Aquage Silk 1.5 Smoothing Iron Review

Aquage Silk 1.5 Smoothing Iron Review

When you are all about vegan brands you probably also mind that you are promoting their electronics as well. Aquage is a vegan brand that is loved for its great shampoos and other hair care products that have numerous restorative benefits for brittle and breaking hair. One of their best flat irons is the Aquage Silk 1.5” smoothing iron which is made to last and deliver smooth styles without flattening. This model is an entry level concept flat iron to serve as a template for futuristic flat irons to come in this decade. It combines complex plate material with silicone and Teflon body for a sturdy and thermally safe flat iron.

The silk has an exclusive silk complex, a blend of fiberglass and silicone to form the plate. This combination forms some of the strongest blends of materials ever used for a flat iron. This complex material has benefits of protecting hair from direct heating which is detrimental. The material was developed for smoothing without the lifeless straightening that you find with metal plates. It has close to no static and produces smooth frizz-free results every time.

Aquage is a superior brand on its own merit but perhaps it will interest buyers to know that this brand and especially this model is powered by BaBylissPRO expertise.

If BaByliss’ superior quality flat irons are anything to go by, you should expect that this flat iron will meet and perhaps exceed your expectations.

This is a flat iron which has been doing its fair share of rounds in forums and salons the world over and there is much user sentiment as can be expected. The feelings are mixed but its our job to verify the facts so that you can buy wittingly.

Silk Fabric Complex.

Temperature with 5 preset settings, 170F-450F.

Light Weight.

Ceramic heater for instant heat up and recovery.

Polishes and silkens hair.

Smooths without flattening.

Glides through hair easily.
Not Dual voltage.

Aquage Silk 1.5 Smoothing Iron Complete Review


The 1.5” flat iron has some rather unusual features most notably the silk fabric complex that is used for the plates. We had concerns about the smoothness that can be achieved with materials such as this and it’s quite smooth. It feels like it’s barely touching the hair even with a light pressure. The makers claim that this is easy to straighten with an iron that glides and gives each strand its share of heat giving perfect results for all hair types.

The user may preset 5 settings for the temperature ranging from 265 to 450 F which should suffice for all hair types. It features ceramic heating beneath the complex material plating. The temperature control is digitally processed and heat settings are displayed with a row of LEDs.

The sizing of the flat iron is pretty standard with an inch wide plates and .6″H x 14″W x 5.2″D

Overall dimension. The product is made for light weight which should feel just right for working on many clients or if you have a lot of hair.

Heating Process

This straight now also comes with a built-in sensor that automatically picks up the temperature on the hair to protect against burning. It also runs a special heat protect mode which was selected based on the nature of hair which will protect against scorching and discoloring.

An onboard true ion generator is supposed to help increase the shine by selling the cuticle and negative hydration while eliminating frizz.

It features ultra slim housing which is really ergonomic as it feels just right in the hand. A small barrel with the unique rounded finish allows you to multitask with the tool allowing you to straighten and curl your hair with just the one tool.


To begin with this ultra slim housing makes this straightener one-of-a-kind tool to work with for both straightening and curling. It feels like a natural on the hand thanks to cutting edge ergonomics giving us a beautiful design to work with.

We also found the professional grade ceramic plates with far infrared heat to be an absurd claim given that the heating on this styler is less than impressive. All those benefits around selling the cuticle and locking and styles for long lasting hairdos go down the drain once you realize the technology used here is way less than what was promised.

Battery Life

The flat iron does not contain an internal style but instead provides an ample 108 inch code that’s way worse to get out of the way. It accepts only 110 volts output AC and will require an adapter if you want to travel abroad where the power outlet supplies 240 volts AC.


The Aquage Silk is for those of us who love an adventure and all who are seeking an alternative to the punitive metal flat iron that simply flattens hair in a boring and lifeless manner. Its indirect heating and other protection mechanisms make this a different kind of styler and good value for money.  We have feedback from actual consumers who have had this for some time now and all seems promising for its durability and getting good years of service off of it. The BaByliss affiliate brand got a hit with this release and we certainly have to it to them.

How long is my styler under warranty?

The warranty period varies depending on where you get your flat iron but the company offers up to 3 years of limited warranty coverage.

What are the dimensions for the advanced digital straightener?

It measures 2.6″H x 14″W x 5.2″D

What is the voltage input?

It only accepts 110 volts AC.

What hair types is this flat iron good for?

The straightener does well with curly hair, does not mind frizz, and is fairly good even with humid conditions and coarse thick hair.

Is this flat iron durable?

The makers of this iron do give a generous warranty, however much limited, as a show of faith in the quality and longevity of their products. However we’ve had reports of the item failing within the first few times of use.

Aquage Silk 1.5 Smoothing Iron
August 30, 2020