10 Cool Elephant Tattoo Designs and Meaning

If you are looking for a mother of all animal tattoos that says loving, strong and caring then an elephant is what you are looking to ink. If you are looking for sheer size then the elephant is one of the largest members of the animal kingdom. Elephants are such lovely animals that we are willing to hug them if they were so friendly. It the elephant loving bug bites you then it is almost inevitable that you will crave elephant ink.

The beauty of an elephant tattoo is not in its size because no one can actually get a life sized elephant tattoo anyways. Instead, you can choose from a range of designs from Indian elephants adorned with beautiful jewelry to tiny elephant outline ankle tattoos.

Meaning of Elephant Tattoos

Elephants make unique tattoos not only because people rarely consider them over the big cats family but also because they have a different message. Elephants are down to earth and symbolize nature, prosperity, ancient wisdom and strength in physical and in terms of character. On top of all this, elephants are some of the most social animals and you will find that herd members take care of each other with special care and attention to the vulnerable.

There are parts of the world where the elephant is practically worshiped but it is enough to say that the animal is revered the world over. These tattoos are also for both genders because you can have them rugged or downright feminine. Here are some ideas you should consider before you settle on the one for you.

1. Tiny Adorable Elephant Outline Tattoo Ankle

To start off our list of amazing elephant tattoos is this amazing tiny outline of a baby elephant blowing heart shaped bubbles from the little trunk. This tat is simple with the simple intention of being cute and lovely. Way to go for a cute ankle tattoo with meaning. Wherever you walk, you will have good tidings come toward you thanks to this lovely charm. The artist mixes a simple outline with solid pink color which makes the whole image much more appealing. You can have this inked for its beautiful appearance only but also because its meaningful.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

2. Badass Ancient Elephant Head Tattoo

When you need something a little bit over the edge with elephant tattoos but you are still shy of going full back, this is the next best thing. The forearm tattoo has a rugged and rustic feel with intricate shading and ancient writings with clock and other constructions. This elephant and passage of time might have other deeper meanings depending on the significance to the specific wearer. Generally, elephants bring a beautiful connection with the universe and good luck.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

3. Mandala Back Design

The word Mandala actually means circle and means completeness and wholeness. This full back elephant is a symbol of many things depending on who you ask but that does in no way take away from its beauty. This animal tattoo is a good place to start your journey to reconnect with your roots and nature. The placement is perfect for amount of detail included and the choices of light black lines only make the masterpiece come together nicely. It pays to have the extra endurance for all the accessories adorning the elephant because it is not just another jumbo tattoo but one that you can wear proudly and show only when you want.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

4. Forearm Good Luck Elephant

This cure skinny elephant with Indian decorations about to munch on some leaves is the next best thing to a full back Indian inspired elephant tat. The elephant head is depicted in some sort of animated character with beautiful detailed patterns on the ears and trunk. The jewels crowing the jumbo’s head are unique and a good excuse to add glamour to your forearm. This is a visually striking tattoo to have for any occasion.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

5. Tiny Tribal Ankle Elephant With Patterns

Among the most memorable ankle accessory tats you can get in the world of mainstream inking is this tiny tribal elephant. Elephants are generally though to speak in to the future promising prosperity and good luck but that does not mean you cannot use one to celebrate your tribal roots. So this image is for self-love and also a sign for your connection with your family and tribal origin. That said, you can choose to have this or any other image for pure aesthetics.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

6. Cute Forearm Elephant Head Design

This is yet another mandala elephant head this time on the forearm making a gorgeous design that perfectly fits the person. The elephant head comprises various shades and patterns most of which involve circular movements making it wholesome and complete. The base of the trunk is made to look like a bud of a flower. The black eyes are also a big lure for this ink and whole design seems properly centered and symmetrical with a big visual appeal.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

7. Mother Elephant And Calf Arm Tattoo

Nothing says mother’s love and guidance like this pictorial arm tattoo depicting a mother elephant and a young side by side. The elephant queen is known to be a resilient animal offering guidance and protection for loved ones and other members of the herd. We all have that one person who was always there for us and offers sense of direction and safety in a world where safety is not guaranteed. This arm tattoo is for you when you want to show love for those who are closes to you whether you are the mother or the calf.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

8. Indian Elephant Back

Indian elephants are an awesome inking idea for the back because they are compelling adornments and also offer spiritual strength to face the most adverse difficulties. They symbolize longevity, strength, wisdom and loyal personality. Elephants are beautiful creations but when you come to Indian domesticated herds then you open a whole new world of possibilities for tattooing. There are many designs and patterns to choose from and you can have your elephant decorated however you like. This stunning tat should serve to inspire you during your search for the perfect image to go on your back.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

9. Simple Solid Black Tiny Tattoo Ankle

Sometimes the most simplistic of designs can be the most impactful and eye-catching of tattoos. Elephant tat lovers understand full well the great visuals that an outline can have when placed properly. This ankle elephant is no exception to that rule except now the artist uses a solid black image rather than the more common outline it’s a lot more ink to the skin and will surely pay off as more noticeable against the Caucasian skin. It’s simple and recognizable which ideal for an ankle tattoo.

Elephant Tattoo Designs

10. Beautiful Floral Elephant Head Tattoo

Girly tattoos cannot lack in any of our categories and this is one of the cutest elephant tattoos we have seen. The floral designs integrate naturally with the features of the jumbo recreating a fantasy tiny elephant with magical appearance. A cute and meaningful tattoo like this tiny elephant deserves some space allocation on the thigh, a sensitive and intimate part of a woman’s body.

Elephant Tattoo Designs


Elephant Tattoo Design Ideas

April 25, 2020