Aquage advanced 1” Digital Straightener Review

For a decent $150 you can bag this amazing digital hair straightener the claims to have far infrared emission and professional grade ceramic plates for field cuticle and increased shine. Aquage itself is is an advanced tools collection made using BaByliss pro expertise. They have some rather innovative salon hair care and nourishing solutions that will blow your mind. If you know BaByliss then you understand that it is just a big brand out competing with itself for the available slots in the market. They probably own both brands I put them in the market as competitors to lure in customers with a different taste.

With these insights we expected this particular flat iron to measure up to the quality we have seen in other BaByliss pro equipment labelled as salon grade or professional flat irons.

A notable feature of this advanced digital flat iron is the sleek design with ultra-slim housing and the ceramic plates that is supposed to last in the style with infrared has all the obvious features like built-in sensors for automatic temperature adjustment and saves your hair from excessive heat damage by using infrared technology. It clearly states that it is powered by BaByliss pro expertise and that’s how you know you probably have that true ion generator after all.

So the bar for this flat iron was set very high because of its price and affiliation with BaByliss pro. We wanted to check the claims for a perfect smooth sleek finish and that it eliminated freeze and improved shine.

Minimal hair damage.

Ceramic heating technology.

12 heat settings.

Up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit.

Good results with a bit of shine.
Heat protect mode does not work.

Technology used has been phased out.

Not a high-end flat iron.

Complete Review of Aquage advanced 1” Digital Straightener


Aquage advanced 1” Digital Straightener Review

The Aquage advanced 1″ digital straightener is made for professional use featuring 1 inch plates with elongated surfaces that also emit far-reaching infrared heat to seal the cuticles on hair which increases shine and protects from excessive heat.

It features ultra slim housing which is really ergonomic as it feels just right in the hand. A small barrel with the unique rounded finish allows you to multi task with the tool allowing you to straighten and curl your hair with just the one tool.

This straight now also comes with a built-in sensor that automatically picks up the temperature on the hair to protect against burning. It also runs a special heat protect mode which was selected based on the nature of hair which will protect against scorching and discoloring.

An onboard true ion generator is supposed to help increase the shine by selling the cuticle and negative hydration while eliminating frizz.

This thermal tool comes with a staggering 12 levels of heating which is ideal for professionals looking too much at each and every client’s hair type, styling needs and preferences.

Heating Process

Aquage advanced 1” Digital Straightener Review

We’ve already mentioned that this device comes with 12 heat settings so that it is easier for you to find your optimal styling temperature. It is capable of up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit which is an immense amount of heat that can definitely burn your hair if you’re not careful. We recommend that you run this device on help protect mode until you’re sure of what you’re doing.

When we were curious to know if the ceramic plates used in this straightener were as good as those you would find in a high end BaByliss pro flat iron.


Aquage advanced 1” Digital Straightener Review

To begin with this ultra slim housing makes this straightener one-of-a-kind tool to work with for both straightening and curling. It feels like a natural on the hand thanks to cutting edge ergonomics giving us a beautiful design to work with.

We were also out to prove the hair protect mode which is supposed to style all hair types at optimal temperature eliminating the excessive damage. Obviously this is just a sales gimmick as there is no way for the device to determine your hair type automatically. We also found that that built in sensor that’s just the temperature selected but cannot adjust based on the nature of hair.

We also found the professional grade ceramic plates with far infrared heat to be an absurd claim given that the heating on this styler is less than impressive. All those benefits around selling the cuticle and locking and styles for long lasting hairdos go down the drain once you realize the technology used here is way less than what was promised.

It does come with a 3-year warranty so we would be right to assume that it lasts beyond the first couple of uses. It does a pretty decent job at straightening hair and isn’t anything out of the ordinary for curling and waving.

You realize that this is an inferior flat iron that claims to have been built with the same expertise and technology as BaBylissPRO masterpieces.

Hair Damage

Aquage advanced 1” Digital Straightener Review

We could not associate face with the hair protection mode but the styler manages to get the job done without causing too much strain on the hair strands. It does not turn the color or damage split ends even though we were sure to steer clear of the upper limit of the heat settings. Normally we would not recommend going past the 9th or 10th setting.

Battery Life

The flat iron does not contain an internal style but instead provides an ample 108 inch code that’s way worse to get out of the way. It accepts only 110 volts output AC and will require an adapter if you want to travel abroad where the power outlet supplies 240 volts AC.


This styler is not all bad but it’s not the ultimate solution that it has been marketed as either. The Makers used a number of claims that mean nothing to your hair styling experience which in our opinion is not nice at all. If they cared about their customers they will know better than to make preposterous claims that do not hold water. There are better devices in the market and you would be better off putting your money in the latest technologies and gadgets that actually enrich your styling experience.

How long is my styler under warranty?

The warranty period varies depending on where you get your flat iron but the company offers up to three years of limited warranty coverage.

What are the dimensions for the advanced digital straightener?

It measures 14.9″H x 3.4″W x 5.8″ D

What is the voltage input?

It only accepts 110 volts AC.

What hair types is this flat iron good for?

The straightener does well with curly hair does not mind frizz endless be fairly well with humid conditions even with coarse thick hair.

Is this flat iron durable?

The makers of this iron do give a generous warranty, however much limited, as a show of faith in the quality and longevity of their products. However we’ve had reports of the item failing within the first few times of use.

August 19, 2020