10 Cool Best Friends Tattoo Design Ideas

Friends are some of the most valuable assets we can have. They say it is better to have a friend than to find yourself needing one. But the best friend is not a tittle we are so generous with when classifying our friends. For two people to refer to each other as best friends forever alias BFF, it has to be special. This kind of status is earned through sticking together and being there for each other through thick and thin.

Friends who reach this level of decorum are often rewarded with never ending love and respect and you will simply go to any length to let them never forget your friendship. While there is a plethora of ways you can cement and celebrate your friendship, one way is certainly getting matching friendship tattoo.

When you and your friend already love the idea of getting matching tattoos, especially when you are not high on some substance, then you are halfway done with this challenge. The real issue however comes in how you go about picking the right matching or identical friendship tattoo that best describes your pond if you were two peas in it.

Whether you choose matching, two parts of whole or contrasting tattoos, we have some ideas worth choosing down below.

1. String Telephone

You and your bestie may have enjoyed making string telephones for play date but it doesn’t have to end there. You can now make your friendship official for life with matching string telephone tattoo with the receiver on either end on one or the other partner. This is a meaningful tattoo and perhaps a promise to one another that you are always going to communicate despite the distance between the two of you and the challenges of growing up. Further, it makes a simple and cute standalone tattoo that will spark conversation and the placement couldn’t have been done better.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

2. Keep Wild And Safe

Among every couple of friends there is the wild one and the one who is sobering and grounding. For the perfect scenario and maximum fun, the balance must be had between the two opposing forces. It is friends who make you do crazy stuff or friends who make you remember the safety of home that is worth keeping. So now you can cement your relationship with matching best friends tattoo. If this tattoo best describes your relationship, then it should be natural which writing goes on whose hand.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

3. Best Friends Arrow Hearts Calf

When you and your best friend forever are looking to seal the deal in permanent ink there is no shortage of options for matching tattoos. This creative and cute simple tattoo is one of the choices you have to make it official and permanent on your pact for friendship. It ought to remind you of each other and your heartfelt friendship that should not end. The calf placement means you can show or hide your ink when you please and normally it should not be a bother for you. It makes sense to show your matching ink when going swimming or hiking together.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

4. Pinky Swear Friends Tattoo

You and your bestie may have made a promise to never break each other’s hearts and never to forget your friendship. As little kids you may have engaged in pinky promises but few people understand the severely of the punishment for breaching the pact. The origin of the pinky promise is Japanese where the person committed to keeping the promise failure to which they were liable to lose their little finger. Yes, it was that serious. The pinky promise is symbol of loyalty to friends and commitment to keep a promise.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

5. Sun And Moon Friends Tattoo

Many thousands of years back since the dawn of time, our world awed at the wonder of the sun and moon beyond the sky. Many myths were developed around the two heavenly bodies that ruled our skies. The moon dominated most cloudless skies while the sun scorched the ground by day. Even long before space exploration was possible, we knew these two bodies were in agreement and interrelated somehow. They were believed to have supernatural powers over our lives and even today in our secular world, they still inspire awe and wonder.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

6. Sun And Moon Mandala Design

Next we examine this mystical mandala design tattoo of a sun and Om center with a matching equally appealing crescent moon. The mandala represents wholeness and he Om symbol at the center is used in meditation as it is the sum of all sounds in the universe. The moon is a symbol of femininity and love and as the saying goes, live by the sun and love by the moon. This tattoo symbolizes the love and connection of two beings that complement each other with the moon symbolizing the love and femininity while the stands for masculine energy and provision for live.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

7. BFF Flower Tattoo

This friendship tattoo is depicted in a simple leafy flower that is matched on the other partner’s hand. It doesn’t say anything about love or any other writing but when these two are put together it is clear that they share everything in common. There are many ways to proclaim your love and friendship and this is a stealthy choice that is also cute even as a standalone tattoo. The flower is simply a gorgeous wrist tattoo and only you will know what it means to your relationship with your intimate friend.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

8. Matching Arrow Tattoo

When you find your soul mate then there is a good chance that you will seek out the best ink to keep you aligned in the same direction. Arrows are unidirectional tattoo images and this set is even decorated with matching gems. This tattoo gives a sense of direction and speed and can also indicate protection and defensiveness against aggression. These two tattoos on each arm can be easily crossed to make the symbol for allies in a war. You get this kind of tattoo with your buddy in arms and one who you can always count on to have your back.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

9. Hello Kitty Tattoo

The best tattoo idea for friends is something that you are both crazy about that other people find strange enough about the two of you. If that thing is Hello Kitty then there is no saying how singular your tattoo of the cute cat face will be. Whatever it is, it needs to be unique and common to both of your tastes. Maybe it relates to how you met or what you both absolutely love doing.

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

10. Harry Potter Tattoos For BFFS

When you and your BFF are totally mad about the series, we don’t see any problem with you getting it inked in a matching tattoo except choosing what the hell on earth to tat. There are so many regalia, mythical creatures and scenes in the series that you cannot have it all on one body. You would need to scale down to individual pixels to put it all down under the skin but even then there is a whole other dimension you would be missing. If you can’t decide which of the bazillion harry porter tattoos best suits you and your friend, we will make easy for you. Choose this one!

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

Best Friends Tattoo Designs

April 18, 2020