10 Ankle Tattoo Designs to Choose Your Art Wisely

Ankle tattoos have been here forever and are growing ever more popular than ever thanks to the silent awakening to their beauty and noticeable presence. The placement and natural walking motion give life to each ankle tattoo not to mention the smaller sizing of the mainstream tattoos looks way cooler than the larger more detailed pieces. Ankles are a graceful way to show or conceal your precious inks and more so for the female enthusiasts. Ladies have a wider choice of ankle and leg tattoos compared to their male counterparts.

There has been a recent trend where celebrities and some of the most influential women to have ankle tattoos. This has been the major push behind the social change towards acceptance of tattoos. If you are going with an ankle tattoo for your first or next ink then it is also inevitable that you will want to choose your art wisely.

Luckily the ankle tattoo gives a whole new world of color and an array of important meanings. Many ankle tattoos are typical by design and style but their true meaning is special to the individuals who choose to have them. As far as looks go, the following ankle tattoos will give you the sexy edge that many women want in a tattoo today.

It is no longer a women affair to have ankle tattoo. Man caves are also increasingly popularizing discreet and small symbolic ankle tattoos showing off sensibility and masculinity in the modern man. For men wear, the ankle tattoos are more private and easier to conceal for work related purposes. On some occasions, for the modern man to show off some ankle ink is considered fashionable unlike before. You just have to get rid of the stuffy socks and pants that go all the way down.

You can now get a bold ankle tattoo that you can show off to all your friends and acquaintances. The beauty of it is that it is somewhat unexpected and the small images pack quite the visual punch. Here are some ideas you want to run with.

1. Floral Ankle Tattoo

How about an aesthetic floral ankle tattoo as an accessory on your skin for the rest of your life? Are you in or out? This Floral tattoo is that much more than just beautiful. It speaks to fertility, fruitfulness and growth. This design is particular about the dotting and other details making it unique and priceless for the artist. They used only pure black ink but so many design options. This design is feminine as are most ankle tattoos.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

2. Mountain Tattoo Design

Travellers and globe trotters and maybe if you love mountain climbing can get this nature tattoo of a volcanic mountain with several peaks. Mountain ranges are attractive and thoughtful though somewhat unusual tattoo subject. Perhaps then the element of surprise is the best thing about this ankle tattoo. The universal meaning of mountain tattoos is the love for nature and travel. There are many placements for mountain range tattoos but for this size of the piece the ankle makes the most sense.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

3. Vines Ankle Bracelet

If you totally love vines as tattoos and you want it on your ankle then you should double down and get this ankle bracelet tattoo. You are thinking cute, tiny and floral and that is what you get with this popular trend. The Hibiscus flower tattoo is that beautiful and has deep meanings such as glory and fame. Flowers are youthful and delicate and have lives comparable to those of humans and women in particular.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

4. Snake Tattoo

Here is a cute red snake tattoo with a floral design. Snakes are meaningful and symbolic tattoo animals and when combined with flowers they inspire awe and passion in snake tattoo enthusiasts. This ankle tattoo is suitable for women and although it does not impact a large skin area, it looks good. It is a great design because you can customize it to your liking and it will still look great and effortless.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

5. Simple Branch

For a better aesthetic value on ankle tattoos, you need to choose a simpler design. This tiny vine with leaves is an example of that. It represents fertility and self-providence as well as growth. Most importantly it looks like perfection on that ankle and draws the most attention only when you want it to. Yes, the cutest ankle tattoos for women are also the simple ones and ones that may cost less. The important thing is that you get something you like inked.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

6. Small Black Snake

Snake tattoos are some of the most controversial but also most provocative animal tattoos ever. For some, snakes are a special animal symbolizing transformation and rebirth because a snake that cannot shed its skin will die. For others though, the reptile is a symbol of evil and the devil. Notwithstanding, this particular ankle tattoo is gorgeous thanks to the simple design and crisp black lines. It is slightly higher making it somewhat concealable.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

7. Simple Design For Ankle Tattoo

This here is a simple pine cone design for your ankle tattoo. You can even come up with your own ankle tattoo design and this piece is a good example of that. You must already love the way this design gracefully fits this ankle and creates a unique visual impression. It is just a socially acceptable DIY design that may not have a whole horde of meanings construed to it but is indisputably gorgeous.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

8. Sun And Half-Moon Smiley Tattoo

This tiny smiley tattoos is a three in one piece with a smile, the sun and moon. Small and meaningful tattoos such as this are the most effective for visual impact especially with ankle placement. People only glance once or twice at your ankle tattoos and keeping its simple stupid makes a good impression. It is another good pick for beginners because it involves tiny amounts of ink and impacts even less skin area.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

9. Feather Tattoo For Ankle

Feathers are light and dreamy making them the perfect tattoo subject for those of us who dare to dream. Birds have wings to carry them to freedom while we have our feet. A feather tattoo represents lightness of heart and spirit or free-spiritedness. It often alludes to celestial beings and generally represents higher thinking and greater potential. IF you want your guardian angel or wings to fly to your dreams then this feather tattoo will do it for your motivation.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

10. Flower Wrap Anklet

Women love their flower tattoos but not many designs come nearly as beautiful as this anklet. For a black only piece, is masterfully executed to give the best visual impression and priceless beauty. The interchange of flower petals and leaves which are shaded boldly creates a sharp contrast with the skin making the visual appeal. This tattoo will likely enjoy good healing and last longer than the average floral tattoo thanks to the all-black work.

Ankle Tattoo Designs


Ankle Tattoo Design Ideas

June 22, 2020