CHI G2 vs CHI Deep Brilliance Flat Iron

CHI G2 vs CHI Deep Brilliance Flat Iron

Welcome to this edition of flat iron reviews where today were are looking at the CHI brand of flat irons. It is true that there is a CHI for everyone as the company has been busy developing all kinds of products for decades. Whether you have delicate hair or your mane is made of steel, there is a flat iron in their array of goods that absolutely suits your needs and we are here to help you find it.

This is a comparison of the CHI ceramic and titanium worlds represented by none other than the absolute favorites in each category the CHI G2 ceramic and the sensational and aptly named titanium plated CHI deep brilliance. So which plates are better for your hair to feed off of? While the debate as to which is better goes on we like to advice our friends and readers to choose an item because of their needs namely, what their hair requires. Just how tough is your hair? If you have no idea they you should consult a hair expert. They should run some cold and hot tests and you will know where you lie on the temperature scale.

Other than hair type, you want to choose a flat iron that will gentle with your hair regardless of your fury and one that will certainly not let you light yourself on fire. Both the CHI Deep Brilliance and the G2 are marketed as smooth gliders and one pass stylers that will cut down on your styling time in half depending on how archaic your current hair styler is.

While both of these are great flat irons, we wanted to make clear the difference between them to make it easier for our readers to choose between the two without feeling like its guesswork.

CHI G2 Ceramic & TitaniumCHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium
CHI G2CHI Deep Brilliance
Titanium Infused plating.

Mode button for presets.

Color Coded Temperature Settings.

Quick 40 second heat up.

2 year warranty.

Dual voltage operation.

Professional grad swivel cord.
1″ Black Titanium Plates.

Good for textured hair types.

Dual voltage operation.

11 ft. of professional grade cord.

1hr auto shut feature.

Max temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

LED temperature display.

Limited 2 Year Warranty.
Takes Longer To Heat Up.

Weighs 2.2 Pounds Which Is A Little On The Heavy Side.
No internal battery.

Also kind of Expensive.

CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Flat Iron

CHI G2 Ceramic & Titanium Flat Iron

The second iteration of the CHI ceramic comes with an advanced titanium plate technology which is suitable for all hair types but especially those with wavy and tough hair. Those with coarse hair often have a harder time finding a ceramic hair straightener that is hot enough for their requirements. There are people who loved this product even after getting nowhere with GHDs. The idea that there is a CHI for everyone is very true given stories like these that one can’t help but find inspiring.

The G2 ups the game on the basic first generation ceramic styler with a titanium infusion on the plates which boosts the smoothness, hardness and heat properties of the plates. The material creates an ultra-smooth ceramic and precious metal alloy which is ideal for heat retention, even distribution and negative ion styling.

The new generation CHI is a leap better than the original CHI which has remained a classic and favorite for many. You will love the simplicity of their products and affordable mid-range pricing. They feature dynamic designs with beautiful bodies and equally relaxing results. You can expect smooth and healthy hair with longer lasting results for your entire working day.

CHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium Hairstyling Iron

CHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium Hairstyling Iron

If you are a hair specialist who has to deal with a variety of hair types then the most probable CHI for you would be the Brilliance. Its professional specifications make it ideal for salon use and it is just the right size and weight to use on a client’s hair. It is not too large so you will be accused of skipping over hair sections and it is not too small so that you are taking an eternity.

The Brilliance is not only aptly named but also suitably priced considering its performance and features. This is also certainly a budget consideration for salon owners looking to afford their patrons some luxury but at the same time have to work on a tight leash budget. Just the same, the flat iron is well capable of delivering excellent results and the same extra perks as any luxury brand flat iron.

You might also want to consider the CHI Brilliance straightener if you have thick wavy or highly textured hair and you just can’t seem to get a safe flat iron that will cater for your straightening needs. The 1 inch black titanium plates on this styler will prove more than sufficient to tame your mane in minutes. With temperatures that go the whole way up to 450F, you need not worry that the Brilliance will not be hot enough for your hair’s needs.


The Chi G2 was an upgrade from the ceramic plated 1st generation styler by CHI that is now infused with a super metal for a blend of properties that gives it the best of both worlds. You now get a ceramic plate which is corrosion resistant, rapid in heat distribution and offers a smoother glide over hair. The longer plates on the model allow users to get more hair done at a time and the dynamic design of the G2 accommodates all hair types.

People with normal to textured hair will fit under the umbrella of the Chi Deep Brilliance and virtually everyone with hair is covered. There is no limit to what you can achieve with this styler and you will always be ahead of the mob in terms of new styles that lock in and stay on for longer. As far as safety is concerned, you know that with CHI, safe is the name of the game with the tools running several failsafe measures to ensure your beautiful hair remains that way.


One feature we loved about the CHI G2 is the intuitive LCD display with a color coding for the temperature so you can know the range even without reading the figures. If you have sensitive to moderate hair then the blue zone is the friendliest. Then we have the green zone for intermediate hair types which is where the majority live and then you have the danger zone or red which is the highest temperature band up to 425F. You just can’t get the heat settings wrong with this programmable flat iron.

The notable styling feature of the Deep Brilliance must be the ultra-smooth plate’s couple with the typical CHI hinge mechanism which keeps plates exactly parallel when in operation. This ensures even contact with the entire hair section leaving no strands untouched. This might be the big secret behind one pass styling but then of course there is the proprietary blend of materials that add a wonder factor to the plates.


The G2 is a well-crafted flat iron with an exemplary user experience. It is the ideal realization of what a ceramic styler on steroids should look like. For those of us who use flat irons more regularly, it is a joy to own one that is completely safe for you and your kids.

The Brilliance is also an equally pleasurable present and a useful tool that will surely change how you do your hair routine for the better. When you are upgrading from a cheaper model or a drugstore issue then you will feel a world of a difference moving to this particular product.


This comparison is not the easiest one to conclude because these are two serious offers from the same maker that are different in the ways we have discussed above but also similar in so many ways. The tools are good for people of all hair types and we cannot strictly say one is for a specific group. Essentially, you can tweak the temperatures quite a bit on these flat irons to make them more suitable for your specific hair and styling needs. The cool thing about both of these items is that they do not forget your presets and leave you less worry and more fun with your hair.

If you had to choose between these two then it would come down to the pricing or something else like the appearance. Everything else is similar and the performance is comparable with each styler taking turns in the lead on some aspects.

CHI G2 Ceramic & TitaniumCHI Deep Brilliance Titanium
March 21, 2021