DRYBAR Tress Press vs CHI Lava Ceramic Flat Iron

DRYBAR Tress Press vs CHI Lava Ceramic Flat Iron

It’s difficult to imagine a world without flat irons and what that would mean for everyday life for people with manes. The curse of good hair is as real as the praises we get for wearing it right and the confidence to walk right into opportunities lying in wait around the corner. Yet depending on who you are, there is that one brand that you feel came to save you from yourself. Whether its T3 or GHD you will still enjoy reading this comparison just so you know that the Tress Press and CHI Lava Ceramic are all about.

These two irons are all about innovation and going the extra mile to get the hair to submit without actually scorching it. T3 is better known for the Lucea iron and the Lava ceramic is an infusion of natural rock goodness for hair and the Tress Press features some impressive healthy heating options at an affordable cost. So which one will it be?

When you are in the market for hair tools that work and save your hair irreparable damage then you cannot take T# or CHI off the table. While both irons are relatively expensive you cannot compare the results you get with these high end models with a drugstore issue flat iron with metal plates. 

The point of this review is not to get a winner between T3 and CHI, they are what they are. All we want for our readership is the wisdom to know the difference so that going forward you know which one is better for you. You might not have the time to compare these items yourself and the financial investment for the high end gadgets is also hefty so we do this for you just to make your life easier.

DryBar Tress PressCHI Lava Ceramic
DryBar Tress PressCHI Lava Ceramic
1” floating plates.

Rounded oblique edges for minima drag and snag.

Titanium technology for sealed cuticles.

Less frizz and more shine.

Infrared technology styles at reduced temperatures.

Professional cord length.

1hr auto-shut feature.

Max temperature 450F.
Volcanic Lava Ceramic floating plates.

11ft cord for professional use.

Quick heat up.

Dual voltage support.

Top temperature of 450F.

2 year warranty.

Paint on barrel comes off after prolonged use.
Expensive brand.

Lower styling temperatures.

The DryBar Tress Press Digital Styling Iron

DryBar Tress Press Digital Styling Iron

We have known DryBar for its incredible ability to merge both the ceramics and metal worlds for plates and incorporate ionic technology in their work. The Tress Press features a unique design with a blend of materials for the plates that makes it very useful for heat saving and cuts on the styling time completely. The Tress Press is another expensive piece from DryBar and one that will prove that not all pricey things are a hoax especially when you are dealing with a trusted innovator and maker of precision hair tools. What matters at times is the quality and purity of the elements used in the making of the iron.

Made with titanium plates, the Tress Press Flat Iron is super smooth and heat efficient capable of instant recovery for every pass. It is also formidable for all hair types and will just as easily style the toughest and roughest unruly hair.

The banana ripe little iron will curl, smooth, and shine all hair types thanks to a perfected art and science of developing state of the art equipment for high end salons. If you have wavy hair that just won’t bow to any other authority in the flat iron kingdom then perhaps this less serious looking iron will be your magic wand. We recommend this sizeable iron for anyone with thicker hair.

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

One of the things that CHI always gets right is consumer convenience. They make all their product development customer centered so that you are always like “Omg! How did they know what I wanted but could never get out of my last drugstore flat iron?” It’s because the top dog company uses research from people just like you to determine what people want to be able to do with their high end products.

The thing that CHI got right about the Lava model is the memory of last settings so that you do not have to hassle settings every single day. This not only saves you time but the agony of going over the same procedure every single time and the possibility of making an error and thereby scorching your hair.

The Chi Lava has this squared off appearance that makes it ideal for straightening out your hair and still deliver breathtaking bouncy curls. It all looks pretty standard and that is not always a bad thing. The overall outlook of the Chi Lava is pretty standard as it can manage between 200 and 450 F and has this whole range of temperatures open in 10 degree intervals.

The four inch long and one inch wide plates will get you there sooner while making it easy to reach closer to the scalp without wincing in pain. We love the color scheme on the CHI Lava as compared to the yellow on DryBar’s Tress Press. It looks sensational and classy and will fit right in when you have lots of matte black finished items on your dressing table.


The Tress Press is a pleasant piece of tech to own thanks to the exceptional design features. You will have to overlook the plain yellow color of the product as it is the branding of DryBar tools. It has 1” plates which are ideal for close quarter styling and also they are 4 inches long which is just long enough to get your hair done fast but not too long.

The Chi Lava ceramic flat iron is made with materials sourced from the most efficient conducting materials and natural rock that helps strengthen hair while delivering balanced heat for styling. The results is super smooth and sleek hair results with no damaging effects of cheap metal flat irons. CHI decided to go natural and seek for heating alternatives from the deep in the bowels of the earth. They arrived at this volcanic lava solution which helps users to style at reduced temperatures and still manage that stunning salon-worthy result.


The Tress Press also has rounded edges which allow you to wrap hair around them and pull for waves and curls. It also incorporates infrared heating to maximize heating from within even at lower temperatures which saves on hair damage.

The styling surface of the CHI Lava is precision finished to make it glide through hair with no effort and near zero friction. The barrel is equally smooth and will run though the most unruly hair and turn it into silky smooth and shiny styles in minutes.


The Tress Press will impress with its titanium technology that seals the cuticle ensuring maximal hydration which in turn reduces frizz and adds natural shine.

The CHI brand prides itself in top of the line products and the light weight and high performance of the Chi Lava is a testimony to their excellence. The Mineral infusion is a unique feature and has to be their additional feature and benefit as well for this model.


Today we have an easy decision because the stylers are so dissimilar. On the one hand, you have the yellow Tress and on the other is the more sophisticated black finish of the CHI. It’s very unlikely that you would be confused about which of the two colors you like better but we are not buying color, are we?

So for features you also noticed the difference, one is titanium based technology and he CHI Lava features exceptional volcanic rock styling. Which one is you best pick? You get to decide for yourself but now at least you know the differences between these two items.

If we had to be biased then we would lead towards the CHI because it’s an awesome tool and revolutionary new innovation for the betterment of hair care. Whichever one you pick, be sure to let us know down below how it goes.

DryBar Tress PressCHI Lava Ceramic
March 19, 2021