CHI Red Titanium Temperature Control Hairstyling Iron Review

If you decide to go with a CHI styler and their Ulta Beauty collection appeals to your inner self then you will be faced with a tough choice between the 1” and the equally awesome 1.5” flat iron. The CHI for Uta Beauty Red Temperature Control Hair styling irons is an award winning product for its stunning results with silky smooth and shiny hair with just the one pass. It seems to be an excellent styler for those seeking a flat iron that locks in moisture for volume, life and shine even if you have tough and rough hair.

Titanium plates are loved by people with naturally curly hair because nothing else seems to work on it and the CHI is an authority for titanium plated flat irons.


  • Rapids 30 second heat up.
  • Top temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 1 hour auto shut feature.
  • Universal voltage circuitry.
  • Ceramic heating technology.
  • Bonus heat-resistant pouch and thermal protection spray.


  • Online only.
  • Titanium plates not ideal for every hair type.
  • Expensive.


CHI Red Titanium Temperature Control Hairstyling Iron

The chi red titanium temperature control hair styling iron is another one of the ulta beauty collections showcasing high-end ingenuity and proprietary formulation for high-performance hit delivery and extreme protection mechanisms. The 1.5” plates are an ample playground for voluminous hair and will certainly get the work done faster.

The red has managed to turn in plates covering an effective ceramic heating service to smooth it out and make one pass gliding possible. CHI ensures ultra-smooth surfaces and high grade protective titanium that does not scratch, peel off or warp under the heat and chemical exposure. This is mighty important for the durability of the product as well as healthy hair.

This device was the latest in digital temperature control with clear LED indicators to help maximize on heat control for desirable styling experiences and results. It’s like you have to try really hard not to notice the LED lights that clearly label the heat setting and therefore burn hair on ths flat iron.

The sleek modern design next is a beautiful hair styling tool to bag. Its ergonomic body feels at home on the palm and does not cause any discomfort or burning thanks to state-of-the-art insulation. The heat sensing technology used in the CHI ulta series is impressive giving split second responses to correct the temperature for correct and even heating along the hair strands.


This flat iron takes mere seconds to wake up. It is only possible with the best and latest heating solutions and the acclaimed titanium plating. Like its sisters it can deliver a top temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit and features premium ceramic heaters that can be as gentle as 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

It will shut off after about 60 minutes of idle time so you don’t have to worry about leaving it unattended and ruining your countertops. It is a plug only option and therefore. l this feature comes in handy.


We expected the beauty red to perform on a spectacular scale when it comes to taming coarse hair and it did. These titanium plates give you absolute control and the ceramic blend inside makes it possible to be gentle as well. You can feel the level of control this styler puts in your hand giving you the full spectrum of heat to work with depending on their hair and style.

We found that this styler works great for all hair types especially for coarse or thicker hair. The LED temperature control makes it easy to select the correct temperature and check to see that it is maintained throughout their styling. The temperatures are labelled clearly so that it becomes easy to get it right the first time. This is what you want for a salon flat iron that will probably be used by more than one person.

Titanium plates are super-fast when heating up and hold a sufficient amount of heat between them so the heat transfers faster to your hair cutting reducing contact time needed and overall styling time.

The plates are extra smooth for single pass styling which would result in healthier hair. This flat iron produces silky straight waves and curls.


Chi is one flat iron maker that uses advanced technology to deliver responsible heating solutions that take care of all your styling needs without harming your hair. Many of the people we had tested this for us will Sawyer by the brand’s consistency of results and true temperature. This flat iron allows for customizable temperatures with LED lights to show the correct temperature set which minimizes the risk of inadvertently overheating hair.


This flat iron does not store any juice. On the plus side you can simply plug it in anywhere around the world provided the voltage as a power outlet is the normalized 50 hz 260 hz and between 110 volts to 240 volts AC. It means you can take it on your next trip to Europe and enjoy the same great functionality and results. You might need an adaptor for the different outlet


Titanium styling at its best is what this flat iron has to offer and it does have the kind of features that make up for the high price tag. For your money, you get superior quality of results and longer-lasting styles. It does an impressive job at heat fast enough and maintaining the heat at the accurate levels. Even if you’re a newbie you really can’t go wrong with a reputable brand like chi if value and flexibility is what you seek.

One thing we agree on is that this brand gives you a well-balanced value cost equation and offers comfortable purchase times for nearly everyone. So if your budgets are permitted, you can buy this with confidence and you are less likely to regret your decision soon afterwards.

Does this have beveled plates?

No, the Chi Ulta beauty does not have bevelled plates. It has floating black titanium plates for improved constant heat delivery and extra shine.

Which last longer, the chi black itanium or larva ceramic?

Both these flat irons feature the same award winning CHI technology and last long if you are taking good care of them.

Is this styler going to hold for humid weather conditions?

Yes, the technology helps reduce frizz and works well in conjunction with the silk infusion to create styles that stand the high humidity.

How long does this take to warm up?

The Chi Ulta Beauty Red Titanium should take no more than 40 seconds to get to the set temperature.

May 1, 2021