BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1/2 Straightening Iron Review

Then came the littlest sister of the Nano titanium trio buy BaBylissPRO pro. A straightening iron that almost resembles a curling wand for the rounded barrel. It has the same ultra-sleek design that feels great on the pan and looks even cuter for the small size.

If you’re shopping for a flat iron that can equip you for close to the scalp styling then this you might interest you. It might not be the only one that you ever need but it will make due for edging and taming your hair without frizz.

This styler has been made with the same ceramic heating technology used in all of BaBylissPRO leading flat irons and bestsellers. It offers an incredible 50 heating steps you can increment or decrement up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and is designed for surprisingly lightweight which offers maximum comfort and safety.

This is by no means a cheap flat iron and so we wanted to check it out for you before you go out and spend a good $150 on a regrettable purchase. The good thing about buying from BaByliss pro is the level of confidence. They have tons of support and they are sincerely too many of their products out there for them to be a scam.

We tried the one inch version of this flat iron and loved it and so you wanted to say if this half inch flatiron would be even much more fun to use.

Even though it’s cute we had to put it up against serious contenders for the flatiron category. Below is a detailed report of the findings about the design versus performance of this baby titanium straightening iron out in the street?


Complete Review of BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1/2 Flat Iron


BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1/2 Straightening Iron Review

This is an unusual flat iron measuring only half an inch across the plates. That is because the BaByliss pro nano titanium having straightening iron is made for styling near the roots and getting to the bottom of the thickest voluminous hair which can prove a bit difficult to tame. Close scalp styling is not possible with larger plate-sized flatirons and the BaByliss pro nano half inch gets the upper hand search operations. It is a handy little tool to have in the salon environment for the special occasions when you need to add a little bit of detail on short hair.

It features state-of-the-art ceramic heaters that start up faster and deliver the highest 450 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. The heating mechanism used for this styler is more or less the same as that used for the full sized versions of the product except scaled down to fit in the miniature version.

BaBylissPRO is a leading maker of hair tools and all their heat tools not excluding this little thing are precision engineered products for safety, superior quality results and longevity.

Heating Process

The BaBylissPRO 1/2″ Nano Titanium flat iron has super smooth plates and heats up rapidly like every other titanium plate flat iron and especially one by BaBylissPRO. The smaller plates mean better heat concentration and an even distribution with heat recovery being instantaneous. Both the ceramic heater and the titanium plates work together to make instant heat recovery a reality.

This gets sufficiently hot and we also discovered that it has quite a few tight curling tricks up its sleeve. Because of how narrow this is, you can try some sophisticated moves with short hair length to work with.


It is certainly not effective for faster styling but you are able to go further than you would go with a standard 1” flat iron. With this little beauty you have to section your hair into even smaller sections and work with extreme caution not to touch the scalp with the hot surfaces. Because of the smaller surface area, you might have to go over the same sections more than once which is not ideal.

We found that the ½ “ flat iron was easy to use but requires caution when handling so as not to let the light weight fool you into thinking it’s not as hot as the larger ones. If anything, it seems to get way hotter than the full-sized version of the same iron. You also have to pull hair gently because the edges of the thin plate tend to tug on hair a little. Maybe there was just not enough room to create beveled edges that prevent this phenomenon.

This little tool is made by a leading world renowned maker, BaBylissPRO and is a favorite among hairdressers, barbers and all hair enthusiasts everywhere. The versatility of it and the degree of confidence clients have in a brand like this is what adds value to the already ultra-modern innovation. We strongly recommend this flat iron to accompany your other heat tools from BaBylissPRO.

Hair Damage

Like it’s bigger sisters, the Nano Titanium ½” is safe for use with hair because of the advanced temperature controller. We had no problems with overheating on the plates and for the most part they seemed to be on the stable side of the Cartesian. Just the same, the small plates make it harder to glide through hair and cause the temptation to stop and cause unwanted bends and unevenness.

Battery Life

No, it does not have an inbuilt battery. It is tiny as in picture and very lightweight making it a convenient option for carry-on. You can keep this in your office drawer for emergencies etc.


Because it is both cute and functional, we have to recommend the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium ½” straightening iron. It is not the fastest or most effective way to style your hair but it is salon grade equipment and will fit into some tight spots where your 1.2” styler is incapable. It is nice and compact and will generally give you good value for your money provided you understand that it is not for every occasion.

Is the ½ “flat iron any good for long hair?

This version is made for styling close to the tips and performing tight curls and textured waves. It will take longer to go over the whole head but it is just as capable as a larger flat iron. It is also known for durability and instant heat recovery.

Will this device be under warranty? How long?

Yes, the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium collection comes with a 4 year limited warranty.

What heater type is present on this model?

The ½” Nano titanium straightening iron has ceramic heaters.

How do I avoid the start line and crease?

The 1” Nano Titanium ultra-thin straightening iron is better suited for curling hair. The medium plates are just right for avoiding creases or bends while doing so.

What is the lowest possible heat setting on this iron?

This flat iron has the lowest temperature set at 240F.

August 22, 2020