Drybar Tress Press Straightening Iron Review

The Tress Press is a straightening iron by Drybar contending for the highly textured thick and curly hair category and which has been doings some rounds on the forums that matter and creating a bit of a buzz online. It is one of those really expensive straighteners and so we thought to do you a favor by trying it so that you don’t end up losing a good $165 on an awfully bad product. They said it was a multiuse tool that goes straight or curly and even smoothen and shines. Sweet words that will lure out any hair and beauty enthusiast like ourselves and so we set out to make certain of the claims.

Over the years we have tried countless straightening irons because that’s what we do. What we can’t seem to get enough of around here ae heads to try new products on. So we don’t pay our testers or anything but it is important to note that we let them give their honest take on the products and then compile their true findings about the form and function of the styler. Whether you have highly textured or curly hair, this is one product you might want to watch out for because it is in the market for people like you.

Our goal is to always help match the right straighteners with the right heads and for the right price. We do this to save millions of users around the world who are buying maybe for the first time and want to find a healthy and shiny hair lifestyle without damage and flyaway hair without spending a huge fortune on different tools. Even then, every time they burnt their hair they would need to go out and shave and at that rate it would be a needle in a haystack situation.

Titanium plates.

Results boosted with ionic technology.

Floating plates arrangement.

Rounded edges for smooth curling and waves.

Digital temperature control.

Nine-foot professional cord.

Straightens and curls.

1 hr automatic shutdown.

Smoother and shinier results.

Not dual voltage.

No way to lock it for storage.

The shouting yellow color might be a turn off for some.

Complete Review of Drybar Tress Press Straightening Iron


Drybar Tress Press Straightening Iron Review

The Tress Press is a flat iron that picks wide plates, rounded edges for when you want to curly. It is built for multitasking and can go straight, wavy and tightly curly when you need it to. According to Drybar, the faster you go the looser your curl and the slower you go the tighter it becomes. Their design is supposed to give you pin straight hair with as little as one pass and you do not even have to go super slow to achieve the results “as advertised”.

The Tress Press features titanium plates and ionic technology that seals the cuticle making hair glossy and shiny smooth. Titanium plates pack extreme heat and hold it for quick passes and curls while their floating arrangement ensures that they are always making even contact with hair for uniformity.

Digital temperature control even lets you save your custom temperature at the press of a special button so your iron remembers your ideal styling temperature. It’s super cool to know that your styler now knows your hair and is unlikely to burn it.

A professional 9ft cord makes it easy for use in a salon environment and with minimal interruptions. As you can tell, this is serious contender when it comes to high end flat irons that shed that plastic cheap feel for some higher glory. So we put the Tress Press under our microscope and surely you want to know how well it did, down below!

Heating Process

Drybar Tress Press Straightening Iron Review

Titanium, that means high heat capacity, rapid heat up time and recovery and super smooth surfaces for the plates to glide through hair effortlessly and reliability through thick, thin and coarse. This heats up to 4500F. Unfortunately this might not be a kind treatment for your sparse and sensitive hair if you so find yourself. It is supposed to do that thing where it seals the hair cuticles and produces tons of shine and less frizz. We can confirm that this iron is average for its heating capabilities, it’s not as good as they said on the box. You do have to give them credit for the smooth floating plates though for how they follow your hair’s form and contour delivering the right amount of joules to get the work done effectively.

Performance of the Tress Pass

The makers of this styler promise titanium tech that is the solution to all of your hair nightmares, frizz and dullness. We were keen to prove their one pass claim and that obviously failed on a number of levels, you just have to get one or at least half more passes to get to pin straight unless you are going way to slow and baking your hair somewhat.

The other claim was that the styler is perfect for waves and curls. Because the barrel is rounded then you can get easy curls and waves out of the iron. This claim was a half-truth it is possible to make bends on your hair with this tools but not that it will replace a high end curling iron. It does come with free hair clips which pretty convenient for dividing your hair.

This styler does not feel cheap and does a considerably better job than most irons with the same price range. We found it to be good just not as good as they said it would be. It does come with a nice expensive looking box and a comprehensive user manual so that’s a big plus if you like to understand stuff before you operate.

Hair Damage

Drybar Tress Press Straightening Iron Review

The Drybar Tress Press is a reasonably safe option for a multiuse styling iron because of the accurate digital control circuitry. It even has temperature memory button you can use to store your optimal styling temperature so you don’t accidentally get it wrong. The plates are pretty smooth and effective for the most difficult hair to convince. There are chances you could fry your hair with this if you are just starting out or you are known to be careless with flat Irons reason being the high temperature and titanium plates.

It does come with a 60 minute shut off features which is a cool safety precaution.

Battery Life

This styler does not have an internal and unfortunately it is also not a dual voltage so you may need a converter for your foreign visits. A deal breaker for travelers for sure but still a inconsequential compromise for every day users at home.


We thought the Drybar Tress Press is a pretty cool hair tool and does some really good job but it is slightly short on quality for its price tag. It is also overly hyped which may lead to disappointment with the actual product which is a decent iron. We are yet to check the durability on her but she seems to be very hardy and virtually indestructible. If you love the banana yellow color then there is nothing that can stop you from making this purchase.

Can this iron work on thick hair?

If you have thicker, coarse or even ridiculously tough hair then you want to try the titanium plates. The material has exceptional heating properties and will straighten out the toughest of hair types. You will get optimal performance on this iron for longer than your last one if it was one of the cheap kinds.

How is the Tress Press with frizz and curly hair?

If you have thick and frizzy hair then you will love taming it with the drybar tress press. If you have crazy hair and you think that no designer ever envisioned you in their next smart iron then here is one styler with an incredible tolerance.

Does the Drybar Tress Press give salon results?

Well, that depends on what salon you go to but no matter how good then this is the next best thing. Even when you could not find any other straightener to work on your hair, this will make it look like you just left the salon in minutes.

How do I curl on this iron?

To produce curly hairstyles on this iron is pretty easy. You will need to clamp hair midway where you want to have your curls start. Then you can twist the iron away from your face by 180 degrees and pull away forwards towards the ends. If you go slower, you will have those nicely tight furls and if you go faster than you end up with loose waves.

Can I set the shut off for 30 minutes?

Unfortunately no, you cannot change the 60 minutes automatic sleep mode programed in by the maker of this iron.

August 18, 2020