CHI for Ulta Beauty Pink Titanium Temperature Control Hairstyling Iron Review

CHI for Ulta Beauty Pink Titanium Temperature Control Hairstyling Iron Review

CHI also makes the Pink Titanium Temperature control to complete their collection of the Temperature control and titanium based technology. This is high end flat iron measuring 1” on the plates and with the stock LED temperature control which will maximize your CHI experience. They make this to be the ultimate modern design with cutting edge technology packed in a sleek modern design.

It is a dual voltage and thus an ideal for carry-on when you are going on that next business trip.

Get ahead of your friends and competition with lustrous and smooth glides for effortless perfect single passes and accurate heat transfer that protects your hair. You can fine tune the heat to be in sync with your hair type which helps you really capture your individual beauty and glow.

Knowing CHI, they don’t mess around when it comes to development and marketing of some of the finest hair care tools out there. Even the competition has to know that CHI is an absolute authority on temperature control with their titanium for ulta beauty collection.


CHI for Ulta Beauty Pink Titanium Temperature Control Hairstyling Iron


This CHI styler is made with titanium plates for smooth glide through hair and some of the world’s best LED temperature control that makes the styling easier to we all know and respect CHI for the IMAX more styling experience with cutting-edge technology and sleek modern features that make you feel in the driver’s seat while smoothing and straightening your hair.

The flat iron features lustrous ceramic plating that enable accurate and immense hit delivery in time to straighten out every section of hair from the top to the tip. These are designed to provide effortless styling using barely more than a single pass. You can tell how smooth the plates are by just feeling it with your finger and you can rest assured they will remain without scratches because they are made from high grade titanium.

The pink titanium temperature control hairstyling iron offers users a unique experience by providing accurate heat transfer and regulation and the ability to customize heat settings for your hair type. It comes with a 30 second heater feature which is pretty fast normally less than the time you will take to divide your hair into two sections. As it turns out this is one of the main features that our testers were mainly applauded about the ultra-beauty titanium styler.

We loved the 1 hour chat feature and that is a dual voltage so that you can carry it anywhere without requiring a power converter. You do however have to carry a power converter or else it might not plug-in correctly to the power outlet in another region.

Heating Process

The heating on this device is pretty impressive because it is able to get to the minimum heating temperature in a mere 30 seconds. It will take you a few more seconds to get to the highest temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit but it shouldn’t feel like it’s taking forever as with some cheap flat irons.

Ceramic heating is really kind to your hair and holds enough heat so that you’re styling out evenly alone your hair strands. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair because this Tyler will actually hold enough heat between the plates to last your full hair length and recover immediately before you go in for another pass. That’s what you get for choosing a high-end device such as the beauty pink titanium presented to you by CHI


As we have discussed this is a top of the line product we expected a whole new level of performance out in the street where we literally get to torture the best of the best to emerge with a winner for each category. We are glad to report that the chi was able to live up to the big name showing excellent temperature control and stunning results at every turn.

This flat iron has some interesting features such as the auto start feature which may seem very cliché until you actually need it here in the real world and outside of love conditions. If you tend to forget a lot then you actually want a flat iron that will not bring your house down. It therefore makes sense to invest more for flat iron that has all the safety features that matter

The proprietary smooth and shiny lustrous plates are legit smooth and will not feel like they are tagging on your hair at all.

To a large extent the results felt smooth, shiny and consistent throughout the head and we were able to confirm that results lasted the whole day and at least the next few days. There’s always that beauty to a flat iron that you can use intermittently so that you spell your hair of the harsh heat treatment.

Hair Damage

Titanium is the ideal material for the harsh hair types and can come on strong at times in terms of heat capacity and hence the ability to burn hair. However it has been demonstrated that quoting a ceramic heater as is the case with the pink styler reduces chances of that occurring. We would like to know that our testers are mostly professionals with lots of experience using hot tools and they are less likely to be faced with the disaster of burnt hair. That said, this styler can get pretty hot and we recommend caution.

Battery Life

Unfortunately the pink to titanium temperature control hairstyling iron by CHI does not come with an internal battery. It makes sense that they made it as a dual voltage and it includes an ample cord length which comes in handy if you have to style in a hurry probably while standing. It helps that the styler has a flexible connector and turns itself off after some period of time to reduce the risk of electric shock or setting your hotel room ablaze


Overall we think that you will love the pink titanium temperature control hairstyling iron if you are normal to coarse hair and you happen to love cute pink flat irons. You have absolutely nothing to worry about not being able to adjust your temperatures and get them right even the very first time period with a little bit of common sense and general experience styling hair with a flat iron you should be able to maneuver your way to acute moderately good hairstyle and then work your way up to the more complex ones with time. It is not as easy as they say it is to get curls and waves on this Tyler but we will definitely recommend it for people with the right hair type. If you think this flat iron is for you then it will be probably a good investment on your part that is totally worth your money.

Is this any good for thick and hard to curl hair?

Titanium plates heating is best suited for tough hair types. If you have difficulty straightening your hair then perhaps you are better off with titanium plates instead. You can try the style setter and all the precious metals straightener.

Is this heat good for thin hair?

This styler is made of pure tourmaline ceramic plates which makes it a solid choice for thin or fine hair. To be safe you can start with the low temperature and then work your way up to the correct one.

Does this have automatic shut-off?

Unfortunately the silhouette does not come with automatic shut off and you do have to remember to turn it off every time. Usually it helps to make a habit of unplugging it after each use.

Is this compatible with higher voltage in Europe?

Yes the iron is rated for 110 to 240 volts AC supply which makes it adaptable for European power systems. You will ever need a power adapter to be able to plug it in the outlet.

Does the iron have floating plates?

No, it does not have floating plates.

August 30, 2020