10 Arrow Tattoo Designs That Will Free Your Spirit

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrows are a significant weapon of choice and also a symbolic item for tattoos that is both admirable and meaningful.  Rookies and die-hard tattoo enthusiasts alike continue to crave the sharp focus of an arrow tattoo. Arrows are a mathematical symbol for force and direction and vector quantities and that does impact some arrow design options as well as possible interpretations. Much else of, the meanings that can be derived from arrow tattoos owes to the warrior cultures around the world back in a time when the arrow was the fastest projectile flying across battle fields.

Others consider arrows hunting weapons and a symbol of the hunting and gathering heritage. The reason the arrow is so popular in mainstream logos around the globe is that a single arrow could stand for protection. A bundle of arrows shows the strength in a group so long as they are all oriented the same direction. Crossing arrows indicate togetherness while pointing against each other could be an indication of conflict.

Arrows with diamond or going through diamonds represent a person’s will and determination to go through hardship. These arrows are a true expression of personal refinement and determination. To be precise, there is a number of symbolic meanings that can be derived for each type of arrow design and an individual interpretation for each wearer.

The simple sophistication of an arrow design and the fact that they have been in use for thousands of years makes then as dear as a tattoo idea. They make very meaningful and distinguished choices for a first time tattoo and the tenth ink as well. The beauty of getting an arrow is the clarity of the image and it does not take that long on average to complete an arrow tattoo.

Elements to tweak about the arrow tattoo are the feathers behind, the body and the arrowheads. This offers styling choices which can have an impact on the looks and meaning of the arrows. Another styling option is to use arrows as background piece of a design.

The best arrow tattoo for you really depends on you and your preferences. Here we have collected some of the awe inspiring arrow ideas that will free your spirit and focus your energy on your goals.

1. Arrow Fingers

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Each and every finger on this hand has a different arrow design. Way to go for the love of arrow tattoo designs. Many people feel that arrows represent love, power, strength and a good sense of direction. Your fingers will always reminding you not have a reverse gear and to always keep moving forward just like an arrow. Just like no hunter would take just one arrow, you too can make use of your entire arsenal to better your life and circumstances.

2. Feathered Arrow Design

Arrow Tattoo Designs

While arrows are a sign of force, direction and conveyance of movement, they are also a spiritual object according to ancient tradition. A left pointing arrow meant to keep evil at bay while an arrow pointing down meant peace. This particular arrow tattoo points down in the upright position and therefore is meant to find peace. The feather tail of the arrow makes it a stronger spiritual relic and lighter.

3. Parallel Arrows On Leg

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Arrow tattoos are often a traditional relic and great cultural significance among the peoples of the world. Today we have might gun powder but arrows are still the same if not a bigger symbol of strength and determination to find your way. Arrows are also used to mark personal achievements and accomplishments in the pursuit of one’s freedom and happiness. Arrow tattoos therefore make sense on the leg as it is the stronger part of the body that also carries us where we want to go.

4. Outer Forearm Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo Designs

At fourth place and not that we are ranking is the unique dark arrow design that has a mathematical articulation to it. Every bit of the tattoo feels calculated and useful in the efficacy of the instrument or weapon to be precise. There are some unusual features of the arrow that take after mathematical symbols but nothing that is out of agreement with an arrow’s design.

5. Beautiful Compass Arrow Design For Girls

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This arrow design is distinctive and gorgeous from a distance seeing as it is large and skillfully executed. The piece is a compass and arrow combinations and has somewhat of symmetry to it with only slight imbalances. It is like this ornamental arrow design that is supposed to be decorative rather than the weapon you fire first. This piece could look just as good on a man’s arm.

6. Gorgeous Colored Bow And Arrow Designs

Arrow Tattoo Designs

Check out this gorgeous matching arrow and bow tattoo ideas with half-moons as target. The tattoos are colorful and beautiful making them girly. The specific inks used for this piece are oriental and some of the latest and most vibrant entrants of the mainstream tattoo scene. When properly done this could easily last a lifetime without the need for a retouch.

7. Simple Arrow Pair Designs

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This next piece is a curious selection of two parallel arrows one larger than the other and bulky while the other is smaller lighter and faster. Perhaps this is an indication of how we slow down when we let the troubles and burdens of this life bug us down. The smaller faster arrow could be the spirit while the lagging arrow could be the body and this is yet another case of the spirit wills but the body refuses.

8. Forearm Compass And Arrow Design For Men

Arrow Tattoo Designs

A compass and arrow tattoo is like underlining the same message, focus and direction towards your goals and aspirations. While a compass find true north the arrow is the precision device that takes your fight the enemies doorstep and also a tattoo that makes you never forget who you are and where your from and even more importantly where you are going. Defense and guidance, that’s the meaning of a compass and arrow tattoo such as this.

9. Watercolor Tribal Arrow Designs

Arrow Tattoo Designs

For a watercolor arrow tattoo you have this awesome tribal inspiration for an arrow design with glamorous features. From the feathers to the whiskers and bead work near the front of the thing, you feel the touch of ancient magic and divination on this arrow. Here is an arrow that can point you in the direction of home and your traditional root. Are you going to take it or let is swoop by? That’s up to you.

10. Parallel Arrows Design

Arrow Tattoo Designs

This last one is a collection of different arrow designs like they all assembled for a group photo. Each arrow is different and this could be a representation of the different goals and ambitions one might have in this life. We are allowed to have many goals and still be considered as being focused right? So instead of having only one arrow why not have the entourage effect of having a pack of them.

June 22, 2020