CHI Original vs CHI G2 Flat Iron – Which One is Better?

The CHI brand is a classic that is well known and depended upon around the world for premium hair care products for a relatively affordable pricing. People who stick with CHI and GHD have genuine experience with these products and know the reason why they are not willing to touch any other products. This time we look into the upgrades of the G2 compared to the original CHI flat iron and which of the two is more dependable for everyday use.

This is for CHI fans and beginners looking for a suitable and safe iron for entry level styling at home and also for ardent salon stylists who need a reliable high end equipment that will treat patron’s hair with respect. If for you it comes down to either the Original or CHI G2 then don’t worry because this post should clear some fog and let you make the best buying decision.

First off, the CHI G2 is as much a classic as the Original according to most users we spoke to about this dual. But a good brand is one that does not fall behind on innovation and the secret is to always better their best. Even the original had its flaws and the G2 tried to correct those giving users what they need and what they want. While it got some things right and added obvious perks for users, the G2 also left obvious gaps such as the plate width feeling a little too thin and snaggy for some users.

Here is a breakdown of the features and performance of each styler as per your feedback and our assessment. We rely on every day users like yourself to gain the most insightful information on products we review and in-house testing without bias. Here, let us share with you our knowledge of the two products so that you can choose for yourself which is better for you.

CHI OriginalCHI G2
CHI OriginalCHI G2
Comes with the classic ceramic one inch plates.

Cheaper than newer models.

Weighs only 1.4 pounds.

11 foot swivel cord.

Dual voltage features.

Draws 35 watts only.

Two year warranty.

Ionic styler with far infrared.
Features advanced titanium infusion technology.

Free thermal pad.

Manages higher temperature than the original.

Temperature read out and change.

Slightly larger plates to go faster.
Temperatures not adjustable.

No auto-shut features.

Not ideal for short hair.
More expensive.

higher risk of hair damage.

CHI Original 1″ Straightening Iron

CHI Original 1″ Straightening Iron

The CHI original is a special infrared ceramic flat iron and by experience one of the best flat irons you can buy online today. It features the excellent CHI 44 ceramic plates and a patented advanced heating system that generates infrared heat which can penetrate hair and work from the inside out. Its ion technology makes hair follicles moisturize and keep growing healthier hair while reducing static and frizz.

Negative ions add moisture to hair so that it does not look sizzled and dried out but instead shiny and voluminous. The Original CHI has been the benchmark for all ceramic heated and plated flat irons and remains one of the easiest to use flat irons in the market today. In addition to straight styles, you can do curls, flips, waves and locks to reinvent your personal style and be unique in your own way.

The styler also reveals the true potential of ceramic heaters to bounce back with the unique flash quick heating feature which makes sure that the styler is always sufficiently hot for the next pass. It takes only 40 seconds to get to the highest temperature which is pretty impressive for non-metallic heaters.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron

When you are looking for the latest iteration of smart flat irons then you know that CHI’s got you covered for everything from the basics to extra extras. The second generation CHI built on the original model and corrected a few of its flaws to make it better. This post is to verify the extent to which CHI got it right beyond the basics with the CHI G2.

Rare metal meets ceramic in the patented and award winning heater design of the G2 that combines the smooth and hardness of titanium with the heat capacity and efficiency of ceramic heating. The ceramic plates are infused with titanium to make an alloy sort of conglomeration which feels as smooth as titanium itself and still manages the heat properties of high grade ceramics. This added to the longevity of the plates and ease of gliding though hair for snag free styling.

CHI also added a way to tweak the temperatures and a sporty ergonomic touch screen which offers improved control, comfort and reliability of the iron. It heats up in under a minute and measures up to the performance of high end devices like GHDs and Cloud Nines.


This is the story of evolution for a brand that has grown to be loved and accepted worldwide. The OG CHI ceramic is still adored around the world and sells like it just hit the stands. But for a maker that is keen on giving customers what they want and genuinely improving lives they had to keep on digging for a solution that could make things much easier for millions of users around the globe. The new features are exciting but obviously also add to the complexity of the iron.

The temperature control is a nice addition but one that can be detrimental if not used for good. People who are managing damaged hair could use a read out and presets that are also color coded for ease of use. Additionally, you can make your own custom presets which is pretty cool.

The original CHI is still a hit today as they got the basics right and that is why customers still return to it this very day. Old timers will hear none of the sales gimmicks to buy newer models and trust this classic because it’s effective. Unlike GHD it styles at a higher 392 F and has no way of changing its operating temperature either.


The new features are arguably an improvement over the Original and are worthwhile if you are willing to pay for them. They include the ability to check temperature and change it with presets or a custom value. Newer users will not understand the allure of the Original which has none of the flashy features but still manages a crowd of followers who defend it vehemently.


While the Original gets the basics right, it has little to offer in the way of added features. The G2 comes with more comfort and convenience and the ability to do more with the increased control now handed over to the user themselves. You can now unlock the full potential of those ceramic heaters but moderation would be a good strategy to save your hair lots of damage.

The thermal mat is also useful for handling and storing your iron after each use and seems to be a working charm when it comes to deciding between these two.


The CHI G2 vs Original Chi Flat iron purchase decision boils down to the titanium infused plates and temperature adjustment features not to forget the thermal mat included with the new iteration of the classic. The metal infusion gives the new styler super hero powers and blend the best of both worlds. There is a whole track record to follow on CHI G2’s journey which lives as a testimony to the effectiveness of the award winning technique.

As far as cost is concerned, the difference between these two flat irons seems to be worth the extra cost. While a few of us can get by with just the basics of the Original, new users need more smartness in every device as it improves user experience and consumer confidence in the product.

On the other hand, there are experienced users out here who want none of that clutter and simply want a styler that works. Because of its higher fixed temperature, the Original will do better for coarse hair than the GHD family. It also happens to have the ideal 1 inch plate width which gives it maneuverability for speed and accuracy when styling without much fuss. We feel that the Original CHI is more than enough to handle modern hair needs and that its simplicity reveals sophistication, don’t you?

March 5, 2021