Bio Ionic Powerlight Pro Dryer Review

There was a time shopping for the best hair dryer for you was so easy that you could close your eyes, point and that’s it! This was in part due to the one size fits all mentality where people accepted run-off-the-mill solutions to their daily needs, not just in hair care but in all aspects of everyday life. Today, we have wised up, and we know that there is a fantastic hot tool out there for everyone, and it all depends on your hair type and preferences. It entails looking at your habits and preferred styles, including how trustworthy you can be not to set your own head on fire. A big part of the equation, however, is the quality of hair care tools that you are using, and that is where we come in. The problem of today is no shortage of information but too much of it. To sift through all the garbage online and get the suitable dryer for you this season is no easy. We would love to help! Read this to the end before you go out and buy a blow dryer that you might have to discard.

This post will touch on the Bio Ionic Power Light Pro Dryer by Bio Ionic, which is a significant contender in the new category of stylers that have come with the technological revolution in the hair and beauty industry towards innovative ware and customizable options for every user’s specific needs.

It sports the new airflow 1875W motor, which is faster and more efficient than previous models and promises a constant stream of air with less harmful hotspots in the hair. Weighing in at a mere 1 lb., The Power light is aptly named and deserves a place among the top ten powerful and light dryers in the world. You can literary use this all day long in a salon setup without developing the wrist problems or feeling like it’s quite the workout it can be when you are juggling a 1.5lb dryer. This styler will let you leave the work at the gym, where you have counterbalanced weights for healthy exercise and make your blowout experience a breeze.

Here is our experience with the Bio Ionic Power Light Pro dryer; we always have a team of experts look into every new product in the market and bring you easily digestible and averaged information based on their reviews.


  • Lightweight for easy handling and prolonged use.
  • A.C motor is more reliable than D.C.
  • Time-saving and hair moisturizing Negative ion technology.
  • Better power efficacy.
  • Better accessories for a holistic experience.


  • Expensive.
  • Switches on the handle make it difficult to control.

Bio Ionic Powerlight Pro Dryer


The Bio Ionic Power Light Pro-Dryer is a little cool-looking device that is surprisingly able to drive water out of your hair in no time. Like many of the Siblings under the same brand, it is a thoughtfully designed product for professional and personal use and takes care of hair which is the sole reason for the company’s existence.

The most notable feature of the Power Light Pro Dryer by Bio Ionic is its lightweight, and this brings pure delight even before you plug it in. It is considerably quiet and drives a smooth stream of air with no impurities through your hair. A first run will confirm the dryer’s ability to condition and shine your hair with the Nano beads technology that is similar to what they have in the DryBar Buttercup dryer.

The Nano-ionic mineral combination, which must be a top-secret of these two brands, makes it easier for hair to hydrate while drying, which conditions it and reduces frizz. You want safely dry hair without causing some strands to frazzle entirely until they are destroyed.

As a Bio Ionic, we would expect that the dryer takes into consideration the static effects of blowing air through hair, and it does! Ionic tech used in this device makes it counterbalance the static charges in hair and help it stay information for longer. It addresses several problems and gives an amicable solution whether you blow-dry often or not. The easy-to-use mechanisms and beautiful sleek design will lure you to more blowouts naturally as it becomes easier and less time-consuming.


The Bio Ionic Power Light provides all the delicate balance of requirements for styling hair. You want to dry hair without baking it under a hot draft. If we wanted an air fryer, we would not need to spend as much money to get one, so it is a good thing that this dryer does not behave like one. Instead, it has enriched infrared heat, which leaves hair as a softy and silky mane in a single go. The machine is built for anti-frizz and will tame static-like nothing you have handled before. It is a powerful machine and leaves no place untouched with its hydration first procedure to leave your hair feeling and looking healthy and clean.


The Bio Ionic Power Light uses an alight but robust A.C motor which can be relied upon for longevity even with continuous and prolonged use. It is one of the most favorite hair tools in the beauty industry because hairstylist highly recommends it for various users of different hair intensities. An A.C. motor is also relatively quieter and more energy-efficient than their D.C. counterparts on account of less sparking and no need for conversion of power to D.C., which results in significant losses.

The performance attributes of the A.C. motor definitely translate to higher costs compared to D.C. ones which means that you can expect to part with more cash for this beauty as compared to other D.C. machines. But if you are tired of buying another one of the brushed motor hair dryers every now and then, you probably know the importance of buying for long-term investment. First-time buyers will enjoy the reliability and durability of this product, and not likely that they will be bothered with future repairs.

You will also love that the Io Ionic Pro-light is more energy-efficient compared to the average mainstream Iron. The makers claim up to 75% better efficiency, but this is as we came to conclude a vague claim because they did not say what the dryers they are comparing this product to so we could roast them are. Yes, there is truth in that A.C. dryers are more efficient and power saving compared to D.C. ones, and generally speaking, you will have a lesser bill If you have been using D.C. machines.

The downside to choosing A.C. motor-driven dryers is, however, that you have less control over the output speed, and the dryer will come with a considerably lower number of speed levels. Notice here we are not talking about the maximum speed but the number of stages you can decide to style.


The Power Light moisturizes and conditions hair and is a complete joy to have and use on most hair types. If you run a salon, you will find this dryer superbly reliable and durable, but also, most importantly, it will be working with you to boost clients’ esteem and exceed their expectations. You have been in this industry long enough, and then you know without a doubt the importance of having the right tools to back you up. All that matters is the results you can deliver and how long patrons spend at your chair versus how long the styles last on the various hair types and ambient weather. To that end, this Bio Ionic styler will not let you down.


The Power light Ionic employs a new Nanobeads technology that incorporates mineral pellets in the design strategically placed to inject negative ions into the air stream. This helps combat frizz and keep complete dryness away. What you get is beautiful and moisturized hair which is a healthier practice. The dryer also comes which additional nozzles, which is a big plus if you like to get creative or have to work on different styles.

Bio Ionic Power Light Pro Dryer is a solid buy because of its features and performance record as well the meaningful extras you get from the purchase. One of the most significant troubles you could experience as a hairdresser with a cheap hair dryer is weight. Leave weights for the gym and buy the super light Bio Ionic Power Light today!

Is the Bio Ionic Power Light a worthy investment?

Yes, for the price, the dryer is actually worth the money, but if you have a low budget, then do not insist on it and buy a cheaper alternative. You can consider a DryBar Buttercup for up-to-the-minute technology.

What is the motor in the Power Light dryer?

The Power Light Dryer uses a robust A.C motor which is proven to be more reliable for prolonged use and much quieter compared to the competition.

Would I suggest this Bio Ionic Dryer?

Yes, the Power Light by Bio Ionic is a hit for efficiency and time-saving. It does not deteriorate with use and will manage everyday use by professionals.

May 3, 2021