10 Beautiful Skull Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Skulls are surprisingly one of the most popular tattoo items the world over for a universal symbol of death and the reminder of the ephemeral fate of every mortal man. Perhaps the danger sign and universal symbol of death and destruction of human life are welcome under the skins on men after all. Some find skulls sexy and the reminder that death is inevitable.

Reading Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoo designs have a variety of different meanings and are one of the most popular tattoo choices in the world. The most common symbolic interpretation of a skull is the image of death and mortality, but this has changed in modern times, nowadays the skull appears as a fashionable accessory rather than the scary warning it used to be.

Also Positive Vibes…

However, the meaning of skulls has not always been doom and gloom as in the western cultures. There are peoples around the world who use the skull to represent rebirth and eternal life as well as the embodiment of consciousness. A popular use of the skull symbol is in the Knowledge survives death sign.

Be Ready For Critics

Wearing a skull tattoo will equally piss off some individuals and scare others stiff. Yet another group will find your ink exciting. Whether you want to show off your body count after a triumph over the enemy or you want to remind yourself and your friends of the shortness of life, the skull is the right tattoo object to send a strong message.

Pair Your Skull Tattoo

Other popular imagery that goes with skull tattoos include daggers, scorpions, spiders, flowers such as roses, snakes and cross bones. Here are our top ten picks for skull tattoo category to spark your inspiration for a cool design. We have collected bellow 10 beautiful skull tattoo designs to help you get inspired.

1. Skull And Cross Bones (Jolly Roger) Tattoo

Way to go for fear factor! This skull and cross bones tattoo comes bearing a universal message of danger. There are some slight variances in the designs but this particular piece has additional droplets that add to the ghoul and the skull is all cracked up. This is one of those tattoos that you will not need to explain to anyone. Contrary to common practice, some people use Jolly Roger tattoos to remind of the shortness of life and inevitability of death. Some women are now breaking barriers and venturing into this category which was previously a reserve for a few men.

Skull Tattoo Designs

2. Melting Skull

This small wrist tattoo is dope as they come and has all the looks of a professionally designed piece. If you are just starting to explore this topic then this is one simple tentative ink to get under your skin whether temporary or permanent. It deviates from the cliche skull by depicting a small melting skull. This piece is equally weird as it is unique and badass and it will certainly earn you some gangster points among your peers.

Skull Tattoo Designs

3. Skull With Rose Crown

Skulls are the housing for the human brain which are the most vital control organs that humans cannot live without. Roses on the other hand are the innate creations that touch the very heart of tattooing as an art. A rose is like a story told in beauty and it is a story that can be told many ways in times of sadness and happiness. This flower is a multifaceted symbol that has special meaning depending on the occasion ranging from grief to love and friendship. This tiny finger tattoo carries the weight of these two symbols combined and all on one finger.

Skull Tattoo Designs

4. Skull With Chieftaincy Headdress

This next piece depicts the skull of what seems to have been an ancient ruler of chiefdom or some realm. This is clear because of the headdress which epitomizes the soul of the deceased wearer. This could be an indication that you come from a long line of kings and that loyal blood actually flows in your veins. While meaningful, this tattoo is also scary and will see to it that no one in their right mind will be messing with you.

Skull Tattoo Designs

5. Moth And Skull

Moths are thought to be a spiritual protector against evil spirits in the underworld. They are also associated with witches who are not surprising as the creature is nocturnal and they don’t look as attractive compared to butterflies. Much like butterflies though, moths symbolize the fragile nature of human life and incidentally so do skulls tattoos. This piece also features a rose flower with huge leaves signifying rejuvenation and hope for life after this one.

Skull Tattoo Designs

6. Inverted Wedge Through Skull

Skulls are by convention the universal symbol of death in all its many forms. As tattoos and a symbolic one for that matter a skull image reminds the living of the need to live life to the fullest knowing full well that they will die some time to come. This skull with an inverted wedge either placed behind it or through it is perhaps meant as a gore. It looks like a horrible way to die

Skull Tattoo Designs

7. Sword Strikethrough

Here is another gory skull tattoo choice for those who want fear factor when it comes to inking. The weapon makes it a less mainstream and more of a gang tattoo but that depends on whether you intend or are already member of such a gang. If not then this is and remains to be a remarkable work of art. The sword goes through the skull in a horrendous way and there are some reeds crowning the skull like it is some sort of adornment for a sacrificial animal. This blood chilling tattoo looks good on the bicep like that and with some power to back it up.

Skull Tattoo Designs

8. Skull Tattoo On Hand

As we delve further into the topic of skull tattoos we are starting to see less subtle ones and scarier ones like this fist skull tattoo. It turns out this is a very popular tattoo among men and comes in several iterations of the same image. Each rebirth is bolder and arguably aesthetic. Here on the hand like that, this skull will scare away offenders but it can also be more of an inspirational tattoo to overcome great struggles. If you are working security, this should do half the job for you.

Skull Tattoo Designs

9. Skull With Top Hat

The skull with top hat tattoo also called as gentleman skull is a popular figure that that has been around forever and has seeped into many cultures the world over. It is used to represent defiance to death and is common in cigarette adverts, secret society logos, nightlife event promotions and double O seven (James Bond) movies. This particular piece is drawn in a cartoon style in bold black which makes it seem less serious.

Skull Tattoo Designs

10. Skull With Hat

This is yet another skull tattoos that sort of mocks death with the funny looking hat. It demystifies the death symbol with a sense of humor making it look ordinary as if skulls to get to wear hats for a sunny or windy day. This amazing tattoo is a great addition to enthusiasts who are also risk takers enjoying dancing with death. Nonetheless, this is an amazing pick for an impactful and playful tattoo you will be glad you had.

Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull Tattoo Design Ideas

April 5, 2020