BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Digital Straightening Iron Review

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Digital Straightening Iron Review


When shopping for effortless single-pass straightening irons then BaByliss pro is a top brand to consider. This is especially true for the ultra-smooth titanium plates and advanced slim and efficient bodies that maintain accurate and styling giving perfect results each time.

BaByliss prides itself in the ability to create state-of-the-art flat irons with extra sensitive heating elements that are able to maintain constant and precise heat transfer with digital settings.

The BaByliss pro Nano titanium digital straightener is a 1 inch or direction of floating plates flat iron with all directional floating plates ensuring 100% contact with hair at all times.

This is one of the newest additions to the BaByliss pro straightener series combining an accurate heating system with a sleek ultra-modern design that enables professionals to utilize the full power of the flat iron to deliver stunning results for each and every client. This is a versatile tool you can also use at home to achieve salon grade results in minutes.

We could not pass up the opportunity to review one of the coolest titanium-plated flat irons in the market nonetheless from a reputable giant like BaByliss pro. Read on to discover the features that make this flat iron the choice of professional stylists.


Among the key notable features of this flat iron is their temperature memory function which remembers the user’s preferred temperature the next time it’s turned on. This flat iron also features the instant heat recovery system found on the other BaByliss pro nano titanium series flat irons.

Also notable is the Ryton housing which helps each ensure that only a little warmth gets the Palm even when you have been styling on the iron for a long time. A flat iron that ensures the user comfort is a flat iron that will win over the monsters in the long run. You can say that for most of the bill is prose BaByliss pro equipment which is normally sensational and generally good value for money.

This flat iron features ultra-smooth titanium plates with the all-directional floating features which allows them to follow the hair and maintain close contact even with the irregular arm movements that may occur. This ensures even heating and consistent styling for the full length of hair without creases or missed parts.

Digitally controlled heating offers precision temperature protection with a robust feedback mechanism to ensure the flat iron heats consistently and maintains an easy 450 F. The heater underneath that super smooth and glossy titanium surface is a ceramic heater which is better known for its instant heat-up. This little device has to have that protective hood for the housing because it gets really hot. 1” plates are easy to work with and will not be hazardous to your scalp and finger tips if you have any experience with full sized flat irons.

This latest entrant into the titanium plated flat iron niche is backed with features and functionality and we loved the prompt support you get with BaByliss crew. There will be bad reviews, moderate and really good ones but ultimately this is one flat iron that is likely to meet your needs. This is for you with normal to tough hair and you want more from a flat iron.

Heating Process

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Digital Straightening Iron heats up to 450 F and all in a matter of seconds. This level of hot when it is precise and consistent is about as hot as you need to get for any hair type. This is not a heat setting you want to explore particularly if you have thin and sensitive hair but then again it is always nice to know you are covered in case a friend needs your magical and transformative hairdressing skills.


If you are looking for a flat iron that you can use every day then the Nano Titanium DIgital is a perfect choice. This iron has multiple heat settings and the all direction floating plates which make perfect contact with hair in all angles and a steady temperature. The temperature memory function is a great thing to have so that your flat iron feels like it’s your own, like it knows you.

This flat iron is digitally controlled for temperature and has a feeling of control and protection when you use it. It does not feel random in its plate temperatures because it bounces back instantaneously.  The precision in temperatures means you can rest easy knowing your hair will be looking better and indeed healthier with each session.

The smaller barrel guarantees tighter curls and gives you better maneuverability around the root area. You will need to go faster for the beach waves through but this versatile tool makes every move seem easy.

Hair Damage

This Iron features far infrared heat and also induces negative ions which helps to lock in more moisture. The titanium plates make the iron super smooth and help lock in the moisture leaving hair much healthier than with a random cheap metal or ceramic flat iron. Again this is not a groundbreaking concept but it is something to have when you don’t want your hair looking and feeling boring and flat.

Battery Life

There is nothing to discuss in the way of battery life as this flat iron will stay on until you turn it off.  It needs to be plugged in to work and does not come with an auto-off feature. That is bad news for those of us prone to forgetting stuff.


When you look at the features you are getting for the set price, there is no denying this is competitive pricing for a high end device. BaBylissPRO is the way to go for digital straighteners that have that expensive feel. You get tons of support and you can at least buy with confidence from a brand we all love and trust. Titanium is the ideal material for plating professional styling irons and it offers better control and more power.

What’s the warranty on your BaByliss Nano Titanium Digital Straightening iron in case it stops working?

This flat iron comes with a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Does this have an auto-off feature?

NO, this flat iron will stay ON until you turn it off or unplug it.

Are the plate’s ceramic or titanium?

This iron actually features coated titanium plates.

Would you recommend this for professional and daily use?

Yes, this produces salon worthy results with many hair types and would be ideal for Professional equipment. It has precise temperatures and capable ceramic heaters for instant heat recovery.

Is this good for fine blonde hair?

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Digital Straightening Iron is a versatile styler that will work on your hair type. You will require to start with lower heat setting.

September 30, 2020