BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium 1 Ionic Flat Iron Review

The Graphite titanium flat iron by BaByliss is a masterpiece of engineering and represents the very latest innovation or at least the maker wants us to believe. As with every other styler to hit the market and make some noise, we were very eager to check out this allegedly smooth new flat iron that will change heat styling for good. If you know us well we like to get the nitty gritties of the form and function of every new noteworthy flat Iron just to keep you in the loop. We know that graphite and titanium is a combination of super- fast and smooth conductors and their union would lead to ultimate speed and head for awesome easy styling.

We hear of this styler that had a revolutionary if not purely radical design concept with titanium and graphite on adjacent plates. The heater is most definitely ceramic and coupled with an ionic generator and it has all these cool smart feature to it as well. With a lot of these new tech, you get way less than what you were actually meant to believe you will be getting and so we wanted to see if this would fail to disappoint. Being a BaByliss and all, we were kind of hoping for a positive result but we always try to be as candid as possible.

In short, you are in for refreshing and informative review of a worthy adversary for most high end devices spearheading new hairdo tech that could literary change the world. So does the Graphite-titanium combination give that exceptional heat and glide that it has been so hyped for? What of the ultra-shiny and silky hair with one pass result that last a couple of days? Stick around for the features and performance of the BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium to decide for yourself.

Graphite titanium and ceramic plates in one styler.

Ceramic heating technology boosted with ion generator.

Universal voltage.

Exceptional heat healthy for frequent use.

Wide 25mm plates.

Digital display with 10 settings for all hair types.

Silicone heat resistant storage sleeve.

2 year warranty.
Not cheap.

Too much hype that it might disappoint.

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BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium 1 Ionic Flat Iron Review

Here is a tool that uses a different kind of material on adjacent material and we were curious why that works but the marketing team at BaByliss were not keen on explaining why this combination works. All we got were the exceptional Thermal and structural properties of graphite as a new material for heat treatment. If you missed a few chemistry lessons they do not worry, we have got your back.

Graphite is an amorphous form of carbon one of the essential life forming elements as we know it. Graphite is crystalline form of carbon that differ slightly from its near cousin the diamond but has almost similar hardness except with the softness due to its weak Van der Waals forces in its crystals. These weaknesses also allow molecules to slide over one another and therefore making graphite a smooth and durable material as well. To put things into perspective, graphite finds industrial application as a lubricant when oils cannot survive the extreme heat.

They pitched this styler as packing a synergy of innovations stating with the graphite titanium collabo to the ceramic elements and fastest and highest quality of heating and control elements available for the utmost best function and form.

Heating Process

Our star Mineral graphite is also an exceptionally good conductor of heat in addition to being smooth and indestructible. The graphite plate on this iron is polished into an ultra-glide surface that will survive any kind of hair. If heavy machinery can’t scratch the graphite crystal then your hair will bow to it. If it is as good as the science indicates then graphite might as well be the future of hair styling with proficiency. This works synergistically with the ceramic heater and latest heating control system to deliver excellent results.


BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium 1 Ionic Flat Iron Review

So we had no choice but to put this marvel of genius and engineering at its best to the tests on some regular people’s hair to see how well it handled outside of lab environment. We were on the lookout for that explosive synergy of graphite and titanium technology that was supposed to deliver exceptional and healthy heat for efficient styling and lasting results.

When we first received the results for this styler we could hardly believe it. There was an overhanging feeling in the room that this was a lunatic express and that the mismatched plates styler would be a spectacular failure. Contrary to that expectation, the iron was able to heat up rather quickly and maintain an even temperature across the plate. How they do that with completely plates is still a mystery. Everyone know you need matching elements in the plates to do this, why this works is rather peculiar.

This styler had so many little feature about it that felt different and gave the user a pleasurable experience. It feels lighter, doesn’t yank on hair, and require more or less one pass to mention but a few. It does an impeccable job at straightening and curling hair which was a bit more difficult to achieve but there was no burning smell.

Hair Damage

BaBylissPRO Graphite Titanium 1 Ionic Flat Iron Review

Here finally is a sizeable flat iron that you can enjoy using near your roots without burning your scalp or putting your hair up in smoke. It glides and nibbles close to your hair roots like a massage without causing damage to hair. If you are a beginner but you still want to buy a styling tool that will not have you shopping again in under a month then this is actually a pretty good choice. Even the tip of this iron you can touch without wincing in pain.

Battery Life

The Graphite Titanium Flat Iron is a creation that harnesses multiple innovations to fundamentally change how we perceive hair styling with irons. Some of the areas of focus were the use of graphite, titanium, ceramic and ionic. The battery was not one of them perhaps because the device was engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and the need to go cordless didn’t weigh heavily on what customers.


This flat iron is way up there in the list of high end styling tools that actually deliver on the big promises. It is certainly not the fastest or the highest quality titanium, ceramic or ionic flat iron out there but it does at least more than half what its makers claim it can do which is more than can be said about some expensive brands. We didn’t mind the gamut price tag because it was for work and we would be.

How heavy is the Graphite Titanium ionic flat iron?

It is a nice iron because the ergonomic design makes it feel just right for every hand and not heavy at all. It just glides through hair and barely exerts any pressure on hair which means it will feel just right.

How long is the warranty on the graphite Titanium Ionic?

The makers of this heat tool were really confident with their baby and give a long 24 months warranty to show just how much. This way, customers can enjoy the product without worrying too much about losing on their kind of hefty investment.

Will I need a converter when travelling outside the US?

No, you will not need to buy a converter for this iron as it has the universal voltage tolerance which lets it plug into an outlet with anything from 110 to 240V AC at 50/60Hz. It does not draw too much juice from the grid and gives the same results regardless of the input voltage.

What does the ion generator do?

The Ion generator creates a stream of negative ions which are good for hair setting and health. Negative ions force water molecules to enter the hair strands and seal the cuticle cause hair to be hydrated. You get better looking and healthier hair at lower styling temperatures which the dream for every enthusiast.

What is the plate width for this flat iron?

This tool has the 25mm or 1” plate width but there is the 1.25” or 32mm version also available for the same make. It has elongated graphite and titanium plates which allows the same amount of hair strands to line up between the plates promoting faster styling.

August 18, 2020