10 Arm Tattoo Designs To Draw The Attention

Arm Tattoo Designs

Arms are some of the most mobile parts of the human and as such draw the most attention because human eyes have a thing for objects in motion. It is no wonder that in the realm of cool badass tattoos the pinnacle of aesthetic masterpieces lies in visible arm tats. It’s not just male ink enthusiasts who are super excited about getting an arm tattoo but women and girls as well.

Too Many Arm Tattoos to Digest?

Crafty designers have explored this area coming up with some really exciting imagery and there is no short supply of inspiration for arm tattoo. This in turn creates a whole new problem for beginner unsure of what to choose. With so many artistic marvels to look at, one can easily get lost and not find something practical for an arm tattoo.

Don’t Worry Though; We Got Your Six

We have sampled some of the most sophisticated and simplistic snappy arm tats for an emboldening expression of your physique. It’s not just about getting a trendy arm tattoo to wow your peers but getting one that speaks to your personality. One that inspires you to be a better version of yourself now and in the future but most importantly, one whose message and beauty you will never grow tired of.

1. Flower Woman With Cat

How do you like our first inner arm tattoo with continuous line featuring a woan face with flower eyes and a cat? It’s an interesting piece and a reason to get a cat, floral and feminine tattoo in one go. A feline inspired tattoo is always a representation of feminine power, luck and success. Cats are also mysterious and secretive two attribute that are likely found in a woman. This cat tattoo is connection to the divine and remembrance of nature. More than that, it is a beautiful piece and will take some time but it is worth every wince.

Arm Tattoo Designs

2. Wavy Armband

In second place we have this simple and chic armband tattoo featuring wave-like contours patterns and equispaced dotting. A bold black line completes the band on the lower side but the focal point of this art is the upper band with waves. The intricate patterns remind us of the ocean and all the swirls so you can almost hear the waves crashing against the shore. This is a beautiful tattoo to wield and flaunt on your forearm. You will have an important memorabilia and one you will never grow tired of seing.

Arm Tattoo Designs

3. Gambler

If you are a gambler then this is the unisex tattoo that will say something about your indulgence in the habit. The roulettes wheel some cards on a woman’s face summarizes a gambler’s world perfectly. This tattoo is not just for gambling enthusiast as it simply shows that the wearer is willing to take risks and top push their luck and life to the very edge and beyond. Bold risks are rewarded the most and that is how life goes. To be an entrepreneur and to succeed one has to wield risk.

Arm Tattoo Designs

4. Mandala

When one see another mandala tattoo it is not like anything you have ever seen even though they are pretty similar. Each mandala is unique to the personality of the wearer or the artist at the very least. Normally artists use shapes that radiate from the center outwards representing balance, eternity and pursuit of perfection. Just looking at this tattoo, you may feel a range of different ways including pride for heritage or maybe the mystery of life. This is a piece you can meditate on and also flaunt when you please. Claim it!

Arm Tattoo Designs

5. Lion With Flowers

Rather unnatural but here is a beautiful lion’s head adorned with flowers. On the one hand, flowers represent beauty and rebirth or fruitfulness. On the other hand, a lion’s head represents authority, power and protection. The tattoo placement on the forearm is also uncommon as lion tattoo are most featured on the chest, back and shoulders; all places with masculinity. This piece tells of a complicated personality whose beauty should not be taken for weakness. She can strike with the ferocity of a large cat if she is cornered.

Arm Tattoo Designs

6. Simple Rose With Thorns

Nothing says passion, love, promise, thoughtless and commitment than a rose. It is no wonder roses find use in many of human interactions and ceremonies including weddings and funerals. Ti is the beauty of the flower that promises us of new beginnings and hope while the thorns stand for defense, loss and thoughtlessness. Even though the thorns convey a sense of sadness they are still a part of the rose and a rose tattoo would not be realistic without them. You can have this tattoo as a matching tattoo for couple or in memory of someone special.

Arm Tattoo Designs

7. Geometric Dog

If you are a tattoo enthusiast then you will know how appealing it is to in your biceps. It emphasizes the muscles and arms and adds a sense of fashion for the wearer causing envious reactions among peers. Most men have a special place in their hearts for their k9 buddies and it is not uncommon for them to immortalize them in tattoos. This tattoo is a sign of commitment to friendships as man is perhaps man’s most loyal and best overall friend on the planet. This dog tattoo is outstanding thanks to the choice of geometric patterns to construct the image.

Arm Tattoo Designs

8. Roses Arm Tattoo

Roses are perhaps the most liberal form of body art for expression that invites us to perceive tattoos from a completely new perspective. Rose, when done well is work of art and each little line, detail or flaw makes each wearer unique and perfect in their own way. It is no wonder that there are so many interpretations of rose tattoos as there are wearers. What each rose tattoo you decide to get means to you is the most important and no one else can get it for the exact same reason as you ever.

Arm Tattoo Designs

9. Wing With Chained Sword

These traditional feathered angel wings are some of the most popular wing tattoo design in the mainstream categories. For obvious reasons angel wings or any other winged tattoos represent freedom, speed, elevation and aspiration to achieve dreams. Angel wings are commonly placed on the back but not everyone wants a full back tattoo and you may already have another one so the arm is the next best placement. This particular tattoo could have spiritual significance as the sword represents ability to rise above and protection from your guardian angel.

Arm Tattoo Designs

10. Fox Forearm Tattoo

We all know as cunning as a fox but not much else is known about one of the wisest animals out there. Foxes are thought to be street smart in the jungle and can provide guidance to navigate obstacles and outsmart every trap. Foxes are spiritual creatures that represent both genders and this tattoos presents the full body in a realistic fashion. Unlike many other pieces, a fox tattoo can stand for both good and evil. While in the western cultures fox is the symbol of deception and hypocrisy but many other cultures choose it to express intelligence, courage, instinctiveness and longevity.

Arm Tattoo Designs

Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

March 29, 2020