CHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium1/2 Hairstyling Iron Review

CHI Deep Brilliance Black Titanium1/2 Hairstyling Iron Review


The chi deep brilliance is a titanium plated straightening iron from the famous brand with a huge almost religious following online and the social buzz. This claims to be a smooth and effortless glider that will straighten your hair in fewer passes and cut down on your time expenditure for your normal routine.

Black titanium is the unique technology used in this professional styler with a heat delivery of up to an impressive 450 F and remarkably fast recovery. A smooth glide, and even heat is a promise all manufacturers want to give their customers to get to sell products but it is our duty to measure just how smooth their smooth might be.

Titanium plates are suitable for all hair types but will serve those with coarse and rough hair where ceramics will fail. CHI is a versatile brand that takes pride in making everyday use items that perfectly satisfy all users if care is taken in choosing the right product for the right hair type. For all intents and purposes, this product review is to help you make the right choices.

It is not surprising that the Brilliance Black Hairstyling Iron is a good looking styler as with other releases that CHI has put into the market. The purple color on this model is an intense experience and we were hoping the gold on the hinge and buttons stays on after months of use.

This styler comes with a free bonus gift of the Deep Brilliance Shine Serum Lightweight Leave-in treatment. But we don’t ever let the free gifts blind our perspective of the state of affairs under the hood. You can take it to the bank that we did a thorough exam on this styler and emerged with some interesting findings but first, here are the features on the label.


The chi black titanium deep brilliance black titanium hairstyling iron is the ideal flat iron purchase for people working with a wide range of hair textures making it an ideal piece for salon equipment. It is the right size, weight and has the features you want in a professional flat iron without necessarily having to cost a fortune as with other luxury brands.

It is a powerful flat iron that delivers smooth and sleek curls for fine to highly textured hairstyles.

It features the ½ “  black titanium plates which it relies even heat distribution and high heat-retention for faster styling and fewer passes. With heat settings up to 450 F you can rest assured that your hair type is also covered for flat irons despite what you may have been told.

It also features an adjustable temperature scale which is accurately displayed on a LED display for clarity and safe styling always.

The plates are super smooth and the hinge mechanism is such that this CHI is always parallel when clasped on hair making maximum contact at all times. This is the secret to even styling with a single pass because no sections of hair are left out in the first pass.

Heating Process

The Titanium technology on this CHI is backed by a capable ultra-modern heater that is able to bounce back with every swoop to restore the heat for another pass. The titanium makes this easy because the material has an inherent aptitude for holding the necessary amount of heat for temperature stability and even heat distribution across the entire plate. Usually you will have very hot points and slightly cooler parts on cheap metal plates but this does not happen with titanium plates.


We loved the output of the Brilliance Black Titanium ½” with its impressive shine and volume as you would expect from a reputable brand such as CHI. It does feel like you are in control although it is not as powerful as some of the other CHI branded flat irons that we have had in the past.

The Brilliance Black Titanium is a flat iron of the future because of its ultra-modern features and gorgeous design. It is super easy to use thanks to the intuitive design features and gives way more than you would expect on a ½ ” plated flat iron. We expect the smaller plate size to work in its favor to prolong the life of this beautiful styler.

In a nutshell, the CHI deep Brilliance did alright for tests and is well up there among professional grade salon items you can use at home and on the move. It is a beautiful styler that offers you comfort and safety as you get an opportunity to explore your individual beauty. You will not feel limited by the number of styles or heat you can achieve on this iron and with such freedom comes responsibility.

Hair Damage

CHI has dedicated their best engineers and scientists to researching how to make styling at lower heat settings possible. Heat treatment is dreaded for its unnatural effect on hair and continuous use has been thought to cause hair damage. With a modern well protected machine like the Black titanium hairstyling iron, you have less to worry about because it uses the best possible materials to deliver healthy heat and with stringent safety regulations. At the very least you can expect this styler to behave predictably with the true temperature, the rest is up to you as the user.

Battery Life

Like many CHI stylers before it, the Black Titanium Deep Brilliance does not have the endowment of its own power storage. You can bring it on your foreign trips because it’s equipped to handle the various voltages around the globe below 240V AC with the same heating and styling outcomes wherever you have breakfast.


If you have normal to highly textured hair, then you will love the CHI Deep Brilliance, It is a versatile tool that does not limit your styling options and keeps you ahead of the crowd as far as safe heating and healthy styling is concerned. You can easily convince your stylist to switch to this back titanium magic because of the stellar results and longevity of each style you put on.

September 6, 2020