10 Anchor Tattoo Designs That Can Spark Your Imagination

It turns out anchors are not just for ships and other marine vessels. But it is not just sailors who found early use for anchor tattoos. Early Christians would hide the cross in an anchor tattoo to avoid being targeted for their beliefs. So there is more reasons to get an anchor tattoo than you might imagine. Here are some insights to which anchor tattoo means what and which is the ultimate best tattoo for you.

Meaning of Anchor Tattoos

Yes, sailors were some of the earliest anchor tattoo enthusiasts and are to this day. The anchor imagery will be found on the logos of many naval forces around the world. This is because the anchor represents salvation and fortitude as well protection in the middle of adversity. Anchors are used for grounding marine vessels to hold them in one place and protect against the raging waves.

It is a US navy tradition for sailors to get the anchor tattoo once they cross the Atlantic Ocean. For the army it is a remarkable achievement and shows a stable and strong character.

As such, anchor tattoos are meaningful as they stand for salvation, calm and steadfast love. Sometimes anchor tattoos also represent broken relationships. A fouled anchor is one that has the rope wrapping around it and represents the opposite meaning of the anchor. It was originally a symbol of back luck but nowadays it is proudly worm by anchor tattoo enthusiasts regardless.

We put together a list of ten best anchor tattoos that can spark your imagination for the perfect ink for you. Enjoy!

1. Anchor With Compass

The anchor and compass are for sailors the two most important instruments for navigation. These two objects and their performance could mean the difference between life and death. It was sailors from long ago who decided to start inking a combination of the two images on their bodies to protect them against evil and accidents on their voyages. Every traveller needs a tattoo just like this one to represent their personal lucky charm and guardian angel to always lead them to safety.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

2. Butterfly Girly Anchor On Leg

This pretty and chic anchor tattoo with butterflies and lots of fun colors shows just how easily anchor tattoos have evolved to include women and girls. The no longer have to be big and striking to deliver on their promise of stability and loyalty. This is true because every fun person has that one place, person or thing that grounds them and that anchor could be beautiful too. If you are a girl or woman looking for a colorful yet meaningful tattoo then this anchor is for you.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

3. Small Anchor Heel Tattoo

Small anchor tattoos much like all ankle tattoos are irresistible. Even people who would otherwise find no use for anchor tattoos will be tempted to try this one. There are many reason you may want an anchor tattoo on your heel other than just the great optics of it. Maybe you want a chic little tattoo that only you get to see from time to time and one that you can only expose sparingly. Or maybe you just need some calmness in your life and you think this charm will calm the storms. If you said yes to any of the above, this is a perfect pick for you.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

4. Forearm With Hanging Accessories

The forearm is a great choice of location for anchor tattooing for both genders. Guys love to get an anchor tattoo in this same location because it looks really strong and emphasizes on muscle. Clearly, this feminine tattoo with hangings is all about beauty and elegance. A simple tattoo like this can accent the beauty and dress of any woman and represent their loyalty and love for simplicity. If you want to be truly happy then you have to find meaning and joy in the simple things.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

5. Hope Shoulder Anchor

Check out this stylish anchor tattoo design for women with placement on the back. Hope is one message conveyed by anchor tattoos along with salvation and fortitude. The essence of this tattoo is clear from the label. This anchor other than being incredibly gorgeous is also wrapped with the broken rope meaning that she may be going through some tribulations. It is during such times when one must remain hopeful and never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

6. Simple Fouled Anchor Tattoo

This simplistic wrist tattoo shows a fouled anchor meaning it has that rope wrapping around it. Usually this should mean a bad situation where one is experiencing turbulence and instability in relationships and life in general. On the plus side, this little tattoo will remind you of what you endured and that sometimes its okay not to be okay. While people around you may be busy pretending that they are perfect, this tattoo will silently remind you to be yourself and approach every situation with a positive mind. If the seas were calm, they wouldn’t build anchors.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

7. Anchor With Rope Shoulder

Check out this stunning bold anchor tattoo of medium size and detail that also comes with a rope accessory. This anchor wrapped with rope is what is called as the fouled anchor. While the anchor is a symbol of stability, this anchor is the representation of the lack of it. A fouled anchor was considered a bad omen and therefore represents instability and insecurity in the wearer. Over time, the symbol has been loved for its aesthetic value and the foul meaning of it has since faded. It is now the symbol of many naval forces around the world.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

8. Matching Tattoos For Couples

When you need a matching tattoo for you and your loved one, be it a romantic partner or your sibling then the anchor tattoo is a thoughtful pick. This image is a symbolic reminder that you ground one another and you are destined to weather the storms to come together. This couple chose identical tattoos but there are several variants with complementing messages if you would like quotes as well.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

9. Oriental Small Wrist Watercolor

This tattoo has the hints of oriental patterns on the anchor stem and the blue paint makes it feel Japanese as they are ardent on using the ink. The placement is also ideal and that goes to show how much of a role placing the right object at the right spot has to play in aesthetics. The tattoo is downright sexy and will draw a little more attention that you may expect for a tattoo of its size.

Anchor Tattoo Designs

10. Behind Ear Anchor Tattoo

We know that the placement is odd but that’s just the reason it’s incredibly sexy. A simple object like an anchor can be boldly attractive and drive your friends crazy with admiration. Again, it does not have to be big and ugly to be impactful as a tattoo. This tiny tattoo is way more noticeable and impressive than some larger works. Besides, this should save your time and money and hopefully some scouring pain.

Anchor Tattoo Designs


Anchor Tattoo Design Ideas

May 14, 2020