BaByliss PRO Volare V1 Dryer with Ferrari Designed Engine Review

There are a lot of hyped-up blow dryers out there, but nothing comes close to the glamour bestowed on the BaBylissPRO Volare! It is a freaking Ferrari! Spoiler alert, you can’t really drive it, but it will drive you crazy with joy, and yes, it might be worth the clout for top gun hair tool and rich Italian heritage. Here is our review of the BaByliss PRO Volare V1 Dryer with a Ferrari-designed Engine.

 This is one of the heavy hitters in the industry and one that will drive every user professional or enthusiast nuts just to imagine how smooth this feels and bring every bit of hair to submission in minutes. It is one of those high-end devices that is absolutely stunning for features and performance but costs an arm and a leg, so again this is sort of a justification for its steep price tag. Don’t just take our word for it. Take some time to review its features below and decide for yourself whether it is worth your cold hard cash!

When you say Ferrari, what comes to mind is speed, agility, rich Italian heritage, and craftsmanship, as well as pedigree with the underlying theme being sheer power to excel? And oh yes, the Volare V1 engine by Ferrari is powerful and efficient for high-speed styling and maximum airflow for drying hair in nifty minutes.

The product of a cooperation between the Ferrari Motor Company and BaByliss Pro has to give fruit to one of the most exclusive and high-end well-refined hair tools on the planet. That, ladies, is just what we might have today, so check out the design and performance sections below and decide for yourself.


  • Half styling time.
  • Turbo shot boost button for instant burst of power.
  • Hydrates hair.
  • Sleek blowouts effortlessly.
  • Can replace flat irons.
  • Nano-Titanium infused grill.
  • Tri-port ionic generator.
  • Six temperature and speed combinations.
  • 9ft cord with built-in safety breaker.
  • Quiet motor and blades.
  • Beautiful and ergonomic Ferrari red housing.
  • Ships in a fancy box.


  • Location of buttons is bothersome.
  • Insanely expensive.


BaBylissPRO Volare V1 Dryer with Ferrari Designed Engine

There is nothing striking about the color of the Volare V1, and the Ferrari logo embedded behind the shell seems like a cheap shot. What you cannot deny is how light and powerful this feels, and you can almost tell that it is designed for maximum airflow. It is named after and drives like a Ferrari with no vibration and maximum efficacy thanks to its lightweight. The secrets of this incredible innovation seem to lie in the material choices the dual chose to include in the final masterpiece.

The grill, for instance, is not made from ordinary cheap scrap but Nano-titanium-infused alloy, which will come with the same benefits of even heat dispersion and negative ion injection as we know from the flat iron 101 class. Just looking at this choice of material, you can instantly know that the Volare is the Grand Prix of styling and a first-class performing hairdryer.

Next, you have an in-built TriPort ion generator which gives three times more negative ions for faster styling and solidifying of healthy results. This is backed by an even more insane feature called the Turbo-shot instant boost button. It’s just insane the level of luxury that his styler has to offer for taming your mane.

Last but not least, we have to mention the six heat and speed settings and the ergonomic Ferrari red housing, which also work with the 10-foot tangle-free cord to make your styling experience a breeze. A powerful stream of air carrying millions of negative ions is what you want flowing through your hair for optimal drying without breakage. It has added benefits for health given the selection of ion generators and grille metal. The designers did their part, and the V1 is a remarkable piece of tech in specs, so it was time to check out how well it faired in the streets, and we did.


BaBylissPRO Volare V1 Dryer with Ferrari Designed Engine

If you have thick hair, then you might not be satisfied with most mid-core hair dryers out there in the market. They just never seem to reach down to the roots and get the moisture out sooner, no matter how rigorous you work them. Power is the synonym of this series, with the V1 and V2 being some of the most powerful and luxurious dryers you can think of. This dryer offers you the choice to go with one of the six-speed and heat combinations possible, and that usually means you can customize it to your needs and preference.


This historic collaboration between an elite car maker and the world’s leading hair tools brand gave birth to the exceptional performing hairdressing accessory with high-end performance. We would nag you with the specs such as the incredible airspeed of 80mph or the airflow of 95m3/h, but what good would that do if you have nothing else on the market to compare it to except its sibling, the Volare V2?

It is in order to mention that the pressure generated by this intense stream increases better efficacy of drying, reaching up to 6.4 bars and will give longer brushing hold.

The Vi1 also has the advantage of a light design which can be taken on a trip without incurring extra baggage and will also come in handy if you are working for longer. At slightly over one pound (1.16lb), it is slightly heavier than some cheaper models like the Power Light and DryBar Buttercup, but this is not too bad given the heavier specs and components included with this model. Besides, the kickback you get with this powerful jet makes it nearly weightless when running.

You have got to love the titanium-infused grill and TriPort ionic generator features because they style hair with negative ions, which prevents static and drying out. The results on the V1 are better than those you will get on almost every other dryer but not dramatically so. It is on the expensive side, and you should buy this if you have the budget and want to surprise yourself with a powerful and prestigious purchase.

On the plus side, the motor is super silent and does not seem like its needs servicing any time soon. That is the great thing about buying a hand-checked high-end and precision machined piece of salon equipment; they last so much longer and give consistent results.


Every hair tool has some potential for hair damage. Getting a super expensive luxury branded hair dryer like this V1 is going to save you a bit of pain in hair loss because it does incorporate better protection mechanisms and temperature gauges. The fan has been made in a way that it does not suck in hair through the filter and minimizes hair loss due to tangling. The motor has an auto shut feature that kicks in when it overheats, which can result from a clogged lint filter.


The Ferrari-designed BaByliss PRO Volare V1 is one of the most exclusive hair dryers in the market. The pricing is very steep and needless to say, it is not for everyone. Yes, we would recommend the V1, but we will not insist because of the steep price tag on the product. If you are working on a shorter leash budget, then there is no need to invest a large sum in just one hair tool because it is great but not dramatically better than other high-end brands.

Buy this if you have thick and curly hair that seems to defy all other styling tools so much so that you are also “done with Hairdryers.” Here are the specs once again in a snapshot.

What is the BaByliss PRO Volare V1 Dryer?

This is a luxurious and powerful high-performing hair dryer that does not damage hair by BaBylissPRO and Ferrari Motor Company.

What does the Turbo Shot button do?

The V1 is equipped with an ultra-fast and efficient turbo engine which can boost the power a further 15% when the turbo shot button is pressed.

Is the V1 Volare Dryer loud?

No, the designers of V1 made it for low noise and vibration despite its immense power and boosting ability which is remarkable engineering.

Where is the Volare V1 made?

This hair dryer is made in Italy

Why should I Buy the Volare V1 Hairdryer?

All things taken into consideration, the Volare V1 is absolutely stunning as a gift or self-treat given the features and performance. It ensures a good level of airflow and healthy results, which promote growth.

May 1, 2021