CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron Review

Where are you fellow curly and wavy haired animals? Today we are about to check out the Chi Lava infused ceramic iron which just might be the hot tool you have been looking for to tame your unruly hair forever more. We all love our curls but they can often misbehave after a thorough was and sleeping on it. If you are like most hair enthusiasts you prefer first straightening your hair and then gently introducing the curl or wave just how you like it.

Curling is a thing that most hair experts have always done with curling irons long before flat irons were a thing. Today, top brands offer amazingly good flat irons that will either go straight, curly or wavy. You see the thing is people no longer want to have too many hair care tools when they travel, just the one tool that can multitask. Such is the CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron. You do not want to know what it was like trying to remove a curl from your hair using a curling iron!

Chi promises heaven for heat treatment without damage and they even have a range of products to back up their fleet of stylers. The thing is, we all know that almost any heating tool can cause damage to hair. The thing is heat treatment itself is unnatural and it’s not about if it takes a toll on your hair but how much.

So let’s see if we are impressed with this high end ish $160 worth of flat iron from a well reputable brand. We had high expectation and so should you when you are parting with such high price for a styler.

Volcanic mineral infusion for healthier heat and hair shine.

Lower and higher temperature settings with fine tuning 200-4500F.

Temperature lock feature.

60 minutes auto-shut feature.

Rapid heat up.

Lightweight feature rich design.

Ergonomic cord and body.

4” extended plates for faster styling.

Reputable brand, buy with confidence.
Not cheap.

Made in China, if you dislike.

Not cordless.

Complete Review of CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Straightener


CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron Review

This is a review of the Chi Lava Volcanic Ceramic Hairstyling Iron and we were hoping to be impressed further than with the mere choice of a bedazzling name. The brand CHI provides consistently good releases and we would naturally expect no less from this CHI as it unpacks some of the best heat conducting compounds found in mother Earth’s belly, Lava.

This new innovation entails an infusion of rare minerals found in molten volcanic lava in the ceramic plates to create the smoothest plates for sleek results minus the damaging effects of styling irons. The designer envisioned glide-ability and aptitude for unruly and coarse textured hair that just won’t bow. Additionally, the volcanic mineral cocktail is supposed to help smoothen hair at lower temperatures creating impressive silky smoothness and shine without having to explore the higher heating regions.

This styler features a lightweight design with a plate length for easy styling and with quality salon results. The mineral infusion is supposed to strengthen your hair and produces ions hat stimulate better hydration for a healthier and shinier look. We were curious to prove this lower heat styling claim because not everything it says on the box is actually going to happen in real life as we have come to accept.

Heating Process

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron Review

Almost every other styler out there will claim to require less heat for styling. For some hair types you need a hell’s inferno to get tangible results so it we put this under the thermos gun. Our testers come in handy because kit is with regular people who use this daily that we can get cool insights without running out of heads to test out these on. Word on the street was that the Chi lived it to the reputation of the mother brand as it provides consistent heat and healthy styling for that matter.

The cool thing to love about the healthy heat of this CHI is the small increments of 10 degrees from a lowly 200 to a furious 4500F for those with type one hair and sisal extensions, no kidding they do exist somewhere!

Hair Damage

CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron Review

Most of our users would agree that the CHI Lava Ceramic is a gentle styler that gives you’re the opportunity to style without harming your hair. It would be very irresponsible to your hair on such a sophisticated device that takes every opportunity to save your precious strands. It is precisely the moment you complete your first section of hair that you appreciate the high-quality straightener that actually straightens and with no burnt smells or tugging on your hair.

Battery Life

You will be disappointed if you are looking for a cordless styler because the CHI Lava is not such. It is however ergonomically designed to compensate for easy use with the cord in place. It has an extra ordinary cord length extending to 11 feet and it swivels to allow tangle free operation. The universal voltage features lets this device accept voltages between 110 in the US and 240V AC in European countries which will usually not work with other US equipment. So you can carry this baby around anywhere you go and save your converter for some other devices you may carry.


Even though we had a huge crush on the brand CHI from the start, our anonymous testers confirmed our hypothesis that the CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron achieves great results for minimal hassle and little to no hair damage. You will love the fact that you can fine tune your temperature in baby steps until you get the desired results. If you are like the people who tried this for us, you will get your hair shiny and frizz-free even if you usually can’t get even your edges straight with your regular iron. For first time buyers and if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for her birthday, this is perfect!

Do I need a converter if I travel with this styler?

The Lava Ceramic is made for travel around the world and will accept most power systems around the globe which range between 110V in the US to 220 and 240V in European countries. This means you will get the same sleek styling results and heating regardless of the city you are having breakfast at around the world. That is what makes this a perfect gift for that friend of yours who always travels with several converters for the devices they need on their trip.

Does “works at lower temperatures” mean the 300 degrees on Lava is not the same as 300 on a G2?

No, 300 degrees is the same for both styling irons. The difference is that you can get better results or the same results on the Lava at a lower temperature like 290. This is because of the incused volcanic minerals that is derived from natural lava rocks. You can start with setting this new styler at a temperature 10 degrees less than with your previous styler.

How do I lock the temperature on the CHI Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron?

On the CHI Lava Ceramic you just need to select your preferred temperature and the timer will be automatically locked on to that temperature five seconds after you select it. When this happens the device will display the lock icon to show that it is locked onto that particular temperature. To unlock the temperature you will press the power button once more and the lock icon will disappear.

What is the difference between The CHI Lava Ceramic and the 1” Volcanic Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron?

The Lava Ceramic styler is a professional use and does exceptionally well for individual use for every day needs and salon work. The Volcanic Ceramic is more of a personal use styler and works just as great but cannot quite measure up to the street performance of the Chi Lava.

What is the significance of Volcanic lava mineral infusion in the CHI Lava Ceramic?

This is the main selling point for this iron because it is supposed to act as an excellent heat conductor and also sooth hair by sealing the cuticle which results in smooth results. If you have sensitive hair and want to style at reduced temperatures without losing some of the reflective shine then this iron was made for you.

August 18, 2020