CHI Galactic Glitter vs CHI Celestial Pink Flat Iron

CHI Galactic Glitter vs CHI Celestial Pink Flat Iron

It is another battle of the CHIs. It is a battle between two of the most stunning and beautiful CHI flat irons. It’s a battle between blue and pink. Both flat irons come with a striking glitter finish that is just impressive. They were made to evoke a sense of beauty and style while still maintaining functionality. On one hand, the CHI Galactic Glitter flat iron offers a great blue design with a glitter finish that is just as functional as it is visually impressive. On the other hand, the CHI Celestial Pink flat iron also offers a beautiful pink design with a glitter finish. It is also loaded with features that make it a great everyday accessory. On paper, both flat irons look evenly matched in this duel. They come with similar features and are, on the surface, similar flat irons. We will, however, dig deeper in a bid to try and find out which is the better of the two. There must be a winner in this matchup because that’s the reason for a duel.

CHI haircare Inc, produced by Farouk Systems, is a Houston-based company of hairdressers for hairdressers. They are known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products under various industry-leading brands. The company was founded in 1986 by Farouk Shami a hairdresser whose mission was to provide his fellow hair artists with a safer workplace environment – free of harsh chemicals with advanced knowledge and technology through education and new professional-only systems that could not be duplicated at home. That is why their mission statement has always been and still is: Environment, Education and Innovation.

CHI Galactic GlitterCHI Celestial Pink
Ceramic and tourmaline plate technology.

Maximum temperature of up to 410°F.

Long Swivel Cord for Tangle Prevention.

Ultra-fast 30 second heat up.

Universal Dual Voltage setting.

2-years manufacturer warranty.
30-second heat up.

Ultra-soft ceramic plate technology.

Floating plates for better grip and easy versatile styling.

Adjustable temperature setting.

Digital LED temperature display.

Heats up to 450°F.

Universal Dual voltage (110/240 volts).

1-hour auto shut-off.

9 ft. cord length.

2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
Its quality has been questioned.

It doesn’t last long.
The plates break off easily.

Does not work well with thick hair.

CHI Galactic Glitter Flat Iron

CHI Galactic Glitter Flat Iron

The CHI Galactic Glitter Flat Iron is one of the most beautiful and impressively designed flat irons in the market today. It comes in blue with an amazing glitter finish that is just eye-catching. The lovers of blue have certainly found perfection in this flat iron. Not only is it a beautiful piece of equipment, but it is also one smooth iron that smoothens efficiently and provides a uniform heat distribution thanks to the award-winning ceramic and tourmaline plate technology. The far-infrared technology combined with advanced ion generator technology reduces static electricity and eliminates frizz while providing silkiness to the hair. The negative ions also reduce static electricity, giving you silky and shiny hair instantly. Gone are the days when your hair remains tangled and messy and hallo to the new experience of smooth, silky and fantastic looking hair. The Galactic Glitter flat iron is an ideal tool for all your creative styling and finishing needs. You will achieve a variety of looks and styles with only one versatile tool.

Among many other things, the CHI Galactic Glitter features an ultra-fast 30 seconds heat up and recovery which guarantees consistent results with every use. A maximum of 410°F ensures you use the perfect heat for optimal results for a variety of hair types. It also comes with Universal Dual Voltage (110V and 240V) making it perfect for all your international travels. A long swivel cord is also standard for tangle freestyling.

CHI Celestial Pink Flat Iron

CHI Celestial Pink Flat Iron

The CHI Celestial Pink Hairstyling Iron is an amazingly designed flat iron with a pink glittery finish that evokes seriously girly vibes, almost reminiscent of a galaxy hence the name ‘celestial’. It is a great hairstyling iron for those who want to mix great styling technology with a beautiful looking iron. This hairstyling iron comes equipped with the latest innovative CHI technology with super-smooth gliding ceramic plates with even heat distribution that straightens the hair in fewer passes, allowing for faster hairstyling. The ceramic plates are also curved and floating for a better grip that eliminates snagging and pulling. As with the CHI Galactic Glitter, it comes with the best and very rare far-infrared technology that makes the hair incredibly smooth, silky and easy to handle. It also has the negative ion technology to reduce static electricity while styling your hair ensuring that your hair gets that healthier, shinier and frizz-free look. This provides an effective and faster way of straightening your hair.

Apart from the versatile “all-in-one” ergonomic design and amazing technology, the CHI Celestial Pink also comes with an ultra-fast 30-second heat up, ensuring you get that perfect hairstyle on time, every day. In addition to the fast heat-up feature, it also comes with a high maximum temperature reach of 450°F combined with an adjustable temperature setting dial for customized styling for any hair type. This extra feature provides versatility for perfect results no matter the hair type. The easy-to-read digital LED display offers a better way to monitor the heat setting, perfect for your customized styling and with the 1-hour automatic shut off, you don’t have to stress when you forget it plugged in. As standard, it also comes with a 9 ft. long swivel cord that provides tangle-free styling operation and the Universal Dual Voltage setting (110/240 volts) makes it ideal for all your domestic or international travels. Getting those straights, curls, flips and/or waves has never been easier.


The CHI Galactic Glitter Flat Iron is undoubtedly an incredibly designed flat iron with its blue glittery finish that is just stunning. These plates are also designed to offer a smooth gliding surface to straighten hair with fewer passes. With the innovative far-infrared and the negative ion generation technology in the design of this flat iron, your hair will always get smooth, silky, shiny and fizzy-free hair, despite your desired hairstyle.

The CHI Galactic Glitter Flat Iron has a maximum temperature reach of up to 410°F and thanks to the better heat distribution of the ceramic plates, it can achieve this temperature in just 30 seconds. This promises faster hairstyling and consistent results every time. As standard with the CHI Galactic Glitter, it comes with a long swivel cord for tangle-free styling convenience and a Universal Dual Voltage setting making it convenient for travel.

On the other hand, the CHI Celestial Pink Flat Iron can be said to be the epitome of a beautiful girly design. CHI has always been known to produce some of the best designs in the flat iron industry. Its ultra-smooth ceramic plates with their superior heat distribution ensure a smooth, snag freestyling and the ultra-fast 30-second heat-up time ensures that you will always have that perfect hairstyle on time every day.

Just like the Galactic Glitter, the Celestial Pink comes with a long 9 ft. swivel cord for convenient tangle-free styling. It also has a Universal Dual Voltage, convenient for international or domestic travel.


Both the Galactic Glitter and the Celestial Pink have striking designs. The Galactic Glitter comes with a simple blue design with an amazing glitter finish. It is a bold yet functional hairstyling tool that gives the best results all around. On the other hand, the Celestial Pink is an amazingly designed flat iron with a pink glittery finish that evokes seriously girly vibes. Its design is more innovative than it is bold. It is one visually striking flat iron that was designed to evoke a sense of beauty and yet remains functional down to every minute detail. They are both stunning flat irons with beautiful designs that merge both functionality and beauty.


Apart from so many similarities, some features set these flat irons worlds apart. The Galactic Glitter has a ceramic and tourmaline plate technology that is far much superior in distributing heat uniformly throughout the plates as compared to the ceramic plate technology used in the Celestial Pink. However, the Celestial Pink is not entirely shorthanded. With a maximum temperature reach of up to 450°F, it is a powerful flat iron as compared to the 410°F maximum for the Galactic Glitter. Tackling those stubborn 4C hair types is now much easier. The Celestial Pink also comes with an easy-to-read digital LCD temperature display, also missing in the Galactic Glitter, that makes it easier to monitor your styling temperature and with the adjustable temperature dials, you can ensure a perfect styling temperature that suits your hair type. These features set the Celestial Pink on a higher scale on features.


In this comparison, the CHI Celestial Pink Flat Iron is the better of the two in terms of useful daily features. The adjustable temperature feature and the digital LCD with a much higher maximum temperature that is missing in the CHI Galactic Glitter Flat Iron set it apart. These features provide convenience especially if you have a coarse hair type. Also considering that sometimes, during your styling, you’d need to adjust the flat iron temperature especially during your finishing touches and when working the hair ends. However, if your hair is in the lean types and you prefer blue compared to the girly pink, the CHI Galactic Glitter is still an abled flat iron.

April 17, 2021