CHI Northern Lights vs FOXYBAE Marble Mini Flat Iron

CHI Northern Lights vs FOXYBAE Marble Mini Flat Iron

When you need a flat iron and it really comes down to picking one of two choices it’s always a huge temptation not to go with the cute looking one over the one with more enhanced features and value for your money. Well, that should naturally not be our concern for today because we are looking to compare two of the most beautiful flat irons yet and they are both a rare find from limited editions.

The CHI Northern Lights is nothing but a limited release of the CHI Original ceramic 1” flat iron from the reputable maker. It is a favorite for many hair and beauty enthusiasts not only because it comes from a world renowned brand that gives good value but also because it works and looks like a charm. It makes one of the best user friendly flat irons for beginner to intermediate skills handling hot tools and is sure to become a personal favorite for first time buyers of al hair types and preferences.

The second Iron we are looking into today is the gorgeous marble mini travel size iron by FoxyBae which is no less a top choice among hair professionals as it is a gorgeous and charming piece to add character to your travel makeup bag. It is powerful enough for any kind of high heat treatments including keratin but also user friendly enough for every kind of user to safely enjoy salon-worth results.

These two products are similar in many respects but perhaps what matters the most to you is their ability to deliver quick and smooth, silky and soft manageable results to last a full day. All this for an affordable price range that still remains competitive even in a market of great disparities in quality, luxury and results.

Let’s find out the details of each iron and the differences that are there in the designs for styling and the additional benefits of each iron before we can pick our favorite.

Versatile styling tools with elegance.

Comes with the classic ceramic one inch plates.

Cheaper than newer models.

Weighs only 1.4 pounds.

11 foot swivel cord.

Handy travel size flat iron with dual voltage features.

24 months of manufacturer warranty included.

Two year warranty.

Ionic styler with far infrared.
Rose Gold Tourmaline gives better shine with healthier hair.

Locks in moisture to avoid dry frazzled hair.

Faster wake up time.

Healthier Hair Nano Technology.

Smooth and precision machined piece of professional salon equipment.

Easy to use with 360 degree swiveling cord.

More expensive that Marble Mini.

Temperatures not adjustable.

No auto-shut features.

Not ideal for short hair.
Mini sized flat iron not ideal for extremely long hair.

Better for touch ups than complete styling on account of time.


The CHI Northern lights is a limited edition iteration of the CHI Original 1” flat iron sporting a beautiful northern lights theme and powerful CHI ceramic 44 plates backed by a ceramic infrared heater for reliable styling on all hair types. CHI put their patented 44 plate technology under a different hood and retained the goodness of the famed model but with better looks.


The CHI original is perhaps their most stable and dependable flat iron and they have a lot of these. The ceramic technology makes it gentle on hair of all strengths and promotes healthier growth while cutting down on frizz. The CHI original will add moisture to your hair and lock it in thanks to the Negative ion therapy it provides. It serves as the true benchmark for all ceramic flat irons and Northern lights edition rides the popularity wave of this Original genuine flat iron.

The CHI Northern Lights makes good on the promise of beauty and style in a flat iron and is certainly one you will enjoy showing off whether in your salon of makeup bag. Another likeable feature of most CHI flat irons that is unparalleled remains the ability to get sufficiently hot in under a minute despite being genuine ceramic heaters which sort of lag metal flat irons.


The Marble mini is an unequivocally beautiful flat iron with the precision finish of FoxyBae heat tools sure to leave you looking great in minutes. It is made with a special rose gold and tourmaline plate which makes basically a ceramic flat iron. These materials are better for increased shine and volume with negative ion therapy and moderate heat styling. The flat iron is marketed as moisturizing and will leave hair with glossy locks and natural shine for healthier results.


We tried the Rose gold and it seems to be one of the most gentle flat irons ever made. You can really see the effects of the proprietary plate composition with tourmaline injection. It has oblique edged plates which are also spring loaded which come in handy when you need to exert a little more and even pressure to get your perfect locks and bouncy curls.

You can’t go wrong with a FoxyBae and this marble-ous hair straightener did not disappoint either. I will steal the show in your salon or makeup kit and you too will by induction be turning heads all day everywhere you go looking fabulous. Here is some of what we like about the FoxyBae as well;


The CHI Original Northern Lights flat iron is an ideal pick for cosmos enthusiasts and generally anyone looking for a cute themed CHI that sparks conversation. You want to combine beauty and unparalleled performance then CHI is your go to brand. The styler is compact and easy to pack for your long trip and works just as great on the other side of the Atlantic.

The Marble Minis is a travel size model of a gorgeous well-crafted and immensely powerful flat iron with smooth tourmaline and formulated plates that add sleek and shine to all hair types. The plates are ultra-smooth and glide easier than most materials while the tourmaline composition makes one of the most effect materials for generation of negative ions which lock in moisture making hair healthier. The results you get with tourmaline are always superior to ordinary ceramic plates and it is also very gentle on fragile hair.


The Northern lights will probably surprise you as it does not need to go all the way up the temperature ladder to get results. As a matter of fact, the maximum allowable styling temperature on the original model on which the Northern Lights is based is 392 F. CHI is a precision brand that gives importance to the little details that make life easier for its users. Their products are developed to make your hair healthier and though we can only confirm this with time, there is always a better atmosphere of trust when working with brands we know very well like CHI.

FoxyBae makes sure you will not run out of options for touchups and crazy ne magazine inspired styles on the go. Combine the soothing properties of tourmaline with the marvel of modern ceramic heating and you have an invaluable tool to tame your mane from anywhere power flows.


The Limited Edition CHI is already reason enough to get your themed Flat Iron. CHI will give you a 2 year warranty coverage for their genuine flat irons and that should be enough to gain confidence and peace of mind while buying.

On the other hand, we have the FoxyBae Marble Mini is not just the flat iron that keeps your hair looking perfect but also your solution for antibacterial treatment and cleaner tresses. The flat iron is made with antimicrobial properties which makes easier to keep clean and fresh which in turn promotes a healthy scalp and hair free of germs.


In the end, you want a flat iron that not only satisfies your hair but also your soul. These two are both amazing flat irons for their price of under $60 and they are sure to start conversations everywhere you go. It is difficult to say which of the two a better is for you because that depends on a number of factors we can’t feed to the equation right now.

If we had to pick a favorite we would be missing out on all beautiful selling points of the other flat iron and in that case we would rather miss the services of the CHI Northern Lights limited edition and go with FoxyBae mini-travel flat iron which is far more gorgeous and has a little better customer base. FoxyBae have excellent customer support and there is tons of evidence that it works.

April 1, 2021