benefit from excellent support with online registration of your product and an automatic 2 year warranty on the product. They include a clear guide to using the iron correctly for your hair type and a free Memory styler heat activated cream from Neuro called Reshape HeatCTRL.


You will find that the Tress Press and the Neuro Halo are both ergonomic and high end styling tools with enough safety features to get your hair covered in easy to create style that last longer than a day and with minimal damage to your hair. They both have streamlined and sleek bodies for curling and waving without causing traction damage to hair and they feel just slightly warm on the palms so you hardly ever need heat gloves when handling them.

The Neuro Halo is certainly a more attractive iron thanks to the supreme design by Karim but it will also set you back close to $40 more than the Tress Press. What’s more, the DryBar is nearly perfect for curls and everything else so you get almost the same value except for the dazzling looks of the Neuro. If you are luck you might even find the Tress Press bundled with a few free gifts including dry shampoo etc.

DryBar Tress PressPaul Mitchell Neuro Halo
March 21, 2021