15 Stylish Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Short haircuts show off round faces better. If you have a round face, an improper hairstyle can emphasize it or throw shadows making your face unnoticed. The best haircuts for round faces, on the other hand, work with your curves rather than against them, emphasizing your best features and showcasing your appealing smile, brilliant eyes, dimples, and other features. You don’t have to stick to the same androgynous haircut for the rest of your life. Go gold and try new hairdos that will appreciate the shape of your face.

Consider also factors such as length, layers, and bangs, it should determine the hairstyle to be chosen. Anything too harsh will detract from the elegant curve of the jawline, but don’t be afraid to use a center part or framing layers to add definition.

We will look at 15 hairstyles that are ideal for round faces that provide a variety of possibilities regardless of hair length, texture, or color.

1. Choppy Razor Cut Bob

Bob can never disappoint you. The hair length will define what you want to emphasize; for example, a short chin-length tress will draw attention to your cheekbones. Try styling with the roots darker than the edge, giving it a stunning look. The razor-trimmed chops provide the delusion of volume to thin hair. It is ideal for a round face because it precisely suits its shape.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

2. Messy Pixie

Make a statement with a messed-up pixie! Messy is the latest trend, and you can amp it up by adding long, layered bangs to trim down your full face. The bangs also have the added benefit of hiding wrinkles or a large forehead. The bangs are designed to conceal one eye, giving you a seductive appearance. This haircut is great for thin hair since the jagged layers provide the appearance of volume.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

3. Straight Lob

If you want to try a straight lob, make sure it’s collarbone length and cut straight down the middle. Your hair’s roots should be darker than the rest of your hair, and you can also add highlights. This is a simple style with an elegant feel about it. To get a straight bob like this, straighten your hair using a flat iron. It will make a round face appear slimmer, providing the impression of a long thin face.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

4. Angled Bob with Bond Highlights

If you want to seem immaculate, you’ve come to the right place. Then you should try this hairstyle. An angled nape-length bob with feathery side bangs is the focal point of this hairstyle. When styling your hair, use a flat iron to straighten the strands, then cut at the nape and style the ends to curve inwardly. Bronze highlights will make your hairstyle look more enticing. This is the style for you if you want a versatile look because you can part your hair symmetrically or asymmetrically based on your choice.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

5. Choppy lob

Lob disagrees with the rule that one hairstyle can’t fit all face shapes. This style is perfect for those who fear cutting their hair. It has become popular these days with the shoulder-grazing length. Wispy layers are the key to this style. The highlights give this style a stunning look that cannot be ignored. Maintain it with dry shampoo to maintain while adding more texture and movement to your locks.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

6. Pin On Bob

A chin-length blonde bob with dark roots is featured in this hairstyle. The side bangs are tucked behind the ear in this look, but you can style it as you wish. The bob elongates the face, giving it a thinner appearance while showcasing your greatest features. The ends are curled inwards and the tips have a blunt cut. You will look incredibly stunning in this style.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

7. Bob A-Line

An A-line haircut provides straight hair with a unique contour and style. The hair color at the roots is different from the rest of the hair. Style it with long layers on each side of the face with central parting and choppy ends. With a center part and long layers on each side, keep the style consistent. This style will make your face pop out while showing off your beautiful features.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

8. Shaggy Short Bob with Bangs

The latest haircut is a shabby short bob with bangs. Blonde short bob with bangs and a scruffy touch distinguishes this hairdo. The shag causes you to appear unkempt but trendy. The bangs are fashioned to fall lightly over your forehead and right above your brows. Do not hesitate to obtain this hairstyle because it is chin-length and will show off your chin. This style allows you to look fashionable while also conserving time because it is simple to manage.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

9. Graduated Classy Bob

Do you have a bob and want to know how to style it? Then you might want to think about this design. The brunette bob with highlights and length that reaches the shoulder are the main aspects of this hairstyle. The front hair of a graduated bob is longer than the back hair. Graduating to a sophisticated bob will give your hair the appearance of volume and vibrancy. It is appropriate for a professional woman or a businesswoman.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

10. Long Bob

To accommodate a round face, a chin-length Bob is essential because it makes your face appear slimmer. A red side split shoulder-length lob with face-framing highlights is featured in this style. To make the waves appear natural, a waving wand can be used. The waves will provide volume and texture whether it is flat.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

11. Short Wavy Bob for Wavy Hair

This bob is ideal for somebody with a round face. The major features of this style are wavy neck-length hair with side bangs. The side bangs provide a round face with an attractive appearance. Curl the strands of your hair away from your face to achieve this look. Shake your waves to give your haircut a more original look.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

12. Blonde Angled Bob

Cut your thick hair short into an angled bob and tint it any color you like to grab attention to it. It is advisable to wear a lighter color because it will draw attention to your head. Waves and layers can be used to increase volume to your mane because the shorter the hair is, the lighter the strands are. This style can also be made more customizable by parting your strands. Bangs are also an option.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

13. Asymmetrical Bob

Are you looking for a style that is simple to do? This asymmetrical bob is a great choice. Your face is defined in detail by an asymmetrical bob. Blond strands craze the shoulders in this style, which has a blunt cut that gives your locks the appearance of volume. The hair parting is asymmetrical, highlighting one side of the face more than the other. Layers can also be added to your cut to give it a more feminine look.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

14. Short Wavy Style

This haircut is characterized by its brunette, neck length wavy hair. It features blunt tips that give thin hair the illusion of fullness. The waves in this pattern are quite light, giving it a modern look. For a hairdo like this one, your should style your locks away from the face so that it can make your face open for observation.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

15. Curly Bob

If you have curly hair, you can utilize it to your advantage or disadvantage. Don’t hide your beautiful curls beneath a hairstyle that isn’t right for you. This chin-length curly bob has an off-center parting and is characterized by blond strands that are done in waves. Because of the short length, taming your natural curls will be a breeze.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces


Round faces can be tough to style, so if you’re searching for a makeover, your main goal should be to extend your face. Your round face will be emphasized by long layered hair that draws the attention downwards to it.

If you want curls, go for loose curls, also If you have natural curls, all you have to do is shake them with your hands to loosen them up a little. Wearing your hair in a ponytail should be avoided at all costs since it will pull all of your hair back and away from your face, making your face appear chubby. Furthermore, straight-cut bangs should be avoided because they extend and shrink your round face. Instead, go for light side-swept bangs to slim down your face and add texture.

Pay attention to where your curls fall and how they’re sculpted around your face. Many appealing hairstyles seek to draw attention away from the jawline, so pay attention to where your curls fall and how they’re sculpted around your face. From short to long, we hope you have found the best curly hairstyles for your round face that will inspire your next salon visit

November 25, 2021