Bio Ionic GoldPro Smoothing Styling Iron Review
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Bio Ionic GoldPro Smoothing Styling Iron Review

The Bio Ionic GoldPro is a professional-level hair straightener that combines 24K gold plates and proprietary ceramic mineral complex to straighten, moisturize and lock in the moisture for attractive and lasting hairstyles on healthy hair. It is fresh from the famous GoldPro Styling Collection and today we are privileged to review it for you ahead of everyone else.

We have worked with Bio Ionic for a long time and we would like to think we understand and fairly accredit their products as providing some of the fastest and reliable styling solutions for home and salon. They always have a surprise for the industries sourcing some unique technologies and compound formulations to give hair styling a makeover.

Featuring smooth temperature control and a reliable Digital ceramic heater this styler is able to give a unique shine thanks to its special mineral infusion.

We are always eager to check out a Bio Ionic because we are confident that they are less likely to cause irreparable damage to hair. We expected this particular iron to measure up to at least half of what other top sellers from the same mother brand were able to achieve. They always impress with luxurious and indisputably superior quality of results and hair health.

This might be just the right size and specification for your head and an enjoyable value-packed investment. Keep reading to find out if this is for you; first we check out the specs in detail then delve into the performance so you get to know how true the claims are outside of la conditions.

  • Bioceramic MCH Peter
  • Far infrared heat
  • Professional cord 9 feet
  • Lightweight design
  • Automatic shut off after 1 hour
  • Universal voltage
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 24k gold plates for even distribution of heat
  • Superior shine and condition with ceramic mineral complex
  • Digital temperature control at 450 F
  • No silicone strips
  • No sonic vibration
  • Short warranty duration
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Complete Review of Bio Ionic GoldPro Smoothing Flat Iron


Bio ionic is an award winning brand for healthy styling with powerful and responsive heating. It is the go to brand for radiant and healthy hair without frizz and locking. The whole idea of ionic technology is captured under the spectrum of Bio Ionic hot tools so well that the brand is synonymous with the concept of ionic boosting and negative ion therapy.

Bio ionic gold pro smoothing styling iron that’s some serious ceramic heating technology infused with a proprietary mineral complex that helps to lock in moisture in every strand while selling and smoothing the cuticle for healthier voluminous and shiny hair. This is a style that is dedicated to ensuring that your hair stays healthy and hydrated by producing negative ions that repels water molecules deeper into the hair strands and sealing the cuticle.

The 24k gold coating on the one inch plates helps the plates heat up super-fast and deliver even and consistent heat along the hair sections from the root to the tips. This even heating helps achieve that professional style with a superior condition shine and longevity.

The bio ceramic MCH heater also helps with lower temperature styling thanks to the far infrared technology which reduces the heat requirements for achieving pin straight hair. This flat iron is made for the professional hair and beauty industry with enough cord length of 9 feet and 360 degrees swivel.

Heating Process

The styler can manage up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and features adjustable heat control and bio ceramic heaters. The bio ceramic heater is a new advancement for a ceramic heating and ionic technology that locks in styles increasing their longevity. Digital temperature control makes this feel like the high-end responsive styler it is.

 The proprietary mineral infusion adds to the gold price modern styling iron the ability to infuse moisture and condition. The 24k gold not only ensures even heat distribution that was so smooth and step lights for effortless gliding through hair.


We have reviewed other products in the gold pro styling collection and the gold pro smoothing styling iron stands out as an extraordinary piece of equipment that will change how you style hair for good particularly if you are evolving from a lower caliber of flat irons under $100.

We like that god is able to save room all the way around and it feels really light to work with. The heat settings actually work and feel like a smooth transition while you don’t have to take forever to get it up to the correct temperature. We found that you require less heat to style with this iron as compared to non-ionic flat irons.

With this flat iron we were able to achieve smoother and silkier straight hairstyles while still retaining volume, great condition for hair and a healthy shine. Even though it can get pretty hot and scalding, this flat iron is truly a ceramic piece with aided infrared heat because you hardly have to get past 350F to achieve perfect results on normal hair types.

Hair Damage

This gold pro is the gentle flat iron with ceramic heating and responsive temperature control and so the chances of damaging your hair due overheating are slim. During our test we were able to ascertain that the census on this device is quite stable and responsive delivering a correct temperature confirmed with a thermal gun.

Just the same, any flat iron that goes high enough in temperature to style properly is also capable of worsening existing hair damage or even creating split ends. You will need to try out the various settings beginning from the lower temperatures and work your way up to the correct temperature for an impeccable and lasting result.

Battery Life

This Tyler does not come with any internal battery and has to be connected to the grid to work. It does support universal voltage if that’s any consolation for travelers. All you need is the travel adaptor that helps you plug into the outlets available in your hotel room to enjoy your fast and reliable heat tool. This is one of the most efficient flat irons in the market drawing only 43 watts per second from your power supply which means you can use it with your generator without losing valuable juice and performance.


If you’re looking for an ionic flat iron with 24k gold finish then this ceramic heater is a good match for you. It has nice and decent features that are worth way more than the charging for it and you are likely to get several years of good usage out of this styler. It weighs less than a pound and feels great in the poem which gives instant gratification even for the high price tag. Some of our testers have had this for several months and it seems to be a durable piece of hardware that never loses its aura.

Does this flat iron have warranty cover?

Yes, 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Is CHI a good Flat iron?

This is a top selling brand and an all-time favorite for hairstylist and celebrities all over.

How does the temperature adjust feature work?

This hair heat tool combines titanium plate technology with responsive heaters to create an ergonomic and light weight styler that restores the hair’s natural quality. It is equipped with advanced heat protection features to safeguard both hair and the iron from damage.

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