NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The struggle is real and very much on with bad hair days and if you are on this page then you might be wondering if the mega x hair straightener is the ultimate hair styler flat iron that you put your bad hair days forever in the past! With improved mega hex you can reach fastest tiling speeds with more strands of hair for every stroke.

In this review we sought to verify the word on the street does a new improved flat iron was capable of easy silky sleek hair and cutting down the styling time by half welder bring the results. We relied on more than 100 cases from around the globe with different natural hair types and texture and multi-use styling needs to see if this new gadget could help you achieve a great rain of salon quality hairstyles as the manufacturer claims.

NuMe is a Hi-Tech company that comprises of 90% women founded by Sabrina Maren of Schwetzingen Germany. As a leading woman innovator and an entrepreneur Sabrina must be all too familiar with the daily struggles that women around the world go through to get their hair ready for their working and rest day. For longer than a decade with the powerhouse hairstyle true innovator has continued to push the bar higher on styling stool design using only the purest and best ceramic, titanium, tourmaline and other revolutionary materials to produce cutting-edge flat irons hair dryers that are faster and more efficient. It is company that promises to be as unique as you are and to honor the individuality of your preferences. We now take a look at their masterpiece flat iron to find out what's under the hood and if it's were there flashy black matte finish.

Larger floating plates.

Integrated far Infrared heat strip.

Digital temperature display.

Ion booster for hydration.

Versatile tool for variety of salon quality styles.
Not cordless.

Not a cheap flat Iron.

Complete Review of NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

Is flat iron is made with 100% tourmaline ceramic plates and also features and negative ion booster and infrared light strip. These three features are perhaps the strongest selling points of the NuMe Mega hair straightener.

The Megastar X is the hyper version of the award winning Megastar styler featuring eve larger plates at close to two inches (1.75). The plates are made with the floating feature to ensure fuss free styling and curving to allow hair to glide through easily. Additional features include the far infrared heat strip for smooth control and the legible digital temperature display. The X version is also fitted with the integrated ion booster on the base for generation of negative ions.

Thar same solid ceramic plates infused with tourmaline provide even heat distribution and also reduces the static on hair which dramatically decreases the amount of hair damage even for the most damage brown hair types. The Megastar reduces frizz for dry hair types which in turn reduces the amount of traction damage. If your hair is mostly devoid of moisture and you're prioritizing many more hair damage and a slick finish then you might just love the tourmaline flat iron. This is primarily because tourmaline inserts extra negative ions which are supposed to put water molecules the hair strands causing hydration.

The specific tourmaline flat iron is perfect for those with coarse and thick or long hair that also pack some volume because it has improved wider and longer plates so you can get more hair done per stroke. Ceramic heating combines top conducting elements like tourmaline and titanium to form a top secret compound that makes it possible to heat evenly and rapidly as required.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The heating on the Megastar X is the smoothest we have seen in a budget styler and its price tag puts its way up there with the luxury brands. Ceramic heating is some of the best heat delivery systems out there in the market today and this one has the upper hand for temperature regulation.

The Megastar X has temperature adjustment in the range of 190 F to a whooping 450F. On the Celsius scale that is 60 to 230 C. It also features wider plates which means heating larger amounts of hair per section per stroke. The plates are a solid tourmaline ceramic and not coated, layered or anything like that. This means quality heating and reliable thermal performance.

Its design features make the Megastar X a superior flat iron delivering a whopping 26 watts which can tame the most elusive hair types. If you are wondering if the kin of heat could destroy it if left unattended, certainly yes. But NuMe also included the automatic shut off safety feature for when you forget to unplug it.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The first impression you get when unboxing the megastar X is the massive size of the plates. Thanks to the sheer size and immense heat delivery with a responsive feedback control for the heat, the iron makes can deliver on the promise to straighten a decent amount of hair with a single pass. You do not have to crank it all the way up as a setting of about 340F will do the trick for most hair types. We would not recommend this flat iron for damp hair or any other flat iron for that matter.

One thing you will love about this cool styler is that you can cut literary your hair down the middle and style only two sections thanks to the enormous plates.

When you are looking for an intermediate flat iron that will last you longer than most other brand then it makes sense to pay top dollar for a reputable brand like Nume. The Megastar X never disappoints for longevity of the product and the styling results regardless of the weather. Our testers noted how it does not look or feel fragile so they found it easier to mistreat the iron. It surely endured a lot of abuse and irresponsibility even more than we were told but none of them actually broke down so that’s a plus.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The enormous heat of the Megastar X is certainly a blessing or curse depending on how well you use it. If you know your hair and master your patience and styling motion, this NuMe is a first class and super easy model to work with. However, we hardly recommend this for rookies as the higher temperature ranges can easily cook your hair. That said, with correct use, your hair could come out soft and silky smooth and you will love yourself more for making the right purchase decision in the near future.


NuMe Megastar X Ceramic Straightener Review

The Megastar does work on all hair types and is especially effective for coarse and curly hair where other straighteners just won’t deliver. Just the same, the device lacks an internal cell. NuMe makes up for this with the Dual Voltage capability which makes it possible to style in most cities around the World.


Our final verdict on the Megastar X NuMe and whether to buy or not to buy depends on what you want it for. If you are buying this as your first Iron then we do not recommend as this is a burn hazard. Incorrect and irresponsible use of the heat dial will leave you hairless with the immense power of the styler. For seasoned stylers however, this is a professional and high end tool you cannot underestimate for its results and versatility.

Is the NuMe Megastar X dual voltage?

Yes, the mega star x is a dual voltage flat iron which means that you can get the same sleek results anywhere you are in the world. The only challenge with this type of adaptor deserving to get the correct plug for the country or airport you're at.

Can this be used to curl hair as well?

Yes, NuMe USA commence the use of all their straightness including the megastar x to curl hair. It features the appropriate rounded barrel that allows for caring of hair by turning it.

Is this flat iron set at one temperature if not what is the highest temperature it will go?

The NuMe Megastar X has a top temperature of 450F or 230 C and can be adjusted downwards to 190F and 60 C respectively.

Can this be used on damp hair?

We would not recommend using this styler or any other flat iron on damp hair as the devices are designed to work on water free hair. It is not to say that hair should be devoid of any moisture. Far from it, you can use good heat protectant sprays and any good number of nonstick hair products.

Are the plates tourmaline ceramic solid or plated?

This Iron contains 100% tourmaline ceramic plates and is not just coated or layered with the material. The material and the led strip generate negative ions that help reduce frizz by sealing in the moisture.

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If you're joining the fight for sleeker smooth and shiny healthier looking hair can you definitely booked the right ticket as today we are plugging in the gold professional styling iron. In this review we check out the much acclaimed duos on technology that offers premium performance and next-generation heat-sensing technology across the two plates. This GHD is your root to tip solution heating heavenly at 365 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal styling and heat protection. This new GHD also features a quicker 25-second wake up time as sleek design and most importantly a killer look.

Today we find out why in a test conducted by GHD themselves, 100 consumers out of the sample size of 130 would agree that the GHD gold was so much better than the original gold styler when it came to sleeker smoother and shinier hair without losing volume and causing split ends.

We'll start with the basic features and then get down to the science facts it can be a bit boring and then you will have our take on the purchase is it worth the $199?

Complete Review of GHD Gold Professional


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

As you can expect from a company like GHD the packaging is absolutely stunning and you just can't wait to pop it right open. But first will look up some of the specs that are written on the outside so we can charge this good book by its cover. One of the first selling points that you come across is the dual zone technology. As we have stated earlier this actually means that the flat iron contains two heat sensing elements in each of the plates as opposed to just one. This means that you get a more consistent hit across the plates which results in straighter and smoother hair with consistent and durable results.

The next feature about the design this gold styler is the smoke control floating plates which ensure that your styling is consistent whether you're straightening on curling. These plates the company claims to help your flat iron glide through your hair without freeze giving you a quick salon look that lasts. A lot of these cheaper flat irons will give you that tag and it's never welcome in any styling session.

This GHD has many others also comes with universal voltage which is a really cool feature if you're going to be traveling a lot. Since it cannot go cordless this is an indispensable feature if you plan on using it abroad. If you're wondering this means you can get the same results anywhere around the world as long as you can plug into the grid.

This iron also has that cool sleep mode feature that lets you be a little bit careless about the state you leave your flat iron in after styling your hair. A countless number of times with me find ourselves having to rush back to the room because you forgot to turn off flat irons and we are afraid that might cause a fire but not with this latest technology. After 30 minutes of non-use lapses the device will automatically switch itself off and it's simply amazing.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

The gold professional styling iron as the rapid heating ceramic heater that text only an impressive 25 seconds to heat her up. When you turn the device on it gives you a happy chime and an equally melodious acknowledgement that it's up to speed when the heating cycle is complete. Bringing up there what's the correct temperature feels like an instant just about the time you need to divide your hair into several sections.

The dual zone technology influencing the heating process kicks in once the plates are at exactly 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Two sensors are obviously better than one but it's the quality and quickness of response of the system that makes it awesome rather than the quantity of senses. Artist is good watch for ghd's ability to curl straighten and wave hair but just gliding through without causing heat damage. It's one of the perks ovulating GHD take away your temperature control in that saving your from yourself.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

And now for the fact that you've all been waiting for, how well did the GHD gold styler do for the various testers with different hairstyles and texture? First off all our testers agreed with the first proposition that this styler can glide through hair with no problem at all. We all hate it 1 flat irons tag or no hair ruining extensions and causing traction damage and hair loss, don't we?

For the most with a GHD gold which was capable of standard curls and straight hairstyles with an impeccable fuss-free experience. The rounded borrow and floating plates technology helps this GHB just glide through her making styling really easy.

On average it took testers about 10 minutes to completely get their hair done correctly. Another the likeable about the styler is that it gives you the perfect heating condition to style your hair without getting it too hot. With this device you will never feel like you can't run your fingers through your hair immediately because it is too hot.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

Continuing the one heat setting conversation, ghd's will not come with variable temperature and they don't make them with heating capability higher than 185 degrees Fahrenheit. GHD claims to have tested rigorously improvement that all if not most hair types will give to exactly this temperature and anything above will only result in excessive heat damage.

We found this claim to be true because even those who didn't like the results they got with their new flatiron they still agreed that this device cost way less tagging and heat damage.


GHD Gold Professional Styling Iron Review

Gold professional styling iron is a remarkable device with stunning results but unfortunately it cannot go cordless. Even though it features that remarkable universal voltage it will be totaled if the power is out. You would need an AC inverter to plug it into your car if you are going camping off the grid. Other than that it provides ample length of a swivel cord which allows to do your twists and turns with many more interruptions.


A genuine take on the GHD gold styler would be, it is a snug freestyling solution for everyday use that will transform yours to happier hair days. Despite the hefty Price tag the styling tool did perform slightly better than some ions that cost a fraction of its price. We found it to be quicker and give the user smoother and nicer locks that could stand humidity. However some of the testers we used for this product agreed that the single heating was not ideal for their hair type.

For these reasons the gold professional styling iron not ideal for everyone, you have to decide what you want to prioritize before buying this iron.


We continually check thousands of questions consumers from around the world have about the products to review and try to answer them. Below are some more questions from you about the GHD gold.

Create smooth and sleek styles.
Makes your hair look healthier.
Quick and snug free styling.
Enhanced shine using the GHD heat protectant spray.
Sleep mode.
Universal voltage.
2-year manufacturer's warranty.
Effortless professional styling with advanced ceramic heat technology.
Salon results that last.
Beautiful rose gold plates.
Hefty Price tag.
Single heat setting.
No safety lock.
No carry case.
Does not operate cordless (no internal cell).
What is the GHD gold?

The GHD gold is a professional styling iron that promises optimum styling with a single temperature setting and smooth gold plates that slide through hair with versatile professional styling results and enhanced shine.

Which hair types is it good for?

• Carly
• Wavy
• Straight
• coiled and tightly coiled

Can I use my gold styler with other products?

Yes the GHD gold series allows for use with other products. However you do not want to use sticky products as they can eventually accumulate on your styler and also in your hair which can cause problems while styling and damage to the device. Use the recommended GHD heat protectant spray and other hair care products designed to work with a flat iron.

What is the dual zone technology?

Dual-zone means that the GHD gold has two next-generation heat sensors installed across each plate for better temperature control.

What gifts are included with this purchase?

This product comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty and the price includes a plate guard for safer storage.

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We have tried the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron I case you are looking to buy it for a hair tool to add to your artillery. In this review, we will be answering all your questions like, is it worth the bucks? Is it better than other styling options in the same price range? We will also be throwing in our verdict based on observations made by our ardent reviewers who actually tried the product for a few weeks.

We are all about quality hair care and an authority on flat irons as we have not reviewed a small number in the past. We are all lovers of hair and our entire team would jump at the opportunity to review a high end product like the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron. Obviously, we do not have enough heads to review all the products out there but we always rely on the candid reviews we receive from our testers around the globe. It is everyday users like yourself who often give the most unbiased data about any particular hair tool and information you can trust.

Complete Review of Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron


Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

The 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron is unique for its natural touch of volcanic minerals which are supposed to emit some negative ions that drive in moisture into hair stands. This little hair style is praised to its ability to keep hair hydrated and conditioned throughout the day. It also has that unique vibrating plate’s technology that makes hair smoothing faster and more efficient even with thicker volumes of hair.

The Micro-hydration feature of the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron is the strongest selling point in terms of its design. As for the ergonomics, the sleek and rounded body of the device helps with smoother strokes from the roots to the ends without breakages.

This flat iron also feature bio ceramic heaters which are way faster than ordinary elements in delivering faster more consistent heating. This rivals the most expensive items in the same category with the ability to heat consistently. Every manufacturer claims their heating is the best and we will see in a bit how the 10x Pro does in terms of heating performance.

Safety is also considered in the design of this piece with the 1hr auto shut feature. A bit longer than most other devices and a con for that matter.

Heating Process

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

The 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron features proprietary heating technology with digital controller. It is capable of delivering a constant 450F which is sufficient for tougher hair types. This is thanks to the ceramic heating technology with multiple points of heat. The device can deliver constant and even heating to the plates with feedback control.

The 10X is super quick to heat up and the vibration makes it easy to straighten hair that is looking wet and get all the parts easily. The vibration does kind of give this flat iron its unfair advantage over cheaper options with better heating elements.

The heating is just right for softer and silkier hair as well as tougher more reluctant hair to style. Our testers vouch for the tech not to split and break hair due to burning. It is nice that the mineral infusion does not make the plates less potent in terms of heat delivery to hair and getting it super ultra-straight or curly. The heat is good for subtle waves, full on rounded curls and straight styling.


Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

This is the part where we received overwhelmingly good replies about the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron. It is one of those hair styling tools you can swear by and rely on entirely for all your domestic and travel needs. Once you have it, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first of sixth flat iron, you will find to be a life saver and a necessity. If you decide to bite the bullet and spend the hefty price tag on this device, you might just be our next good review.
This iron does super-fast heat-ups and does an excellent job for straightening and curling. It does feel somewhat fragile given its high price and you might feel anxious at the thought of accidentally dropping it but that’s just about it.

Unlike some cheaper options with a lager plate size, you might have to split your hair into more sections but just one to two strokes does the trick. In the end you just might be able to get all your hair done in just under ten minutes or a quarter of an hour max. There are certainly cheaper flat irons but this one is pricier for the exclusive user experience.

Hair Damage

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron Review

The 10x Pro is a high end device and even though it delivers an immense amount of heat every second it is in contact with your hair, it is definitely a safe iron to use on fragile hair. It has to do with the vibrating plates and accurate digital temperature control. There are many flat irons that can do just as good a job on straighter hair for only half the price tag on it but the extent of hair damage with time makes most irons unreliable.

Battery Life

Before wandering to the world of ampere hours and battery lives, it is worth noting that this flat iron has dual voltage adaptability for 120V and 220V outlets in case you will be travelling a lot. It also comes with a soft swivel cord which eliminates the need to have a full charge for your journey. That you can just leave the device plugged in and charging at all times also helps. You need about ten minutes to make your hair with this tool and that gives you some good mileage with three maybe four uses on a full charge.

Our testers have had this for a few months on average and it does not seem like the battery life is a big concern. Obviously if you have tougher fuller hair you are likely to need plugging in sooner for running at the highest temperature. In practical use, you will not need to worry about the battery life because you can use it while plugged in or use the stand so it is always all juiced up and ready to go when you are.


The 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron is one of the best flat irons we have reviewed and has some pretty cool features like the vibrating plates and volcanic mineral infusion. Technical jargon aside, this device offers a nice touch in the morning on the go and recreates that wavy, frizzy hair with a professional salon allure. This is the way purchase to make if you are looking for a high end and dependable flat iron that gives your hair shine and volume. The high price will be a turn off for many but we still highly recommend this flat iron.

Faster 10 min styling with vibrating plates.
Natural volcanic mineral infusion for constant heat and micro-hydration.
Ultimate shine and volume companion.
Rounded and tapered design for root to end styling.
Digital temperature control.
BioCeramic heaters.
Ergonomic sleek design.
Dual voltage 220 and 120 V ac.
Auto shut feature.
Confident purchase with 5 years warranty.
Looks and feels fragile.
Cannot preset temperature so you have to do it manually each time.
What makes the 10x Pro a special buy?

Actually, this iron has quite a few tricks up its sleeve. There is the volcanic mineral infused vibrating plates, an accurate digital temperature control and sleek ergonomic design for two pass styling.

Is the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron worth the big bucks?

Well, the answer is yes, the 10x Pro is way up there when it comes to quality flat irons money can get you. Just the same, if you spend way over your budget, it may cause you not to enjoy your new gadget. Many people seem to enjoy something cheaper that they can mistreat as they please without worrying about the cost of replacement.

Does the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron work on thick wavy hair?

This iron features a smaller plate size and sleek rounded design that allows you to get to the roots of voluminous hair. You might have to split your hair into more sections but yes, the plate size is perfect for curling and straightening a decent amount of hair. Shine and volume, thanks to the quick vibrating feature.

What is the mineral infusion on the 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron do to my hair?

The volcanic mineral infusion is partly what makes this iron worth your money. It is proprietary tech that uses negative ions to insert water molecules into your hair strands keeping hair styled, hydrated and conditioned after use.

Is the 10x Pro better for curls or straightening?

The overwhelming response we received for this product is that it is amazing at both. It curls, straightens and waves nicely leaving your hair with a sleek and sexy look.

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GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener Review

Here is a groundbreaking and exclusive styler from GHD that is revolutionizing for all hair types and textures. It packs safe heating capabilities and creates a lasting look with a mere one pass. With a wake up time of about 20 second, this styler helps you quickly run through your hair and create curls, waves, and straights without compromising on your hair’s health. This is thanks to the quick thinking sensor feedback control system that accurately maintains an even 3650 F.

Today we are going to bring you a candid review of the GHD Platinum Professional Styler. AS is the tradition, we have sourced the best information out there and combined it with first hand tips from our testers who have had this styler for a small eternity and wanted to share their honest opinions on it. We are going to kick off with two strong selling points for the make which are a bit technical.

One is the Platinum plates which sounds fancy. It is the promise that your hair will suffer less breakage and will indeed look shinier with this versus other flat irons. Our tests agreed with both of these claims as it showed consistently less damage even for those transitioning from other high end flat irons. This could have something to do with the one heat setting at 1850C or 3650F which is sufficiently safe for hair styling.

The second is the three heating point technology that promises to deliver consistent heat throughout the plates. Now this might not seem like much but with cheaper flat irons you get only one point of heat and there is no way they can guarantee even heating of the plates. Let’s now delve into the design of the GHD Platinum Professional Styler so as to understand further what you will be getting for your money.

Complete Review of GHD Platinum Professional Styler


GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

The acclaimed GHD Platinum Professional Styler has a sleek and thoughtful design that lets live up to the hype created by some high end GHDs that preceded it. For starter it has that multi-heating point tech that allows it to evenly heat the plates. The brand also claims that the plates are intelligent to detect the speed of the stroke and the volume of hair and thus adjust the power accordingly. This justifies the single heat setting which might be internally variable. Temperatures on the floating plates is optimized around the 185 degrees Celsius mark which is safe for hair just so you can style without dire consequences.

The device also features the auto sleep feature which ensures safety in case the device is left running on its own for longer than 30 minutes. Additional safety features include the protective plate guard which ensures that the device is safe to carry minutes after use. These two features are easy to disregard but they are very important if you are planning to use your new flat iron on the move or you sometimes forget to turn gadgets off.

The Heating Process

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

The new GHD Platinum Professional Styler holds heat more consistently than its predecessor and allows you to straighten your hair faster and more efficiently. Hair damage mostly occurs as a result of going back to get some rough patches due to inconsistent heating. The flat iron features a sensor for temperature control extending the length of each adjacent plate. Thanks to this controller, the device is able to determine the temperature of your hair which is measured a staggering 250 times every second. One second is divided into 250 segments where the device checks to ensure that your hair is styling at exactly the right temperature.

Another feature to love about this GHD is the fast wake up time. You press the power on button and 15 seconds later you will hear the beep to let you know you are ready to go.

This technology plus the rapid heating reduces the instances where you have to go over the same section of hair multiple times to get your desired style. In fact, our testers vouched for the claim that the new GHD Platinum allows for one pass styling. The heating element that also self regulates at such minute intervals also makes styling practical when you are working on a time crunch.

GHD Platinum Professional Style Performance

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

If you compare this new device with the old platinum from GHD you will no doubt come to the conclusion that this is at least twice as fast with minimal hair damage. Its sleek design glides through hair and curls to perfection without breakage. One pass of the iron suffices where many other flat iron in its price range do not. Taking about one and half inches of hair and with two passes max, it should take you well under 20 minutes to complete your styling depending on your hair thickness and type.

The basic design looks much like its predecessor with that same sleek wishbone shape and a single button. You can call it simplicity with just the one button and taking away the heat settings, a cheap sacrifice in return for zero hair breakage. Many users feel guilty when using the higher heat settings that are obviously harmful to hair but this device takes away that dilemma.

The GHD platinum has also got one inch wide and barrel style rounded at the edges to prevent tangling. The straightener gives you the same shiny blow dry finish of the Dyson corrale even though it has slightly thinner plates.

Hair Damage

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

We surveyed an assorted range of hair tools in the price range and similar claims as for the GHD Platinum Professional Style but this device seems to the proud winner of the least reported hair damage around. Again it does not have the feeling of control over the heating levels on your hair but if you choose to trust the machine which measures your hair temperatures hundreds of times every stroke seems to pay off. According to GHD, this alone is responsible for 70 percent less breakage than with other options.

The device is also capable of taking note of your hair thickness so that it goes easy over the thinner sections of fragile hair and exerts more power on the thicker sections. The lack of flexibility on he heat setting on many GHD can be seen as an advantage because the device will not allow you to burn through your hair even when you are not paying attention.

The company promises zero steam for dry hair and you will not have that common burning smell that can be so disturbing at times. This also means retaining your hair color for better results.

Battery Life

GHD Platinum Professional Styler Hair Straightener

Battery life is tied to the age of any device with a battery. It typically starts out poor and improves slightly before taking a dip. The GHD Platinum Professional does not have the luxury of going cordless, it does not have an internal battery. But with the 9ft swivel cord and universal voltage you hardly have to worry about the charge retention on your new ghd. It also completely shuts down after thirty minutes of inactivity so you can afford to leave it on after use. This means you can have your style juiced up at every location around the world and do your hair in minutes. In the event of blackouts, it’s a bummer but otherwise, no big deal if you remain in the developed world.

IN a nutshell the GHD Platinum Professional will not measure up to the degree of freedom that you get with a cordless styler such as the Dyson Corrale straightener but the rotating barrel cord attachment gets pretty close with minimal interruptions.


Ghd’s straighteners are already the gold standard for hair beauty tools even before the brand decided to for the stars with the launch of the platinum styler back in 2018. They had been working on it for a little over five years and you can tell when you hold it in your hand that a lot went into the design of the innovative product. That said. You still have to decide if it is worth the big bucks and that’s a potential deal breaker. It does come with two years of warranty if that’s any consolation and the price includes a heat resistant guard.

Ultra-zone predictive technology.
Wishbones hinge for perfect plate alignment.
Floating plates technology with precision milling and placement.
Rapid 20 second heat up.
Rounder barrel for effortless curls.
Free heat protective heat guard that also looks cool.
Auto shut off feature for added safety.
Ample swivel cord (9ft) for uninterrupted styling.
Universal voltage.
Slightly heavy.
Limited heat settings.
Is this styler for wet and dry hair as well?

This styler works best with dry rather than damp hair and is designed to prevent knotting and snagging. You can use the recommended GHD styling products for better results specific to your needs.

Does the GHD Platinum Professional Styler help with Frizz?

Lowe priced no names work just as good in superheating hair but the premium features in GHDs is the extra protection and confidence in your new styler.

Is it worth the price?

There is a bit of a sticker shock when you see the price of the GHD flat Iron but the price ultimately pays off with softer and silkier hair that looks more natural and full. You will enjoy the reliability and speed of the styler.

by EAL Care
Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

Our first encounter with the Dyson Corrale Straightener cordless magnificence was when it first made its debut last year. The beauty of this marvel is in the ingenious ergonomic design that has put the Dyson Team on the map as the most sophisticated Flat iron out there and the ultimate hair taming tool that just might bench our beloved GHDs. We naturally jumped at the opportunity to review this remarkable product and as your trusty authority on cool life gadgets we had our best reviewers with at least three hair types and varied preferences try out this pricey kit. Read this to understand just why it is that this little devil is making such a fuss on the net for being the coolest fresh new hair straightener.

Key Design Features of the Dyson Corrale Straightener

  • Super-fast Heat up times
  • Three heating levels
  • Ample temperature range 165ºC to 210ºC
  • Auto shut feature
  • Cordless operation
  • Flexing manganese copper alloy latest

Heating Process

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

The Dyson Corrale is one of a kind flat iron because of its super-fast heating times of about half a minute. This means that you are up and ready within a short time because you have not got all day to get ready for your appointment. Heating is achieved with high value and well-designed elements which Dyson also claims lasts for a small eternity. Their 25-35 seconds wait time is impressive as it is basically the time you take glancing at your hair in the mirror to discern the extent of the damage.

You will love the feature where you can tweak the temperature depending on your type of hair and the condition it is in. The machine allows you to preset three levels of temperature from 165ºC, 185ºC to 210ºC. This means you can get even the trickiest of hair situations well managed but ordinarily don’t have to harm your hair. We found it practical because there are times when you require more heat but most times you just way moderate heat not to damage your hair. In case you are wondering, it only takes about five seconds or less to bring it up from 185 to that blazing 210 degrees.


Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

Using the machine actually brings out the intricate ergonomic design that the Dyson design team threw behind this revolutionary new device. When they said flexing Manganese Copper Alloy plates they actually meant that literary. Flexing plates are possible thanks to today’s leaps in technology and work around your hair not to break it. The bending also allows for more hair to flow between the plates at a time. This feature also works well with the lower temperature setting to ensure less hair breakages. This latest invention beats the floating plate’s technology hands down.

Another priced feature of this hair machine is the ability to work with or without a cord. If you decide to hook it up then you enjoy the rope length of nearly five meters. The cord is swiveled and goes into the bottom of the handset so that it does hardly get in the way. The cordless operation can run well for just about thirty minutes which is pretty impressive. We did not notice any difference between corded and cordless operation. The auto-shut feature makes sure you never waste charge. It is not obvious but you can use the device while it is charging so there is that.

Our testers agreed that the device is probably the best pick for fly away hair and two of them also had extensions. All testers also agreed that even at the lowest setting of 165 it was able to effectively straighten hair with lasting result. This setting was also the most energy efficient which is two birds with one stone.

If you are looking to buy this item then it is most likely that you are looking for an easy carry on for your trips out of town. This device is perfect for that as it features a sleek and portable device that gives thought to every scenario. It can adapt to various power outlet levels and does not need recharging that often. It only takes a little over an hour for a full charge which ordinarily should not present a challenge for your travel schedule.

Battery Life

Dyson Corrale Straightener Review

The Dysons decided to equip this latest toy with a powerful four-cell lithium-ion battery. This means you get your thirty minutes and two to three uses on a single charge. A small infinity if you ask anyone who has be so unlucky as to own some other brands we cannot mention. With normal operation, you only need to dock the iron on its stand and it will start charging while not in use.

The thirty minute rated for wireless operation of this device is a good value for the money. At the very least, it gets the work done and will not disappoint between charges. Obviously, you get more time with the lower temperature setting. More importantly, the battery operation is almost flawless for this device so that the battery life actually means a lot for you the final user.

The extra safety features enables you to lock the jaws shut after using the device so that your little ones are not in a position to burn themselves on it. It also means you can put it away nicely without worrying about a gaping hole in your bag.


Without fear or favor, we will recommend the Dyson Corrale Straightener to anyone who is overlooking cheap costs in favor of a lighter more functional design. We do have to factor in the higher price tag and the fact that ordinary GHDs even with their rigidity can achieve similar finishes on hair. Just the same, there exists a special group of people for whom money is no object where quality is concerned. If you are one of these people, you will enjoy your ownership of the new Dyson Corrale straightener.

Easy charging and long battery life.

Comes with a flight mode feature to disconnect the internal battery.

Dual voltage adapter.

Lock button for increased safety.

Good for fly away hair and extensions.

Works better compared to some corded straighteners.

A trusty two-year guarantee.
Free gifts in the box.
A bit heavier than corded straighteners.

Is pricey.

Does not catch short hair easily.

Sounds awful on split ends.

Cannot stand up on its side.
How does the Corrale brand do against the GHDs?

The device is proven to be more flexible than GHDs in several ways. It is cordless and can flex the plates. It can alter the heat and is still budget friendly given the premium features packed into the little thing. If convenience ranks higher than a cheap price for you then you should have no trouble ditching the GHDs for a more sophisticated and adjustable ultra-modern device.

What is included in this purchase price?

It is not much but you might want to know that the straightener also comes with an ergonomic pouch in addition to the stand and charging head. With the pouch, you can safely secure your device in your suitcase for your trips and always know where it is. It’s a simple association, the pouch reminds you of your iron so you don’t lose it.

Is my Dyson Corrale straightener under warranty?

Dyson covers for parts and repairs on the entire device should anything happen to it that is not you running it over with your car within the first 24 months of purchasing it. This warranty says all about the level of confidence this manufacturer has with their straightener. Two years is pretty good mileage for warranted use and this should hopefully give you peace of mind as you spend well over $400 on this accessory.

Why is this better than a cod only straightener?

This is a versatile machine you can use for several needs and uses such as curling and straightening. The flexible plates make the job that much easier. They do not actually bend in a way you can make out but they disallow that clamping effect that cause more hair to split and break.

What does the flight mode do?

They seem to have thought about every scenario the user may encounter with this model. Since you might find your new traveling companion in this model, they made so you can fly safely and compliant. It has this tab that you can use to disconnect the internal battery from the circuitry completely. This way, you are assured of the safety of the device even when you put it in your bag.

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Olive Oil for Hair and Skin

Olive oil is regarded as the golden liquid and is regarded to be highly helpful for skin and also for health (edibles). However, there is much other use of the same too. Before going into those, check out the different supports that olive oil gives to the skin. Might be most of the uses are known to you, but in most cases, you are not aware of the reasons why they are useful. As you go through this article you will be able to know the full details. Hence, start off with the benefits of olive oil for your skin. Olive Oil for Hair and Skin

  • Olive oil for your skin is very much effective to nourish it and reduce the aging factor. There is in fact, none other natural ingredients, which is so much effective on the skin for reducing the aging quality of it. The fact that is responsible for the same is none but the excellent vitamin E content of the oil that does the rest of the things. It is also for this Vitamin E, that you get the essential glow in your skin with the application of Olive oil.
  • Moisturizing your skin can be essentially done by the application of Olive oil. There is no other element that is better an agent than olive oil in this regards. For this excellent quality of olive oil, it is also used in different cosmetic items too, by adding chemicals to solidify it. The metabolic function of it is usually less and hence, when you buy some olive oil items from the market, you will always find that the oil is mixed with certain other extracts.
  • Olive oil is very good in terms of making your skin very much shiny and that is not all, you can get the very best results from those when you apply the same for cracked heels. The oil acts as a medicine in those cases. It is again due to the moisture that is added in the skin from the oil.
  • Another great use of olive oil is to remove the makeup from your skin. Be it your face or your body parts, makeup can be easily removed from your skin using olive oil. The most important thing is that your skin will not be harmed by any means, while you apply the same for removing your makeup and the makeup can be so much deep, but the application of olive oil will do the work like magic.
  • Another great support of olive oil is when you apply the same for your brittle nails. The healing of the nails cannot be done so fast and so effectively by any other ingredient than the olive oil.

OLIVE OIL FOR HAIR Olive Oil for Hair and Skin

The above details are known to you in this way or that way. Most of the olive oils that are available in the market are for the skin use only and hence the application is so much known to you. It might happen that the reason why the oil is effective is not known to you, but the uses were known to you. Now we will be stating some of the things that you never ever have thought or listened – application of olive oil on your hair. Olive oil is very much effective for your hair also and here goes the list o the benefits of the same for your hair –
  • Among the three help that olive oil gives to your hair and the roots of those, the first one is related to the hair fall. If you are having issues with your hair related to the broken hairs and split hairs, then also, you are going to get the best results from olive oil only. Due to the Vitamin E content of the oil, you will find this healing technique in Olive oil and that is quite naturally there in the oil itself.
  • The second effect that it puts is related to dandruff. Dandruff is the dry cells and that is the effect of roughness of your head scalp. The moisturizing factor of olive oil and the Vitamin E content of it act here perfectly and that supports the dandruff control quite effectively.
  • The third effect is again due to the vitamin E content of the oil and that helps in the healing of the rough hairs. Hairs of many are rough naturally and they can be made healthy, nourished and shiny by the use of olive oil. Similar to the way that it makes your skin look glowing in case of the hair too, it will nourish those with the effect of the vitamin E and finally with the aid of the moisturizing agent, the hair of yours becomes naturally beautiful.


Olive Oil for Hair and Skin In India, getting natural olive oil is really tough – you will have to get the seeds and crush them to oil at your home. There are some of the market available olive oils too that uses very fewer chemicals on it. You can go for those too. However, olive oil is not only available in the market in the form of oil or seeds. Due to the rich vitamin E content of the oil and for the rich moisturizing agent of the seeds, the same is used in different medicines. Some of the medicines are orally applicable too, but there are some of the ointments that are good for your skin and also for hair. As you have gone through the above details, one thing is very much clear to you now – Olive oil is really good for your skin as well as for your hair. The oil has many qualities when it is accessed as edible oil too. Hence, it can be easily said that olive oil is really helpful for you in different ways. Hence get the aid now and find the right support. There are different types of oil extracts of olive seeds. Check out those also, as you go through the oil at the stores.

Benefits of Coconut for Hair and Skin

Coconut is one of the healthiest substituents, as is regarded for hair. There are so many oils in the market that is prepared from coconut milk and each of them nourishes the hair in different ways. Check out the different benefit it does to the hair.

Coconut for Hair

Benefits of Coconut for Hair
  • Coconut has antioxidants in it and through that, it helps to keep the air and the scalp of yours naturally rich. The richness it provides is not by adding protein contents to the hair or to the scalp, but it simply locks the protein of the hair and hence helps to keep the protein within the hair and their roots.
  • In some of the oil, which you will get from the market, you will find that protein content is separately added to the product, but the richness coconut adds to your hair is not only for that protein that is added. It contains fatty acids in it and that helps the hair to be nourished from its roots.
  • Other than the above-mentioned things, coconut does provide a lot of thing to hair, their roots and also to the scalp and one such help is in the form of dandruff resistance. Pure coconut extract will not allow the hair cells to die before age and hence the dry cells are not produced at that level.
  • Another great thing that the coconut does is to make the hair roots strengthened by the application of the fatty acids in those. Due to this fatty acid, the hair roots are strengthened and hence hair fall reduces abruptly.
  • It does another thing to your head and that is in the form of stopping the itching of the scalp. Most of the time the itching is due to dandruff and since dry cells are reduced abruptly and rapidly by coconut, as a result of that, you will feel that your head scalp has stopped the random itching effects.

Coconut for Skin

Benefits of Coconut for Skin The above things are known to you more or less. You might not be aware of the reasons of the effects that coconut does, but the effects of the same were very much known to you, as you got some of those results, as you applied the commercial items that are available in the market. However, there is something that you don't know and might be this is the first time you are hearing – Coconut is very much useful to your skin. This is the best ingredient in fact for your skin and even better than olive and mustard. Here are the different things that you will get from coconut for your skin –
  • The first thing that coconut and its oil essentially do to the skin is that it moisturizes the skin. The main thing that does this is not the coconut oil or coconut milk, but in each of the items, you will get the effect as coconut has this property in itself. The fatty acid content of coconut is responsible for this thing and that is the biggest part coconut and its oil can give you, which even cannot be provided by the popular body oils.
  • Keeping the skin oily is the next attribute of coconut and that is also due to the metabolic property of coconut that it is due to the fatty acid content in it. For this purpose, coconut and its milk are many a time used in the different moisturizing soaps and even in the different commercial moisturizer items. You can well consider this to be one of the major properties of coconut too.
  • Stopping dry cells of the skin is another effect that you will get from the use of coconut on your skin and that is again due to the excellent metabolic function of the coconut extract. The most important property of coconut is that it contains antioxidant agents and that helps in the preservation of the cell components and as a result of the same, the skin remains nourished and glowing and that happens naturally.
  • Help to heal wounds is another property of coconut and that is due to the effect of the antimicrobial nature of it. The oil reacts with the skin and increases the capacity to heal faster, as it increases the immune function of the skin of yours. For this reason, coconut oil extract is used in different medicines, which are to be applied externally on your skin.
  • Coconut, for its antioxidant composition and also for the antimicrobial function, reduces acne and other skin diseases too. If you are facing really menaces due to acne that come out due to pollution and excess humidity you can apply coconut oil on the skin, on those areas and also on all body parts. The result will be seen instantly if natural oil is used. The disease-fighting ability of coconut is one of the major reasons, why it is so much effective on the skin.

Application in Medicines, Oils and Soaps

Benefits of Coconut The above reason is the most important fact for which you will find that coconut extract has been used in the hair oils and also in the different soaps. Accidentally, you will not find many body oils to use the extracts and instead apply different chemicals to bring out that function. To get the best effect of the same, you can also use coconut milk directly on your hair and on the body. The result is not only the same but more effective. The extract of coconut is so good that there is absolutely no need to mix any other chemicals to it. The application of the same in the case of different skin applicable ointments is also seen. You will not find the name of coconut in the ingredients, but you will find that there is written – some antimicrobial agents and one of the best such agent is none but coconut extract. Hence, if you can manage coconut, then there is even no need to get some items from the stores – the pure extract is sufficient for your purpose.

by EAL Care

Everyone loves to have the gorgeous hair because just like the face, the hairs also place an important role in boosting the beauty of the individual. If you check 5 out of 10 Individual, they do not have the silky and shiny hair. Do you the reason for that? Because of the environmental factors, aging factors, and less care to the hair, the human hair becomes lifeless within one or few years. The biggest relief for the person having the lifeless hair is they can still retain their hair and make it gorgeous, silky, and shiny again. When you take the hair texture type, there are three types of hair textures normally which includes thin hair, medium hair, and thick hair. Also, human hair types are available in three classes which include straight, curly, wavy, and tightly curled hair. You need to know about your hair texture and type of hair so that you can use the right natural treatment on your hair for the better results. Are you also one such individual looking for a way to improve the hair texture naturally within weeks? If yes, then it means you are in the right place now. We are now going to put the end card for your boring and dull hair because here in this article, we have added amazing tips for you to improve hair texture. Continue your reading to know what they are.

1. Use the Natural Coconut Oil

Tips to Improve Your Hair Texture Naturally Most of the people do not know the real value of the coconut oil. Using coconut oil in the hair will help the user to improve the texture in the hair. The moisturizing property in the coconut oil is very high, so this good property will not only improve the texture of the hair but also protect the hair from the breakage problems. If you continuously use the coconut oil daily, then you can also put the end card of the split ends in the hair. How to Use Take the coconut oil in the hand, and apply on the scalp and hair. Massage for 2 minutes and keep it undisturbed for 1 hour. Wash the oil with shampoo and apply the conditioner for the better results.

2. Apply the Amla Powder

Tips to Improve Your Hair Texture Naturally Amla is cheap to buy, and it has good property to improve the hair texture to an extent. Antioxidants and vitamin C content is high in the Amla fruit extract/powder, so it will help you to improve your hair texture in an effective way. Also, users can use the raw Amla to get the shiny, smooth and gorgeous hair within months. How to Use Get the Amla from the nearest market in your area, and make the powder with it. Mix the amla powder with the hair packs available in the market and apply in your hair for 30 minutes and wash off with cold water. Repeat the same for at least 3 times a week.

3. Use Aloe Vera Gel

Tips to Improve Your Hair Texture Naturally Nutrient level found in the Aloe Vera is damn so high, and that is the reason why you can use the aloe vera gel to improve your hair texture. Also, aloe vera gel works well with your hair and gives a gorgeous look in a short time. It promotes hair growth, and add the smooth, silky appearance. Hair will get strong from the root region, and the split ends the problem will get disappeared. How to Use You can use the Aloe vera without using any third party products or hair packs. Take the aloe vera leaf, cut it using the sharp too. Take the Aloe vera gel and apply it directly. After 1 hour, wash it off with cold water.

4. Apply the Olive Oil

Tips to Improve Your Hair Texture Naturally Olive oil has proven results for improving hair texture. You can apply it straight on the scalp and hair. Olive oil is enriched with vitamin E, so hair will grow fast and gets thicker with continuous usage. How to Use Take the oil in your both hands, and apply on the scalp and hair. Do the massage for around 2 minutes, and Keep it undisturbed for an hour. Wash it off with any of the available mild shampoos. Finally, don’t forget to apply the hair conditioner.

5. Use the Eggs

Tips to Improve Your Hair Texture Naturally To solve the hair texture problem, the egg is the perfect solution. The available protein content in the egg improves the hair texture and gives a good shiny appearance within months. The hair will become soft and looks gorgeous after the continuous usage. Hair growth will get stimulated, and the hairs will become thicker day by day. How to Use Take one egg, break and put it inside the bowl. Smash it well, and apply on your hair directly. Some people might not feel good with the smell but if you ignore the smell, you will get good results like never before.

6. Curry Leaves

Tips to Improve Your Hair Texture Naturally Most people do not know that Curry leaves will work and improve their hair textures. Using the curry leaves on the hair will treat the damaged hair well, reduce the hair fall problem and prevent premature hair greying. How to Use Make a paste with the Curry leaves, and apply them directly on the hair. If needed, you can make them into a powder, and use it with any oil. To see the positive results, use the same procedure for around 2-3 weeks continuously.

7. Apply Yogurt

Tips to Improve Your Hair Texture Naturally Lactic acid is high in the Yogurt and it contains a lot of multivitamins too, so using the yogurt for improving the hair texture will help you to regain the smooth, silky and gorgeous appearance back on the damaged hair again. Yogurt helps to get rid of dandruff and reduces the hair fall. How to Use You can use the yogurt along with the available hair packs in the market. Also, you can apply it directly on the scalp and hair for 30 minutes. Finally, do not forget to wash off with the cold water. These seven easily available items will help you to get smooth and gorgeous hair by improving the hair texture. Follow any of the above tips regularly and walk with the stunning hair all day. Happy Smiling!

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Tips to Grow Hair Faster

Everyone desires long hair, isn’t it? There are specific things you should do in order to attain long hair. You no longer have to spend money purchasing ineffective products for your hair. Here, we will give you important and proven tips to grow your hair faster than expected. Check out the below tips on how to grow your hair:

1. Visiting your Dermatologist

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Have you tried different products in vain about growing your hair? If yes, consider visiting your dermatologist. A dermatologist is an expert specialized to help people with different skin conditions. Mostly, stagnant hair growth might be attributed to scalp problems. Therefore, dermatologists will exam your scalp and hair at large before advising you on the way forward. There are instances where lack of hair growth is attributed by lack of specific deficiencies and low thyroid, among others. Afterwards, your dermatologist might recommend injections or medication to help rectify these problems. Visit a dermatologist immediately you identify any hair growth problems. Early diagnosis might rectify the problem and prevent further damage.

2. Considering Hair Transplant

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Have you ever considered hair transplant to help you attain faster hair? Hair transplant have come a long way. In fact, some celebrities have enhanced their hair growth through hair transplant. No one can differentiate between hair transplant and genuine hair. Generally, hair on the back of your scalp is transferred to the crown of the scalp. Hair from the back of your scalp can rarely be affected by any hormonal change. As a result, you are assured of fast hair growth. Please note that your transplanted hair will grow the same rate as the normal hair.

3. Gently Handle your Hair

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Please note that how you handle your hair determines if your hair grows fast or not. Do you have a habit of incorporating braids and tight ponytail? If yes, you should avoid these trends if you want your hair to grow fast. These two hairstyles generally stress your hair follicles. This can make your hair fall out after continuous plaiting these hairstyles. Therefore, adopt different hairstyles after every three months. This gives your hair some breathing space. A change of hairstyle has also been linked to increased hair growth. You should also be gentle when washing your hair as it can be break in the process.

4. Be Cautious on the Shampoo you Use

Tips to Grow Hair Faster As we all know, there are different kinds of shampoo you can use purchase in the market for your hair. Some shampoos are hair friendly, whereas others contain harmful substances such as sulfate. Always checkout the components used in the preparation of shampoo. Try your best and use thickening shampoos. Thickening shampoos can greatly increase the volume and length of your hair. Most of thickening shampoos are known to swell hair follicles, thus increase your hair volume on your head. Additionally, shampoo helps eliminate different dirt from pilling up on your scalp. As a result, your hair easily attains all the vital nutrients.

5. Don’t overwash your Hair

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Cleanliness is one of the essentials needed for fast hair growth. Washing your hair cleans your scalp from different types of dirt, which when can hinder hair growth. Regular hair wash also helps in the distribution of natural oils. However, some people overwash their hair. Overwashing ranges from aggressive hair scrubbing to washing your hair now and then. Aggressive hair scrubbing damages your follicles by making them weak or even break. Washing your hair now and then can deprive off your hair natural oils, which protect your hair. Natural oils also support the growth of long hair by strengthening hair follicles.

6. Give your Scalp Attention

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Do you know that the help of your scalp determines the growth rate of your hair? Dermatologists state that a lot of people don’t pay attention on their scalp. Scalp can dry up causing hair breakage or build up dirt if neglected for a long period. Oil, dandruffs and hair products can build up in a specific region on the head. This bars the hair from properly growing. Therefore, regularly massage your hair with shampoo while washing it. This stimulates hair around the scalp to increase in terms of growth. Massaging your scalp also distributes natural oils, which increases your hair growth rate.

7. Avoid Overdoing your Hair with Dry Shampoo

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Dry shampoo is used to wash off any product build up, eliminate grime and any dirt. In most cases, some people apply the dry shampoo on their hair and leave it for a while before washing it off. There are instances where some traces of dry shampoo are left to accumulate. This can clog your hair follicles, leading to damage and inflammation. Based on this, the rate of your hair growth will be stagnant. Therefore, avoid using dry shampoo every time you bath. This will prevent unnecessary build up, making your hair growth rate increase.

8. Investing in Heat Protectant Products

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Do you regularly use heat products such as curling iron, straightener, curling iron and blow dryer, among others? These products use heat when styling up your hair. The use of excessive heat can damage your hair. This is the reason you are encouraged to adjust the setting of the heat. Set a reasonable heat levels, so that it doesn’t destroy your hair follicles. In such instances, invest in a good heat protectant products. These heat protectant products ensure that direct heat doesn’t get into contact with your hair. In addition to all these, evaluate the number of times you adopt heat oriented hairstyles. Regularly adopting these hairstyles pose numerous risks on your hair such as breakage and damage, among others. Hair experts encourage you to give your hair some break before adopting heat oriented hairstyles.

9. Wearing a Hat

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? If yes, make an effort of protecting your hair from direct UV rays that can damage your hair cuticles. This heat penetrates directly on your hair, draining off its natural oils. Try your best and regularly wear a hat. A Hat will protect your hair from these UV rays, which can slow down the growth rate of your hair. Wearing a hat ensures your hair is properly nourished, thus enhancing its growth rate. Additionally, a hat minimizes the risk of getting exposed to free radicals. Free radicals can destroy your hair cells.

10. The use of a Humidifier

Tips to Grow Hair Faster As we all know, humidifier is recommended for people who live in locations with dry air. It is used to hydrate hair. In the process, people with dry hair can greatly benefit from using a humidifier. Humidifiers are capable of repairing damaged hair and hydrate it at the same time. This enhances the rate in which your hair grows. Hydrated and healthy hair grows faster when compared to damaged and dry hair. You are encouraged to use a humidifier, especially during the cold months. Our hair is exposed to numerous risks such as breaking, getting damaged and being frizzed during cold season. Moisture retained by your hair because of using a humidifier enhances the production of natural oils by your scalp. These natural oils ensure your hair follicles remain strong and healthy as they grow.

11. Learn How to Manage Stress

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Emotional, mental and physical stress can reduce the rate in which your hair grows. This can get worse and result into hair loss. Therefore, you should avoid stress at all cost and have enough sleep in order to grow your hair fast. Dermatologists and doctors at large have successfully proven that stress alters your hair cycle pattern. This is the reason you should engage yourself in stress relieving activities such as working out, meditation or yoga. Don’t allow stress to accumulate in your body. Always find a way of getting rid of stress before it accumulates to the extreme levels.

12. Consume a Healthy Diet

Tips to Grow Hair Faster Eating a healthy diet is the secret towards increasing the growth rate of your hair. Our hair requires different types of nutrients to attain healthy hair, which will grow at a high rate. These nutrients range from Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc, omega 3 fats and Iron, among others. Look for meals rich in these components to enhance the rate at which your hair grows. Your hair follicles should be properly nourished to grow strong. Ensure you consume at least healthy meals each day to enhance the rate in which your hair grows.

13. The use of Supplements

Tips to Grow Hair Faster There are numerous readymade supplements you can use on the market to increase the growth rate of your hair. These supplements contain different nutrients. These nutrients can deliver instant results within a short period. In fact, a lot of people prefer these supplements because they are safe. Don’t damage your hair by investing in harmful hair products in order to attain long hair. Try and use the above tips to increase your hair growth rate. These tips are being used by numerous people across the globe everyday to growth their hair faster. Don’t be left out. Choose any of the above tips today.

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