CHI Titanium Temperature Control 1 Hairstyling Iron Review
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CHI Titanium Temperature Control 1 Hairstyling Iron Review

If you have thicker or coarse hair then maybe you have been told that your hair is impossible to tame with a flat iron. Trying too hard only leads to split ends and scorched bits. Well we are introducing the revolutionary titanium technology by CHI which will change all of that in an instant. The titanium plates heat very fast which means the heat is released to the hair consistently.

Today we explore a little bit more of CHI’s world of choice for titanium based flatirons. When you like a bit more control over the heating and behavior of your hair and extension under the heat then you are right to pick a titanium plated flat iron and more so from a brand that is well respected such as CHI. The Ulta Beauty Titanium Temperature control offers just that; temperature control. It is that flat iron that will give you complete control and the luxury of fine tuning your heat settings for your safety and comfort.

The Ulta Beauty is a top notch design with ultra-modern features for luxury and safety while styling your hair. It features the best of the lustrous titanium technology which makes sleek professional salon results possible at home and in minutes. You hardly have to touch the same section twice and still you get a smooth even result with volume and shine.

Apart from the wonderful interiors, this styler also looks elegant in white and metal and minimal writings. The black contrasts sharply with the pearly white making the flat iron a thing of beauty. Seeing this makes you feel like it’s worth the money. Just the same, we know you are probably more interested in the results and if this is good for your hair. We just had to probe the Ultra Titanium temperature control in order to know what exactly is possible and what is not working so well with this flat iron from a neutral standpoint.

  • Premium titanium-plated technology
  • Faster heat up time of 30 seconds
  • One hour automatic shut off feature
  • Universal voltage
  • Free gifts including pouch and thermal spray
  • Reputable brand for confident buying
  • Long professional code
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Good for hispanic long dark hair
  • Expensive
  • Heats up too quickly
  • Can cause damage
  • The white is difficult to keep clean
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CHI Titanium Temperature Control 1 Hairstyling Iron


The ultra beauty is a flat iron designed for versatility and packed with value as far as features and safety guards are concerned. It is ideally suited for straightening short to long hair but can also perform excellent curls and waves. If you have been chasing down that flat iron that will finally be able to straighten and curl then we are glad to inform you that you might have found it.

The 1 inch plates are just wide enough to create enough contact surface area to transfer a decent amount of heat to hair but still then enough to start at the base of the roots outwards. The plates are wide enough making it easy to go larger through sections of hair which speeds the styling session along.

a combination of infrared ionic and ceramic technology blended into a proprietary plate makes the best possible result for consistent hairstyling for a variety of hair types. The promise of consistency is something you want when purchasing salon equipment and generally when you are a hair and beauty enthusiast and you like to try out new styles.

Heating Process

The chi ulta beauty as I wake up time of 30 seconds which is not unlike its sisters in the same collection. We could attribute this rapid heat up to the titanium plates which is known for its excellent heat recovery. This cutting-edge technology delivers high heat with even distribution across the plates for lustrous and full volume shine to the hair.

This flatiron allows for customizable hit settings to match your hair types which is easy to take for granted until you’ve used GHD which costs way more but you have no way of confirming the temperature at Ross the plates.


One” is a great choice for long and short hair as well as thin and sensitive or thick and coarse hair. It is right in the middle between pin and flexible and the wide plates for faster styling. The plate size is proportional to the barrel which makes straightening easy and straightforward.

This model is elongated plates which makes it specifically adapted for faster styling which makes attending to clients professionally look easy. A worthy investment for the salon environment, the Ulta Beauty Titanium Temperature control is also a good pick for beginner and moderately experienced users. You will find this useful if you have any other cheaper styler to the mid ranges.

We found that the lower temperature of 330 degrees Fahrenheit is enough to get reasonably good results and two excellent shine for softer hair types. Lower temperatures mean less harm for your split ends and overall good health for your natural shining hair. We always place healthy heat above glamorous results that cannot be repeated because hair was destroyed. If you are like us, you will take less shine and less bouncy than heat damage any day of the week.

Hair Damage

Titanium plates are not shy to deliver high heat portions but they also give reasonably good results at lower heat. We found this device to be a good versatile heat tool that can replace a few carry-on tools. That said, with great power comes great responsibility and we recommend that you proceed with caution because this titanium plate can get pretty hot and we’ll start anything that gets in the way.

Battery Life

The flat iron packs some delightful features but an internal cell is not one of them. It is a travel sized model but if you take it camping you will need to carry an appropriate sized inverted and generator because it cannot work cordless. If it’s any consolation, it does come with a strong professional length of cording with a flexible end. This should be easy to use especially on someone else or your own hair if you are not moving around too much.


This right here is a good balance of value for your money. It is a good styler you will enjoy having for a long time and with beautiful hairstyles and healthy outcomes. Particularly when you are replacing a cheap metal or mid-range ceramic plated flat iron, this will be your first high-end ish flat iron you will get to love.

How to use the Chi Ulta Beauty Titanium Temperature Control?

This is a versatile heat tool that can be used for all hair types and a majority of hairstyles. It has color coded temperature settings to help you select your correct heating range.

Can this flat iron curl?

Yes, this flat iron will straighten hair with relatively good results and curl or wave just as good as any other high end straightening and curling iron.

What hair type goes well with the product?

The ceramic and titanium blend makes this flat iron suitable for all hair types from sensitive to normal and coarse difficult to style hair.

Is this product worth the price?

If you are looking for a better and faster straightening and curling iron that saves time and protects your hair then the CHI will give you value for your money.

Can I use hair products with this iron?

Yes, we recommend CHI products including the heat protectant and shine spray that will enhance the results.

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