Cross Tattoo Designs – 10 Examples for You to Consider

Nothing says passion, sacrifice and love or loss than a cross. Even with medics, and Red Cross society, it means the same thing, salvation. But a cross also says unity and perseverance. It is a simple symbol really where two lines intersect to form a t but it has a deep symbolism for wearers of all walks of life. With crosses, it’s not much about the aesthetics even though crosses can be pretty. It is more about the validation and reason of getting one.

Other Interpretations Of Cross Tattoos

Other than the usual somber moods of loss and grief associated with the cross symbol. Wearers can choose cross tats as initiation to pop culture and their love for Christian faith. The cross also marks the celebration of life at its best and remembering the departed. It’s amazing how a simple geometric shape could be interpreted in so many different ways. It is a versatile object to ink with plenty of stories to tell of courage, survival, death and mortality. It tells of grieve and loss but also of courage and strength to overcome.

You probably already know what kind of cross you want inked but you will need to check it is the best version before you get it under your skin. Deciding on a cross is the first step then you will need to consider placement. How visible would you like your ink to be?

When Choosing Placement You Need To Consider

  • The contour of body part
  • Size of the cross tattoo
  • Appropriate subject matter
  • Tattoo design

Also you might want to try a temporary piece before you go ahead and make it permanent, they cost way less and they give you time to find out what your final piece might look like. Here are some more cross tattoo examples for you to consider.

1. Jesus On The Cross

There is no better way to start a list of cross tattoos than with the most famous and passionate cross stories of all time. Jesus died on the cross and there is the Bible gospel and written ancient history to back it up. For many Christians and even secular tattoo enthusiasts, the persecution and crucifixion of Christ Jesus signifies their salvation and guides their spiritual journeys here on earth. The messiah literary said to his followers to pick up their crosses and follow him. This cross tattoo has light outlines and is good for anyone who is seeking spiritual rebirth.

Cross Tattoo Designs

2. Sketchy Cross Black Back

This rough cross looks like someone was mad and they scratched a huge black tat on his back. It seems like it was down with a crude tool and that is really badass for bold tat choice. It has a sinister rugged appearance which is a clear demonstration of someone who cares little for details and perfection. A couple of stray lines make it seem like it was done with barbed wire and that rough appearance earns it extra point for sure.

Cross Tattoo Designs

3. Strength

Check out this vertical cross design with the word strength. This arm tattoo needs no elaboration. It’s about flexing your muscle and also asking for more strength from above. The calligraphy is stunningly beautiful and sets this word tattoo aside. The bold black with perfect font makes look unreal even though it is. This is one ink you want for crowing your victories and also for when you are struggling the most. This tattoo is clean and minimalistic which is very beautiful even though manly.

Cross Tattoo Designs

4. Cross With Vines

Check out this unique cross tattoo with a flowering vine climbing over it. The cross itself takes after a wooden one made out of two simple sticks. The image contains a minimal amount of details for a vine and cross tat with meaning. A vine has deep meaning of fertility, growth, luck or even friendship. Vines are also a good pick when you want something to remind you of overcoming difficult challenges. The cross has similar meaning and when combined together the message of hope and fortitude is strengthened.

Cross Tattoo Designs

5. Tiger And Cross

What about this simple black cross with a plain sheet appearance that is accented with the sinister face of a tiger or other cat animal such as Black Panther? The cross is a symbol of power and strength combined but so is the tiger or any of the powerful cats. He negative imagery of brought out clearly in only black ink and that is something that makes it stand out. Matching an artist who can pull this off nicely is not easy but it is worth the wait.

Cross Tattoo Designs

6. Purple Cross Tattoos

This next tat depicts a wooden cross ad passion of the Christ with a purple garment and the crown of thorns. The cross is in 3D and seems to protrude out of his shoulder. The cross reminds us of the suffering of Christ for the sake of mankind and all the pain he must have experienced. The thorns were placed on his head and his garments they shared among themselves. The passion of Christ can also remind the wearer of the various tribulations that life has brought their way and to overcome always.

Cross Tattoo Designs

7. Simple Necks

This tiny neck tattoo is that of a simple cross but it is surprisingly very impactful. It seems religious and symbolic for that matter. Maybe it has to do with the unusual placement or the simplicity of the image that causes it to draw an impressive amount of attention. You can have this inked to remember your deep Christian roots or as a cleansing for your sin, with approval of your catechist of course.

Cross Tattoo Designs

8. Back Of Neck Christ Cross

Another Jesus on the cross tattoo but with a difference! This one shows a small cross with his image in a shadow astride the cross. It looks like that what is used for rosaries and looks meditational. This is a neck and upper back tattoo and the first of its kind we have explored so far. This cross also reminds us of the love of Christ dying for our sins and so that all who believes in him may get salvation from sin. This cross can look over you if you are a catholic faithful and guide you to greener pastures away from temptation and sin.

Cross Tattoo Designs

9. Memorial Wooden Cross Bicep

This next cross looks like a rough wooden cross with pointed ends like they use to mark a grave. It has neck chain thrown over it with two tags, one for the name and the other with a date and time. Needless to say, this a memorial tattoo that reminds of a special someone who was taken from the wearer and the date and time. It is placed on the inner arm and is not very legible which is ideal because it sets a somber mood.

Cross Tattoo Designs

10. Neck Cross Tattoo

This unusual cross is highlighted in a beautiful pattern with bright red accents. The rest of the illustration features an intricate design that is simply black and aesthetic as well. The whole image is visually striking as something valuable and a rare find. You can almost tell that it is a religious artifact of some kind. As usual a religious and holy object must be interpreted with respect and gentle attitude.

Cross Tattoo Designs

Cross Tattoo Design

April 5, 2020