Croc LED Black Titanium 1 Flat Iron Review

Croc LED Black Titanium 1 Flat Iron Review

If you loved or admired the CROC Classic flat iron then the Black Titanium will totally blow your mind. This is the same dependable and sturdy design as the classic except with far more features and affordability. It is slightly over simplified in its functionality and features but that is okay as we have tons of stuff to worry about and your hair routine should not add to the pile.

The Black Titanium is a ceramic heated flat iron with adjustable settings for your specific hair type. It has some decent professional features and that high-end-ish look that makes it qualify as a top notch product worth of our attention.

This new technology is supposed to help with one pass styling and frizz-free results thanks to the generation of a natural stream of negative ions and healthy heat delivery. The flat iron is top of this class for a lot of its features especially the far infrared technology which aids in reducing the correct temperature for styling any hair type.

Croc LED Black Titanium 1 Flat Iron


  • Smooth titanium plates for effortless glide.
  • Ceramic heating technology for instant heat recovery.
  • Balance humidity free styling.
  • 40 minutes auto shut off safety feature.
  • Good for keratin treatments.


  • No battery.
  • Not cheap.
  • May start to making some crackling sound a few months down the line.


Crocusa is a brand that is making a name for itself among top hair and style experts and it may seem like a complicated quitter brand but it is not. Those who know anything about Croc designs understand full well that they are all about usability and quality of results even before aesthetic. Incidentally, their flat irons do give off a unique and beautiful vibe about their unusual bodies.

Comfort is a very important parameter for experts to consider when choosing equipment for their makeup bag. It can get very frustrating having to hold a hot flat iron for a prolonged period of time and injury may occur. Hot tools take master skills to juggle correctly but professionals have sensitive hands too and prefer flat irons that get hot only on the correct surfaces. It is at this point that CROC flat irons become a major hit.

For a one inch styler, this flat iron feels pretty sleek and comfortable to handle thanks to Croc’s renowned housing design. The materials used in this flat iron doesn’t feel cheap and will prove to be some of the best choices when in actual use. An ergonomic design helps get your hair in its best form in a natural glide that also nourishes hair leaving it conditioned and moisturized.

Heating Process

The titanium plates on this flat iron make it a leading contender for best professional flat irons for tough hair types. It is capable of immense and accurate heat delivery and performs predictably giving you the same quick heat up times and excellent results every time. You will love the exterior design of the flat iron that makes it easy to handle when hot and in use for a long time.


We were eager to prove the sales statement that the titanium technology used in this flat iron contributes to superior quality straight and wavy styles with soft and shiny healthy hair.

The CROC LED Black Titanium 1″ Flat Iron provides the same professional power as the Classic series, at an affordable price. With more simplified features, the CROC LED offers 4 heat settings designed for your specific hair type. The CROC LED’s specially designed ceramic heating system allows for one-pass styling, saving precious time. The natural production of negative ions and far infrared rays produced by the ceramic heater, prevent hair damage and dryness. Its 1 inch, black titanium plates contribute to a smooth and superior glide leaving the hair soft and shiny.

When you are handling shorter hair then holding the flat iron without burning your fingertips or scalp becomes a real challenge. This problem is compounded for people with long and thick hair types because it also may take the regular flat iron a small eternity to get it right. This flat iron is designed for the normal and unusual hair scenarios and will prove to be easy to use and maneuver. With a Croc you are sure to use it for styling several clients without any endurance for pain and heat. This is the foremost reason experts recommend this flat irons and others in its array for salon use.

While many brands focus on making sleek and high heat performing flat irons they generally tend to ignore the handling and comfort performance of their gadgets when used outside of their labs. Croc is a superior brand in the sense that it has that unique shape that totally covers the grip and insulation requirements so that your end use is not a pain.

Hair Damage

So finally here we have a professional grade flat iron that also works like a charm for individual users at home. Because of its great ease of use, this flat iron comes highly recommended for personal users who also first time buyers are looking for an entry level flat iron. Its shape and color set this apart from any other flat iron in the market and will certainly be a conversation starter.

Battery Life

The CROC LED Black Titanium 1” Flat Iron does not come with an inbuilt battery but does feature an auto sleep mode and can work for incredibly long hours without overheating. The perks of owning one of these simply outweigh the single con of having no cordless operation.


This Black Titanium styler is the best seller of CROC’s wonderful collection for a very good reason. The testimony is in the results you get with this iron whether you are after pin straightness or you are out to explore new and amazing styles. It is hands down the nicest flat iron in the sub $100 price range which comes highly recommended by hair professionals and hair tool junkies. It will not disappoint and you can even get a coupon and take it out for much less.

This is a lightweight designed flat iron that has pure titanium plated surfaces that are super smooth and offers great settings to handle low and high temperatures. It is excellent for straightening hair and also works better for wavy and thick hair saving a lot of time in the process. This is what value for money in an affordable and functional flat iron should be.

Does this flat iron have negative ion generation?

Yes, the CROC LED produces negative ions through the ceramic heaters which also provide instant heat recovery. Negative ions seal the cuticle keeping hair healthy and moisturized.

Do you recommend the Croc LED Black Titanium flat iron for Keratin treatments?

Yes this flat iron is a top choice for professionals who do keratin treatments. The smooth titanium plates allow for an effortless glide through all hair types.

Can I use this to curl hair?

Yes, this flat iron can be used to achieve great curls even with the ventilation holes on the edges which actually aid in great curl support. The nose of the flat iron gets hot from the ventilation and helps to create even better results when curling and waving.

Which CROC flat iron is best for my frizzy hair?

The LED Black Titanium Flat Iron is a great choice for you with naturally curly and frizzy hair as it gives the best frizz free finish for a flat iron in this price range. Croc manufacturer hot tools that have the ability to neutralize static charges leaving hair frizz free.

July 11, 2021