Croc Rose Gold Nano Titanium 1.25 Flat Iron Review
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Croc Rose Gold Nano Titanium 1.25 Flat Iron Review

The Croc Rose Gold Nano Titanium is a 1.25” flat iron salon grade features and offers powerful professional functionality with a conservative look of a classic series. It packs gold nano titanium technology across the 1.25″ plate width, extremely accurate heating and one pass styling.

Besides, it comes with all these safety features that place it way ahead of other leading ionic plated flat irons in its price range. We were keen to see just how good the shine and smoothness was for the cuticles.

A healthy flat iron leads to healthy hair even with constant use almost on a daily basis. You all want good hair to improve self-image and communicate value to those closest to us. Whether you have a busy career or attend school the struggle is real, especially when we lack the right tools to make an impression with your hair. will you schedule might ease up to allow you more salon time, getting an appropriate flat iron for your hair type and skill is a step towards liberating your hair styling experience.

The croc is the classic with extremely simplified features but does not sacrifice functionality. Under the hood of this rather unusual design is a ceramic heating system which allows for 1 past styling through gentle but intense heating across each strand.

This styler gives the retrovibe aside from the bumps on the burrow helping with grip and comfort. Whether you have long or short hair, you might want to check out the features and tweaks on this styler before dismissing it for an old timer.

With its simple features and temperature ranges the CROC was one really easy to use styler with special moves to create extraordinary results.

  • Nano gold technology
  • F&d digital display
  • 9 ft long, 360 degree swivel cord
  • Automatic shut off
  • Infrared heating
  • Titanium ionic plates
  • 25 temperature settings
  • Large 1.25″ plate
  • Only one pound weight
  • Not cheap
  • Irregular shape
  • Larger plates prejudice maneuverability
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Complete Review of Croc Rose Gold Nano Titanium 1.25 Flat Iron


The croc classic nano titanium straightener is a flat iron designed for safety and comfort delivering consistent styling results. The makers of this device and vision to vitality and vibrancy for your hair breaking previous limits to styling at low and high temperatures.

They included 25 heat settings which enable you to fine-tune your temperatures too much specific hair type and style preferences. Not every other flat iron will give you a whopping 25 test points to make certain that you get your heat requirements right. This also goes to show just how precise the temperature control on this flat iron is.

One of the reasons why crock remains a top brand and a respected name in the market is the unique design of the stylus which is made with the final user comfort and convenience in mind. The unusual body of the flatiron adds to grip and comfort so that you do not experience wrist pains even with prolonged use. Some hot tools and other salon equipment are barely contoured for your palm and will cause occupational injuries after many hours of use. It not only feels like a special machine to own but also cares right back for the user’s comfort and convenience even more than its physical outlook.

Heating Process

This flat iron is capable of delivering 450 degrees Fahrenheit constantly for the duration of the styling. The 25 different temperature settings are spaced out in 10 degree intervals which allows for you to fine-tune the temperature to your liking and results.

The gold nanotechnology is for making sure that hair is correctly sterilised and deodorized on top of proper styling. The iron guarantees no burning smell or other bath orders that emanate from chi flat irons just to give you the peace of mind that your hair is not only being straight and flat properly cared for as well.


The name of gold titanium from CROC remains one of the most effective and efficient styling tools that we have witnessed so far. We tried it out for professional salon use on a variety of hair types and client preferences and also for personal use. The results were amazing which we expected given the high calibre of products that we have received from crock before.

The safety features of the croc nano series feel real and actually kicking when you need them during operation. One of our users already had a crock for a long time and has never had to replace it period in the time they’ve had it. They have ironically read many negative reviews online about croc flat irons and wanted to make it known that they are indeed quality products but it depends on how well you treat them.

The nano gold technology couples nicely with find digital display and ternium ionic plates to deliver smooth silky and shining hair without any heat damage.

It may be one of the most oddly shaped flatirons you’ve ever seen but the shape gives a natural form for your hand to grab. Besides, it is a funky and unique hair straightener model to show off to all your friends.

Hair Damage

Safety is perhaps the most paramount parameter that crock uses in making of the flat irons and other heat tools. They included impressive insulation to guard your palm from the high heat so that you can operate this at a salon attending to several clients without having to use the heat glove.

Each of their flatirons is equipped with infrared heat technology which reduces the degrees of heat that you require to achieve the same results with a non-infrared heater. Additionally they have an automatic shutoff setting which makes sure that your flat iron will turn itself off if you leave it unattended.

Battery Life

Unfortunately the croc rose gold nano titanium flat iron does not come with an internal cell. You will have to hook it up to a source every time his tail. All its features including the college are professional grade and so you should not have any trouble using it professionally.

You do not have to worry even if you fear leaving it plugged in and turned on because it will eventually shut itself off after 40 minutes of idling.


This croc flat iron is an incredible piece of professional-grade salon hardware. It combines a level of class style and performance but only the highest priced and sometimes little-known flat irons are able to guarantee. The high quality of results is what leads us to heat the nano fine ceramic heating technology for perfect hair styling with minimal traction and heat damage.

So yeah, this oddly shaped piece of equipment is one of the best value-for-money deals you will get online 4 flat iron. It is super comfortable to hold and will be a godsend for people with super thick hair.

What does the Nano Titanium technology do?

This feature sterilizes and deodorizes hair as it is being styled locking in the results for longevity.

What is the size of the Croc Rose Gold Nano Titanium Flat Iron?

This is a 1.25” plated flat iron with 9 ft 360 degree swivel cord. It measures 12.4×4.4×2.7 “and weighs at 1lb.

Is CROC flat iron worth it?

Yes, CROC remains a reliable brand for hair care products and this product is a best seller for them.

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