Chi G2 Ceramic & Titanium 1.25 Hairstyling Iron Review

Chi G2 Ceramic & Titanium 1.25 Hairstyling Iron Review

The CHI G2 is a titanium infused ceramic flat iron featuring some revolutionizing features that make it a next generation piece of tech for the hair and beauty industry. It is supposed to be the same good technology in the max version only now made available, in a mid-sized flat iron that should make styling near the roots possible.

Titanium is a capable element when it comes to intense heat delivery and capacity so it does not get unevenly hot. It is the ideal material for normal to tough textured hair that is difficult to style. If you are shopping for a ceramic and titanium coated blend for plates then this CHI might be the dream styler you have been searching for all along.

We have experience with this famous brand and have reviewed nearly all of their devices even ahead of official release. As such, we know them for safe heating, smooth temperature control and convenient dual voltage technology.

The styler itself looks impressive and simple enough for professional salon use. A glossy black finish and backlit LCD screen display adds to the beauty and sophistication of a simple flat iron. It has the same beautiful features as the 1” but is like the supercharged version that will get through your hair much faster. The beauty of it though, is that you get it at no extra cost. So we were eager to see how much maneuverability and functionality was lost because of its slightly bulkier size.

Because of the famed brand, you expect a good quality of results that last as did we. But before we delve into the score earned by this styler in our tests, let’s discuss some of the design features and what they mean.


Complete Review of Chi G2 Ceramic & Titanium 1.25 Flat Review


The CHI G2 represents the next iteration of flat irons and inspires users to be the shining star of the brand wherever they are with easy glamour and healthier hair. This is possible with the ceramic and titanium infused plates with extremely easy temperature adjustments with a color code.

The styler has a mod button which helps select the correct styling temperature based on hay type. You have green for fine hair types, blue for medium and wavy hair, and red for tough and coarse hair. The corresponding temperatures for green blue and red are 370, 395 and 425 degrees Fahrenheit respectively.

Forged from some of the most heat effective materials our planet has to offer the chi ceramic flat iron includes actual volcanic lava combined with the powerful chi ceramic technology which promises sleek results without damaging hair. The proprietary volcanic mineral is an innovative solution combining the elements of the Earth with all of nature’s goodness with state-of-the-art heating equipment to deliver healthy heat and effective styling without the damaging effects of high heat styling.

The model features are highly durable lightweight and flexible design with an extended Plating which makes telling even easier and before. The lightness of it is due to choice of the best light materials with better heat performance. It is ideal for salon use where you really don’t want to use heavy strenuous pieces for hours.

The volcanic parts means providing gentle and consistent heat throughout the styling session. This proprietary compound created by the blend of natural and artificial materials allows styling at lower than normal temperatures which in turn reduces the stress on hair offering smooth and shiny results.

Not unlike all other CHI styling irons the chi pro G2 is awesome at creating silky shiny and frizz-free hair. It features a stylish and beautiful economic design that makes you feel in control. Long periods of use and not a problem because of the advanced heat protection insulation that protects your hand from getting burnt.

Heating Process

It only takes 40 seconds for the g G2 ceramic and titanium flat iron to wake up and get to the lowest temperature setting of 370 degrees Fahrenheit. I might take a couple more seconds to get it up to 425 degrees F but that’s still faster than you can section your hair.


This flat iron as an aptitude for tough to smooth and unruly coarse hair textures because the minerals found in the mechanical lover help to same here well at the same time revitalizing each and every strand. Enter it damage for this CHI flat iron is now a thing of the past thanks to the reduced lower heat settings required to achieve the same results as a high temperature setting on a traditional heat styling tool.

This upgraded ceramic plate technology is infused with high grade titanium which makes them super strong and smooth so you’re sure that they will remain forever parallel and with even heat distribution. Styling on this iron is completely snug free and even faster than other flat irons in the same collection. This is the flat iron is the revamped version of the famous ceramic floating plates technology except now reinforced with high-grade to Italian titanium.

Hair Damage

This product offers better performance with full customization options. The simplification of the temperature just mint settings with the green blue and red backlight for the LCD temperature display panel make it as easy and enjoyable iron to use and one that is built with the final user in mind. The color coded display will let you know when you have the right temperature for added safety.

Battery Life

It does not have an internal battery built into it but it has the whole dual voltage thing going so you should be fine wherever you wake up. This styler is completely reliable and will give you the same nice result every time.


This is built on an award winning styling appliance that has the upgraded titanium reinforced plates and sleek ergonomic design and body for a superior performance. The large digital display and intuitive temperature controls that are also very accurate to the hundredth of a second makes this the real deal. The color coded temperature means you can style safely for your thin and sensitive hair with a styler that does not limit your ability to go to the higher heat settings.

How to use the Chi G2 Ceramic & Titanium 1.25” Hairstyling Iron?

The Chi G2 Ceramic & Titanium 1.25” Hairstyling Iron is a versatile heat tool that can be used for all hair types and a majority of hairstyles. It has color coded temperature settings to help you select your correct heating range.

Can this flat iron curl?

Yes, this flat iron will straighten hair with relatively good results and curl or wave just as good as any other high end straightening and curling iron.

What hair type goes well with the CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium?

The ceramic and titanium blend makes this flat iron suitable for all hair types from sensitive to normal and coarse difficult to style hair.

Is this product worth the price?

If you are looking for a better and faster straightening and curling iron that saves time and protects your hair then the CHI G2 will give you value for your money.

Can I use hair products with this brush?

Yes, we recommend CHI products including the heat protectant and shine spray that will enhance the results.

August 22, 2020