CROC LED Titanium vs HOT TOOLS Rose Gold Flat Iron

So you have come all this way to find the perfect flat iron for you and who are we to disappoint? You struck gold in the best two flat irons to choose from in the whole universe and it is our place to help you choose the one that is destined to be your vehicle to god level in hair and fresh new opportunities in life. We do not take this assignment lightly so we have done our homework and are ready to tell you our findings about the workability of the Croc USA’s LED Black Titanium versus those of the Hot Tools Rose Gold Flat Iron. Ours is to feed you with the right information to make the decision that best favors your pocket and hairdo.

Taking care of your hair improves not only your hair but also shines light on your career and personal life. It all begins with choosing the right hair tools and takes a bit of an investment and because you are wise enough you already recognize the need to do your research before throwing your money at junk. Self-image is everything and taking good care of your hair and its health in turn takes care of everything else so that in effect the flat iron choices you make today determine your tomorrow. It is the little things that matter the most in this life and that is why we never tire to get to and review as many gadgets as we humanly can in order to help as many users as we can.

For this post, you have the conventional hair straightener and then there is Croc LED which is a whole other story. We will delve into the details in a bit but first we must acknowledge that each of these stylers is an absolute joy to have provided you fit the hair type and preferences that the makers targeted. If you like simplicity and to stick to mainstream then the Rose Gold is more of a regular than the Croc. On the other hand if you like your laid back classic look with extra features for comfort and particularly if you are shopping on behalf of salon then you will want to consider the Croc because it is built for combat and will hand nicely for an hour or two without as much as twitch from your working hand.

CROC LED Black TitaniumHot Tools Rose Gold
CROC LED Black TitaniumHot Tools Rose Gold
Uses advanced hair care technology.

Easy to use.

Digital temperature control.

Ergonomic design that cares for hands too.

High quality flat iron for stellar results.

Consistent outcomes with healthier hair.

25 heat settings.
Rose Gold Plates which protect, smooth and shine hair.

Sleek and compact design.

Variable temperature range up to 455F.

Advanced Multidimensional plates placement.

Dual voltage support.

30 seconds heat up.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Professional swivel cord with 8 ft. length.
Also pricey.

Unusual design may not be appealing for some.

Too many heat settings might be confusing.
Few online reviews.

The rounded barrel will not stay upright on counter.

CROC LED Black Titanium Flat Iron

This baby croc is a powerful little beauty that can be a game changer for your personal hair routine or a majority of your patrons at the salon. The Black Titanium bears the same markers and features of the Croc family which has been round since almost two decades now. The combined research and development experienced gained over the last decade have left Croc USA as a ferocious and formidable competitor for the US and foreign hair and beauty tools notch.

CROC LED Black Titanium Flat Iron

We picked the Classic Black Titanium for a reason. It has been voted the best CROC Flat iron on multiple platforms and we were eager to find out what the hype was all about. The Iron is a salon quality equipment no questions asked and helps the individual style like a pro almost effortlessly even compared to the smoother CHI or your trusted GHD. As you would expect from radical designers, the iron offers users more freedom with 17 temperatures settings and a wider range from 280 ll the way to 450F. You can enjoy cooler than usual styling with good healthy results thanks to this unusual temperature range.

Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Flat Iron

Just holding the Rose Gold Flat Iron by Hot Tools on your hands feels balanced and you can tell that it is a well thought out design and one that will not strain hands. But we were more interested in the results for hair and we are pleased to report that it works just as great as it looks. It has a powerful compact heater and an array of sensors that make everything safe, convenient and lovely for the daily flat iron user.

Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Flat Iron

The Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Digital 1” Flat Iron is a wonderful feat of engineering and design with a well-rounded body and firm grip to complement the robust heating and gliding capabilities of the main components. It opens up your opportunities for endless styles and locks in your perfect look for every occasion without causing heat and traction damage to your individual hair strands.

There are not many flat irons out there that can boast of having a plate lock switch but the Hot Tools Processional Rose Gold Straightener does. Add the 9ft. of cord and the extra-long 1.5” plates and you have got yourself a professional grade flat iron for under $100.

The Iron can recall you last preferred temperature settings so that you do not have to go over the initial configuration every other time. When you start it, it will automatically load your preferred temperature and carry on where you left off. It also comes with an ample LED temperature display which is for your peace of mind so you can always know what is going on inside your flat iron.

This flat iron is for you if you want to take the guess work out of the equation and be left with an efficient tool that gives your hair the care that it needs and to you the stunning results of precise styling with advanced heating and materials. Rose Gold technology by Hot Tools will deliver on shine without harming volume and hair color creating some inspirational looks for all your friends and workmates.


The Hot Tools Professional Rose Gold Flat Iron is a beautifully crafted straightener with some optimal beauty and performance points to its legacy. The styler is made with consistency of results and keeping up with fashion in mind. We were able to verify the claims on excellent results and longevity during hot summer days when the humidity is also dangerously high. The heat on this flat iron reaches for a higher 455 F which is not automatically a blessing.


High temperatures of 455 F on the Hot Tools Pro could damage your hair and it is wiser to stick below the 420F mark unless you are absolutely sure your hair is the kind that is made of steel. The plates are perfect for all hair lengths and will be ideal for your stubborn mane supposing you have a lot of it.


The Professional Rose Gold by Hot tools is also a one of a kind straightener that lets you lock the plates with a switch and also supports dual voltage making you one happy traveler.

The Croc has also got a special feature on the body to support the thumb while working and proper venting to keep it cool when working for long.


At the end of the day, there is no room for error when choosing a flat iron that is well above $50. Unless you have money to burn you will be looking to get a good measure of value for your bills and the better bang comes from the CROC with its classic and laid back look and 4 heat settings. It is a simplified solution for high efficiency and comfort when using.

At the same time it’s hard the cool features of the ultra-modern designed Rose Gold Professional Styling iron by Hot Tools.  It has nice and mellow features that will make your life much easier including the two extras that make traveling with your hair game a whole lot easier.

The bottom line is that these two are awesome picks for value when on a budget and looking to buy a durable straightener that will protect your hair and keep up appearances. Since they are mostly similar and differ only on appearance, you are well in your rights to pick based on looks and brand preference alone. We have a tie, don’t we?