15 Versatile Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

When deciding between different types of bangs for a round face, there are a few critical necessities to bear in mind. The bang should first visibly lengthen the face, making it appear more oval. Long side-swept bangs are the best choice for this mission. When styling a bang, another approach is to add volume to the crown. Textured bangs, especially those cut above the eyes, do a fantastic job of diffusing the roundness of your face and opening it up. Leaving pieces in front of the ears is another technique to “reduce” the surplus width. Straight full bangs should be avoided because they emphasize the roundness of the face.

Indeed, even a blunt bang can be engaging for the round face shape with a more limited length and longer segments on the sides. Comparably, while the middle part is as often and for round faces, drape bangs may steadily distract from the roundness of the face.

Because bobs naturally extend face forms, they’re the perfect haircut for ladies with round faces. A bob hair cut, when combined with the correct cutting method and styling, can make rounder faces look smaller. Bobs can be small, medium, or long in length.

To get the ideal bangs for your face shape, glance through these 15 picked choices.

1. Layered Lob with Jagged Bangs

One of the best medium-length hairstyles for round faces is the layered lob with a jagged bang, which has a slimming impact on the face. The ice blonde bob and choppy frame are the standout aspects of this hairstyle. Bangs encompass your entire forehead and end just over your brows, with a side fringe that flawlessly contours your face. If you have wrinkles on your forehead, the bangs are ideal since they properly disguise.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

2. Thinned Out Shaggy Bob

This style is ideal for folks who prefer a modern, minimalist look. If you happen to possess thick locks you might want to consider this hairdo. This style features full bangs angled toward the temple. This style has hair framing your face giving the illusion of a thin face.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

3. Short Chopped Bob with Straight Bangs

Short hairstyles for round features can provide the angles and sharpness required by larger face shapes. In contrast to the spherical form, the fringe’s straight across line creates appealing angles. The fact that the cut is a little choppy doesn’t harm either. Layer your hair towards the top to lengthen your face. Brushing your brows with straight bangs adds a mysterious touch that is perfect for shy women.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

4. Straight Bob with Bangs

Nothing beats a straightforward, stick-straight bob style, and it additionally assists with thinning rounder appearances. To get the style, brush your hair totally straight while it is damp, then, at that point, use hair gel in a descending movement to secure in the shape and give hold and sparkle. For normally straight hair, this will work. Finally, style your bangs to be airy and to cover your forehead.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

5. Side-Swept Bob

The combination of a bob and side-swept bangs draws attention horizontally. This heavily swept bob gives this style an almost look, which is a great way to distract attention from your chubby face. Shorter layers work nicely when the length is kept textured and voluminous, as in this haircut. The length is perfect for round faces as it falls just below the chin. With the blonde color, your hair will not go unnoticed among a sea of people.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

6. Loose waves with Bangs

Bangs always look good on a round face. This style features collarbone-length blonde hair with side bangs. You can style the hair by tucking it on one side behind the ear and the other side with bangs that cover part of your forehead and ends just above your eye. It will make your face long. Try out this style on your next visit to the saloon and it will never cease to impress you!

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

7. Bob with Choppy Bangs

Because they naturally elongate face shapes, bobs are the best hairstyle for women with round faces. With the right cutting technique and styling, a bob haircut can easily disguise rounder faces. Comparably choppy bangs are full of movement than regular bangs. The uneven cuts help balance the shape of your face.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

8. Chic Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Consider a short hairdo if you have a chubby face and a double chin. This haircut brings out all of your face’s best features, such as your lips, nose, and cheekbones. That appearance is simple to achieve with a traditional bob hairdo. A chic shaggy bob is an easy way to style short hair for a round face.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

9. Lob with Full Bangs

Lobs are a perfect fit for you if you do not want to cut your hair short. Black lob of shoulder teasing length, paired with brow-brushing bangs are the major features of this style. The bangs in this style bangs have ease, according to them, that helps break up a wider face shape. Another important benefit is that Choppy, layered bangs are easier to grow because the longer they are, the more useful they are.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

10. The Short Bangs Shag

If you want a shag cut but also want to stand out from the crowd, a short bang shag is a good option. It’s more of a statement-making cut with your bangs falling above your brows. Because styling your bangs is crucial, this cut is not for those who want a low-maintenance style. It is best for people who want a dramatic change, but keep in mind that the style requires more upkeep because the bangs must be styled.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

11. Crispy & Downy

This layered bob hairstyle has a charming appearance and is delicate. It is appropriate for young women and is easy to care for. It’s a shaggy, blonde hairstyle. Black shadows are added to the gold-like tones. Both wavy and straight hair types are appropriate. This style is great for ladies with oval or heart-shaped faces. This look is excellent for parties and special occasions. It has no inclination towards any age bracket.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

12. Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob is a seductive and sophisticated haircut for women of all ages. This style looks best with straight or slightly wavy hair. Style it with texturizing spray while it’s still wet. Blow-dry the bangs to one side using a small vented brush, then let the rest air dry. Face shaping layers are also present in this style, but they provide the illusion of bangs when swept over the forehead. Hair that drapes just above the chin in this style flatters a round face.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

13. Short Bob with Bangs

Get this short bob, it features an angled cut bob that is cut just below the ear. This bob will make your round face pop out in a nice way. Add side-swept bangs that tease your forehead and end just above your eyebrows, this will help balance your features. Style your hair at the crown of your head with layers such that it has more volume than the rest of the head, making your round face a delusion of length.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

14. Textured Lob with Bangs

The main features of this hairstyle are a lob with added texture and volume, highlights, and full feathery bangs. Feathery bangs are airy and can allow one to see through them, it is not ideal for someone with a big forehead. The bangs fall over the forehead and end just above the eyebrows, this makes your eyes pop out. The lob is face-framing and with the bangs, it makes your face thinner.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

15. Short layered bob

If you want a style that compliments your chubby face, a layered bob is fantastic. The bob’s shortness will make you look a bit lengthier and will also focus attention on your face. Add angled bangs to amp it up. If you’re concerned about your age, the good news is that this hairdo is great for straight hair and is appropriate for women of all ages. It’s suited for both casual and formal occasions.

Bob Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces


Bring your hairstylist a photograph of a haircut you like and discuss whether the style is suited for you based on your hair texture, facial shape, and complexion. Straight and full bangs should be shunned since they create an even line that will outwardly broaden your face. Smaller, more delicate haircuts should always be avoided at all costs, as they can completely ruin your look.

A layered bob cut is always preferable to a clear bob cut since the latter makes your hair appear more voluminous. It also gives the hair additional volume and texture. Heat products should not be used frequently on the hair since they create dryness and split ends. To avoid split ends, make sure to trim your layers every three months. This restores the hair’s natural appearance and feel.

November 27, 2021