BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium vs Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

The Titanium versus Porcelain debate has been going on forever and is unlikely to end with proponents of either technology failing to agree on what works better. From a professional hair stylist’s perspective, this debate is nearly pointless. It is like debating which is the healthier vegetable, Broccoli or spinach? Of course everyone know the answer is spinach! But not all spinach is create equal, there is ordinary spinach and in case you haven’t heard there is spinach that can send emails. Yes it’s true! Google it. Anyways, spinach or no spinach, he show goes on and hair is an important part of keeping up appearances.

The secret is keeping it simple and trying as much as possible not to show the struggles and pains of backstage. Make it look easy and to achieve that status you might need to invest in a better set of hair tools and products. So back to our debate on Ceramic versus titanium. Titanium wins. It’s a walk over, or is it?

If you’re like many people you plan trips and make grand plans to get a blowout before leaving. Who knows how long it could be before you have a chance to look this glamorous again. But wait, our beauty detector says there are new amazing stylers out there than can lock in styles for days with simple on the go touchups. While everyone is trying to go cordless, wireless, smart and so on, it is the plate and heater composition of any particular iron that determines its success with specific hair types.

Hair tool makers are keep to keep the exact recipe for their plating material secret because it is where the magic happens. They will come up with sales catch phrases like Express Ion Complex or ThermaTru and what else? But what really are these Flat irons made of? Today we take a look at a special dual from the same maker BaByliss with different materials namely Titanium and Porcelain Ceramic plating and check out the differences to better understand the topic.

BaByliss Pro Nano TitaniumBaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic
BaByliss Pro Nano TitaniumBaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic
Intense heat.

Instant heat recovery.

Easy to clean.

Smooth plates.

Ionic generation.

For thick and curly hair types.
Easy to clean.

Even heat distribution.

Work for many people.

Relatively cheaper to produce.
Poorer heat distribution than ceramics.

Difficult to clean compared to ceramic plates.
Cause steam through hair.

Brittle plates will crack when iron falls hard.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Titanium is a metal and one of the best materials that metal flat irons are made of. Cheaper metals do a poor job for strength, smoothness and heat distribution which explains the bad reputation of drugstore quality hair flat irons and curling wands. Just because the original styler was made out of iron does not mean the people of the 21st century have to accept it for face value. We love to find out information and we now know what really comprises the so called Titanium plates on the Iron.

Titanium plates are better for intense heat which is a must have for people with steel hair. They are able to heat up faster than ceramics and will usually bounce back sooner after each pass. Contrary to popular belief, metal plates are also better at ionic generation which benefits hair with hydration and reduces static and frizz.

People with thick coarse and naturally wavy hair will benefit the most from use of titanium plates. They are little dragons that can breathe fire down on your hair and cause some serious harm but then again there are people out there managing extremely resistant hair. Less heat is always better but sometimes GHDs just don’t work for everyone and we welcome the opportunity to tweak the temperatures.

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Flat Iron

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic

A ceramic is an inorganic non-metal solid which can be made up of metal and nonmetal compound held together by ionic bonds. While this definition is not strict but still feels sciency, it gives us insights to the benefits of ceramics. They may have metallic characteristics and are essentially the basis for ionic flat iron technology. An example would be the CHI G2 flat iron with is ceramic but infused with titanium to add to its strength and metallic characteristics.

Ceramic and heat have been inseparable for thousands of years and they have been the main way of channeling heat for forming metal tools for hundreds of generations. A lot is known about ceramics and their relation with heat.

The plates are super smooth also and can easily glide through hair without traction. They enjoy a more even heat distribution with no hot spots which are the key problem of cheap metal plates. They may not be as strong as metal plates but ceramic plates are brittle and will not warp even under the most grueling circumstances.

If you are unsure where to start, it is better to pick a ceramic for entry level hair straightener because they are more compatible with a lot of hair types.


The Nano Titanium model by BaByliss is a dual voltage flat iron that is designed to work in most parts of the world with only a basic power plug adapter. It has a tiny version called as the Nano Mini measuring only 6 inches long and still manages the 430 F temperature of the larger version. The plates are ceramic on the heater and coated with titanium for its metallic properties. This improves its smoothness and durability as well as intense heating capability for styling unruly hair.

The Porcelain ceramic straightener has ceramic plates coated with porcelain. It is the cheaper alternative to tourmaline coating but still manages excellent conduction and elimination of hot spots. it may not be as apt as titanium for ionic generation but has benefits for shine and volume while keeping frizz at bay.


 The Nano titanium flat iron heats up fast and works pretty well whether you are in the US or Europe giving the same consistent smooth and shine. It is simplified with variable temperature but only three settings for easy customization to your hair type.

The Porcelain doll will also prove effective for many hair type with variable heat settings up to 450 F and thinner plates for efficient medium length hair handling.


The Nano Titanium styler also has heated plate sides which help lock in waves and curls to match salon grade results. We love the rubberized thumb rest which is very relaxing and prevents harmful injury to the hand while in use.

Porcelain is right up there with the rest of the BaByliss fleet in terms of good hair quality and locking in nice styles. We cannot vouch for its longevity given is modest pricing but who knows, it could prove to be one of those rare finds that have nine lives. We are about to start the destructive testing phase so we will keep you posted LOL.


The way we see it when your hair looks good then it prompts you to change and take care of everything else from skin to outfit. Solving the body had a problem is a challenge we have to wake up to each and every day or at least if you are an ordinary person not a superhero or something. Good hair can be a baggage sometimes and only people with excellent hair know for fact.

Now to the discussion at hand, Titanium metal plates versus Ceramic. Unlike popular belief, both of these materials are excellent emitters of negative ions and infrared heat. The difference lies with the heating mechanisms and the quality (purity) of the material used. This in turn affects the interaction with hair and end result. In short, you get what you pay for whether you choose ceramic or metal plated irons.

March 7, 2021