BIO IONIC 10X Pro vs GHD Gold Flat Iron

BIO IONIC 10X Pro vs GHD Gold Flat Iron

Bio Ionic and GHD are leading hair brands with top shelf products in the market competing for your attention as their customer. The Goal of the best beauty and hair brands is to make life easier for their customers and to provide genuine good times and in return reap the benefits. Nothing beats the customer ratings and approval when shoppers want to rank products to buy online and there is simply no shortcut to the top.

The best powerhouses in flat iron technology often spend thousands of man hours developing and testing out new designs to arrive at the one solution that is worthy of their paying customers. A single faulty product being recalled can cost the manufacturer millions in revenue and might as well run their business into the ground.

Good Hair Day is a world leader in flat iron and general hair care industry and their mission is clear from the name. The simplicity of their name is reflected in their top selling products which are neat and minimalist without the many buttons and clutter of functions but thrive on customer testimonies. The maker has earned respect among followers and people who have tried GHDs rarely touch any other brand despite being tenfold more expensive compared to some cheap plane Jane hair straighteners.

GHD has been around for quite some time having surfaced in 2001 in the UK and thrive to be an internationally known and loved brand among celebrity hair stylists and top tier salons around the world. The Gold series came out in 2011 nearly a decade after the launch of their first product. The golden eggs are the mini, classic and max.

Bio Ionic is a well-known alternative to GHD and a brand name that has been in direct competition for top spot with GHD since its inception.

Bio Ionic 10x ProGHD Gold
Bio Ionic 10x ProGHD Gold
Faster 10 min styling with vibrating plates.

Natural volcanic mineral infusion for constant heat and micro-hydration.

Ultimate shine and volume companion.

Rounded and tapered design for root to end styling.

Digital temperature control.

BioCeramic heaters.

Ergonomic sleek design.

Dual voltage 220 and 120 V ac.

Auto shut feature.

Confident purchase with 5 years warranty.
Takes 25 seconds to heat up thus ensuring quick styling of your hair.

Automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of non-use.

Ultra-zone™ with predictive technology.

Universal voltage.

Two heat sensors to monitor the temperature of the two plates over 250 times a second.

Has an optimum temperature of 365°F.

looks and feels fragile.

Cannot preset temperature so you have to do it manually each time.
Has one temperature settings.

Do not have a safety lock.

Has no storage case.

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron

Bio Ionic 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron

The 10x Pro Straightening Styling Iron features proprietary heating technology with digital controller. It is capable of delivering a constant 450F which is sufficient for tougher hair types.  This is thanks to the ceramic heating technology with multiple points of heat. The device can deliver constant and even heating to the plates with feedback control.

The 10X is super quick to heat up and the vibration makes it easy to straighten hair that is looking wet and get all the parts easily.  The vibration does kind of give this flat iron its unfair advantage over cheaper options with better heating elements.

The heating is just right for softer and silkier hair as well as tougher more reluctant hair to style. Our testers vouch for the tech not to split and break hair due to burning. It is nice that the mineral infusion does not make the plates less potent in terms of heat delivery to hair and getting it super ultra-straight or curly. The heat is good for subtle waves, full on rounded curls and straight styling. Read here complete review of Bio Ionic 10x Pro.

GHD Gold Flat Iron

GHD Gold Flat Iron

In this post we prefer to contrast the common features of the Gold series to Bio Ionic stylers rather than any one specific iron but with reference to the features of their classic styler. Theses straighteners have earned respect for their features and innovation such as the Dual zone tech which checks temperatures across both plates and corrects accordingly to avoid hotspots. The Dual zone feature requires sensors on both plates rather than just the one and they kind of compare notes.

The GHD family operates at the magical 365 degrees even though the intelligent plate sensors on the latest models may be doing more than just keep the temperature at this figure. This lack of controls for temperature adjustment can be viewed separately as either an advantage or disadvantage of buying a GHD. On the one hand you get assurance that you cannot possibly burn your hair on this flat iron provided the product is not faulty and on the other you have a limited flat iron which can be frustrating for people with extremely resistant or soft and delicate hair that requires higher or lower temperatures respectively.

Not surprisingly the GHD magic figure which they arrived at after years of testing and studies with science and hair skill involved works like a charm. The range of GHDs work for a huge number of people and there is a whole bunch of people out there including your neighborhood who will swear by the quality of GHDs. sadly, as good as they are, there are exceptions to the rule because some people with extreme hair types find themselves falling outside the scope of heat that GHDs offer. Read here complete review of GHD Gold Flat Iron.


The GHD Gold series features predictive heat technology which is able to determine what next as you are styling making it always on time and ready to bounce back for action when you are doing your passes. The Ultra zone sensors make over 250 measurements of the temperature per second then actuates instantaneous changes to the heating mechanism to maintain the correct temperatures.

This literary means that a single pass leaves the styler with over 500 corrections to make on the current temperature as it heat is transferred to hair in a continuous sweep. The intelligent sensors are able to determine your hair’s requirements and optimize performance around your specific hair needs.

The Gold straightener average 25 seconds for heat up which does not feel that long at all. It has also has the safety shut off feature when left idle so that there is reduced risk of fire when left plugged in by accident.

The GHD gold styler series comes with professional features such as various plate width and long swivel cord. They are also universal voltage and offer a portal to verify the authenticity of the products.

The 10x Pro straightener brings to the table a touch of natural mineral infusion which emit negative ions which benefit hair growth, volume and shine. Negative ions help pack water molecules into hair which keeps follicles soft and hydrated giving hair its natural luster back. This avoids a scenario where hair is dried out and starts to break with flyaway as is typical with cheap drugstore flat irons.


The 10x also comes with the Micro-hydration feature which is responsible for making hair moisturized and healthy even with every day use. It has a sleek ergonomic body which is made for comfort when using to avoid wrist and shoulder pains when working for longer with the tool. A rounded barrel enables styling without snags.

It also has that unique vibrating plate’s technology that makes hair smoothing faster and more efficient even with thicker volumes of hair.


The Bio Ionic 10X Pro flat iron also feature bio ceramic heaters which are way faster than ordinary elements in delivering faster more consistent heating. This rivals the most expensive items in the same category with the ability to heat consistently. Every manufacturer claims their heating is the best and we will see in a bit how the 10x Pro does in terms of heating performance.

The golden metal coated plates on the GHDs are equally smooth for an easier glide through hair which reduces strain on the hair and wrists. You will find this and other similar products by this manufacturer incredibly easy to use even when working on your own hair which is a bit difficult than meets the eye.


Both of these brands offer reliable products and do excellent jobs with many hair types and experience levels of clients. Because the GHD is more expensive it may feel a bit fragile and users complain that they feel like a giant egg they have to carry around and be careful not to break.  The Bio Ionic 10 X is also a top tier product and runs gamut without the seasonal offers.

We hope that in reading our reviews above you were able to form your own independent opinion of the products and their ability to solve your problems. With either of these brands you will get your hair done faster and with more perfect results. There are cheaper flat irons out there but Bio Ionic and GHDs will remain solid purchases given their ability to deliver while maintaining healthy hair.

March 7, 2021