CROC Classic Black Titanium vs CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Flat Iron

CROC flat irons are some of the most sophisticated pieces of hair equipment you can buy online today. They may not quite measure up to the popularity of GHDs or the CHI brand but they are slowly creeping in on a larger share of the market and this has the giant companies worried and reasonably so. Today we take a look at a more laid back version of this unusually designed flat iron and how it might compared to a more mainstream flat iron in the middle of the CHI lineup.

The unusual design of the Croc iron makes it a good conversation starter and they are always talked about wherever they make an appearance. Is ergonomics more important than elegance and aesthetics or is beauty in the hands of the hair styler? People can say whatever they like but the radical yet incredible useful designs of the Croc are here to stay and they have already stroked the right chords in the hearts of ardent hair lovers.

The CHI brand has been resilient and innovative from the beginning promising their varied customer base nothing short of visionary expertise to deliver unparalleled quality of results to users the world over. High end salons proprietors will not touch anything other than the three or four mainstream flat irons brands and CHI finds its place among these more often than Croc does. Just the same, we have an amazing pair to compare for this post and we believe that both irons are great for various needs with each having a strong selling point and some flaws we uncovered.

CROC Classic Black TitaniumCHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium
CROC Classic Black TitaniumCHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium
Uses advanced hair care technology.

Easy to use.

Digital temperature control.

Ergonomic design that cares for hands too.

High quality flat iron for stellar results.

Consistent outcomes with healthier hair.

25 heat settings.
Professional grade flat iron with premium styling features.

Titanium infused ceramic plates for smoother glide.

Added durability.

Digital temperature reading and color code display.

Works on a variety of hair types.

Adjustable temperature settings.

Unusual design may not be appealing for some.

Too many heat settings might be confusing.
Premium pricing.

Has the potential to burn hair when misused.

Longer 40 second heat up time.

CROC Classic Black Titanium Flat Iron

CROC Classic Black Titanium Flat Iron

CROC is no infant in the hair and beauty scene having been founded over a decade and half ago. Just the same, it is a newbie compared to veteran players like CHI founded in the 80s. Even so, the new kid around the block has grown to somewhat of a bully questioning some mediocre beliefs by the older players and the resulting designs have been a little strange but stunningly effective for hair care.

We picked the Classic Black Titanium for a reason. It has been voted the best CROC Flat iron on multiple platforms and we were eager to find out what the hype was all about. The Iron is a salon quality equipment no questions asked and helps the individual style like a pro almost effortlessly even compared to the smoother CHI or your trusted GHD. As you would expect from radical designers, the iron offers users more freedom with 17 temperatures settings and a wider range from 280 ll the way to 450F. You can enjoy cooler than usual styling with good healthy results thanks to this unusual temperature range.

CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Flat Iron

CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Flat Iron

There is no doubt that the CHI brand is one of winners and top tier products that have earned it the impeccable reputation among celebrity hair stylists and everyone else that loves good looking hair and can afford the price tags. CHI is no lesser design even up against a more radical designer like CROC has. The styler delivers silky smooth and results with lasting shine and gives a gentle soft touch to hair of all nature. We recommend this product for newbies and if you are unsure about your hair type and specific heat requirements. It comes with very easy to read temperature displays with color coding and that is a must have for young ones and for the learning curve.

The G2 is a unique flat iron despite being an upgraded version of earlier generation flat irons with cool new features and extra consideration for a complete user experience. It features not the least of which is the titanium-infused ceramic plate technology merging the best of metal and ceramic worlds. Titanium infusion offers better strength and durability of plates in addition to perfect heat and negative ion delivery the CHI G2 is also designed for comfort much the same as the CROC irons but with a different minimalist approach.

The barrel on this flat Iron does not get unbearably hot as with some cheap models and so you will not be missing the plumb featured handle on the CROC. You will also love some simple consideration for ergonomics such as the control buttons placement to avoid inadvertent operation.

The safety of the consumer is of paramount importance in the CHI design process hence the incredibly easy to master color code to indicate the operating temperatures right off the bat. Whether you have thin and sensitive hair, wavy medium thickness hair or the toughest unruly hair, you know there is a color and corresponding temperature range for you to set the Iron at.


The CROC has over the last decade evolved into a household name offering more affordable alternatives for the pricier luxury stylers. It is not ideally made to look or feel elegant unless you like the sophistication of ruggedness. Their designs are more result oriented and that is what you want in a piece of equipment for salons. What you get for choosing a CROC is a flat iron that not only cares for your patron’s hair but also for the hands of the operator eliminating those awful wrist and shoulder aches after hours of hair dressing.

CHI is an equally dynamic manufacturer and the G2 offering comes with a sleek and compact body compared to the bulkier CROC Black Titanium. It stands out as an elegant addition to any makeup kit and also gets sufficiently hot for all your heating needs. This is thanks in part to the ceramic heating technology that has also got possession of metal super powers in the form of Titanium infusion.

The CHI G2 styler wakes up in a mere 40 seconds and will work on your damp and locked hair. We recommend using heat protectant spray to prevent damage on your hair with whichever iron you should choose.


The CROC is a light weight device with improved heating and styling capabilities compared to your plain Jane drugstore flat iron. It consists of a smooth styling surface for the plates which makes the glide of each pass smoother and effortless. The extraordinary thumb grip makes handling less tedious and comfortable. Crocs are the winner for today’s comparison on two aspects namely advanced technology and ease of use.

When you want a guarantee for premium styles that last then the G2 is the more solid buy for a company with an impenetrable reputation for quality and longevity. It is the second generation of the CHI ceramic which is in itself a wonderful work of art and science capable of transforming any person’s hair into a marvel. The G2 prides itself in the ability to deliver more shine and volume without damaging hair. The titanium infusion certainly gives the performance a boost for results and durability of the product as a whole.


CROC USA has been a bee in innovation and use of advanced technology to make neat professional hair more accessible minus the trip to the salon and the gossip. Their stylers are also incredibly easy to use and of surprising quality even given their high price point. With a CROC you are sure to get quality original USA technology that will likely last you years until you grow tired of it and want to move on to something else.

The G2 has color coded temperature presets which makes it easier for you to safeguard your hair from excessive heat damage. It comes with a digital LCD screen which is legible and also shows the colors so that you understand which range of presets you are using on your hair.


We concluded that if the Black Titanium is a good representative of the CROC array of products the company has a lot to offer customers of all walks of life. It is one of the most unusual flat irons we have tried and still offers more in terms of durability of the product and styles you lock in.

The CHI G2 is a great pick for those who have their reservations about newer brands. It is just as remarkable as the CROC irons but less conspicuous if you may. It is super easy to use and gives amazing results for almost every hair type we tried. We mostly loved the ease of temperature tracking which is essential for anyone who styles often and on the rush.

CROC Classic Black TitaniumCHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium
March 15, 2021